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11/09/2020 @ 09:31 am

Stressful On-Call ? Yeah On-Call is never good in the IT world and yeah it was on a rotation with our shortage of IT Engineers. It was around 1.5 months when your turn came around. However, when you are on-call, it?s really should be called your first, second and third shift rolled into one. You can?t leave your home for whatever reason because the response time had to be 20 minutes. With the large amount of customers came with a large amount of tickets. Each ticket would take 15 to 4 hours on average. And if you get another alert, then you can see how it can quickly add up. And the cherry on top you were expected to come into work the next day and do it all over again for 1 solid week. As the week progresses you would be completely burnt out, tired. It?s a health hazard not getting any sleep. They eventually put in a call center in to take a load off, but many issues there. It seemed like a rotating door for the call center which having to re-train engineers UTG?s and customers polices constantly. We would still be woken up for minor issues that did not needed to be addressed in the middle of the night. Corrected the Call Center engineer the following day, and guess what a new engineer there makin ghte same mistake. Average work hours is easily over 50 + hours weekly and 60+ on-call. 2. On-Call Compensation ? If you were to work your normal 8-5 hours (40 hours) a week and put in an extra 30+ hours from on-call work. You would get compensated for half that time as PTO. In this case 15 hours PTO. I guess it?s better than nothing, but after a week of 3 shifts a day you would think they would compensate better, or maybe some compassion. 3. Sr. Management ? It seems like Management lost its touch with the MSP side of things. Complex Policies, Rules and Processes would change every day. Very hard to keep up with. Must have thick skin because god forbid you make a mistake and get chewed out. The chewing can heard through the walls and throughout the establishment. This is supposed to be a Christian based company with Christian morals. Could have fooled me. I will never forget this quote the President said in one company wide meeting. ?If you want to leave UTG, well UTG will go on without you?. Not professional and quite arrogant. 4. Micro Management ? on your time sheet at each end of the week you need to show 40 hours or more end of story. Each ticket you touch starts the clock and reflects on your total hours. It?s really hard to show every single minute due to the CONSTANT interruptions. So even though your time sheet did not add up to 40 hours, you really worked 50. It was difficult to go back and figure out what you did that day. You can never just sit and work without HEY can you show me this, hey I need this right now. Which brings me to my next point. 5. Lack of Engineers ? We had a few knowledgeable engineers and a few interns. The Interns were only supposed to answer phones and be a front end to the more skilled engineers, but they were quickly put into the fire not really knowing what they are doing and troubleshooting major customer infrastructures. That?s where the constant interruptions came in. It was very hard to stay focused and the amount of tickets kept piling up. I love helping people as well, because these interns want to learn but just was hard in this environment. Too many tickets for the amount of people. SLA?s were always bad, and it was always our fault. 6. Training ? No one is specialized. Engineers are spread thin in knowledge. Engineers knows a little about everything and you could never be an expert about one or more technologies. This can be a double edged sword, yes it?s good that everyone knows a little to do basic troubleshooting, but forget trying to fix a major issue. You want to get certified in something? Well you better plan getting that on your own time. If you want side by side training where Sr Engineers show you ropes, forget about it. I was almost impossible to learn new things. 7. Bored - doing the same tickets over and over and with no side by side training you never learn anything.

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