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Adrian Cue

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2020-11-09 08:55:36

Simply don?t work here. This company is a joke & its future is doomed.
Not only is there zero leadership, but the CEO, Giovanni, is an incredible liar who seems to have no idea he lies consistently. This man is a coward who can?t even confront employees when he?s unexpectedly decided to let them go, as well as a human being who finds it appropriate to talk negatively about employees to other employees, also making terrible comments to employees about an employee who was transgender & ended up letting go of that person?s entire department so he wouldn?t be sued for discrimination. Gio brought in a man to ?help? with restructuring the insane environment which is TRIdigital, which gave employees high hopes. This person, Bobby Yates, did absolutely nothing during the short amount of time he was involved while I was there. This man decided it was professional & appropriate to angrily cuss out two female employees over a spreadsheet that apparently he direly needed & couldn?t do himself when he knew those employees were struggling with how busy they were handling clients & deliverables. Not once did anyone from the nonexistent ?leadership? team ever approach employees who were client facing to see what could be done to assist them. Not once was there ever a thank you or conversation on how things are going, yet they decided to suddenly let that department go the day after the yelling & cussing fit from Bobby. Gio found it in himself to make sure he was absent while Bobby said ?the company is letting you go? to these three employees & when asked why, he said he didn?t have to say & to exit the building. Not only did they let these people go for no logical reason, there was never any conversations of checking in on our work, never did they approach us or write us up for anything (because there was nothing to be talked to or written up about), but Gio decided he?d come back after this happened to give the rest of the office an explanation of why this happened (not professional, but that?s classic Gio). Of course he does none other than completely lie to them trying to validate his decision to make it look as though we were all bad employees so people wouldn?t be mad at him - all he cares about is being liked & it doesn?t matter how many lies he has to say to people to do so... that goes for clients as well. Gio consistently talked negativity about several clients, he oversold things which caused chaos for account management, he wouldn?t respond to people when they would try reaching out but then lie saying it was the AM?s fault, when the AM?s were actually doing their job & making sure these clients didn?t leave. I will say it?s a major disappointment. This place has potential to be a great work environment, but the turnover there is absolutely insane because you have people who have no idea what they?re doing running it. Gio has no clue how to be a good ?boss? - he doesn?t care about anything or anyone but himself & clearly he?s fine letting go of good employees when those employees will try to have adult conversations on their struggles & he can?t handle being called out on being wrong either. This is a place where you have to shut up & take everything they throw at you or they?ll let you go for no reason. The majority of the employees who are still there are all buddy buddy & have known each other before the company even existed, so their jobs are safe, but anyone else who has come after don?t ever make it over a year - whether it be they left or their department was let go. Just don?t put yourself through the stresses of even trying here. I don?t foresee this company even existing in the next few years. They won?t pay you for the work you do & they?ll continue to take advantage of you for as long as you let them. Once you speak up, you?ll be tossed out without any hesitation - then lied about saying you were an awful employee. Not worth it.


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