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11/09/2020 @ 08:29 am

Run away. Run far away. This job is degrading. Everything is misleading. EVERYTHING. Commissions are paid but no where where they told you they would be, before or after you are hired. Horrible benefits. It?s cheaper on the open market. You are a telemarketer. Make no mistake about it. They do not know how to manage people- they are horribly condescending and they do not like feedback or negative feedback. They say they do but they can?t handle or comprehend it. Management is a joke. They don?t have a clue. They have no idea how things work outside of this industry. They don?t know how other businesses do business but they sure like to pretend they do. They like to send letters on your behalf to ?help close the deal? but all those letters say are I approve everything the sales person said and I?ve been in this industry for years. What a joke. Who cares. Micromanaging is an understatement, they thrive on micromanaging. The managers don?t do anything but look at metrics. And they listen to all of the phone calls that are made between employees . ALL OF THEM. They are like little high school girls just looking for a reason to get upset or ?get you? saying something in disagreement with them. Management sent out a survey- no one was 100% honest. No one. Everyone wants to keep their job and they know how vengeful management can be if you say anything negative. There are no territories and no loyalty. If the customer had issues- too bad we have a contract. Turnover is very high. I?ve never been anywhere with so much turnover. Don?t get sick, don?t have a family member sick or die. Don?t go on vacation. You have to meet quota regardless of what is happening in your personal life. Managers have no issues letting you know this. Now the managers. Managers kept saying they can close but they have never closed one deal since I?ve been here. Not one. It?s always the salesperson who closes deals. Managers don?t even know how or what to say to a customer. They talk about irrelevant stuff and think it sticks. All the managers do this. Meeetings- a complete waste of time. 3-5 a week and they never say anything useful or meaningful. Never. They literally say they same thing every day/week/month. They just change the wording. If upper management learns a new catch phrase then all the managers can?t stop saying it and sometimes it isn?t even used correctly go get a point across. This company has NO leaders. They have micromanaging bumbling individuals who like to pretend they are smarter than they are. They eventually show how much they don?t know. The company has a bad reputation and they will not try to fix it. The company has no vision, no loyalty, no professionalism, no leaders. Nobody in management could close a deal of more than 50 seats that is a straight up cold call. No leads, no friends no referrals. DO A cold call in front of the whole team and close it. Just one. Not one person in management can. I challenge everyone in management to do so. Management could not even close a 20 seat deal. Management can?t even do what you ask employees to do and fire them for. I wouldn?t sell this company to a friend or anyone in my town. It?s embarrassing.

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