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Dan Mora

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2020-11-09 10:06:51

The only reason I am giving them 1 star is because I can?t give them 0
To start out with, this place is toxic. They essentially just toy you along and make you believe that you are important and that they want to pay you a competitive wage and they eventually will if you just keep working hard. It never happens. It never will. The turnover is SO high because they make unfulfilled promises and expect quality work when they barely pay the staff a livable wage. Meanwhile most, if not all of the directors are making 100,000 + while others are struggling to put food on the table. Literally, if you are fired or quit, they will have your replacement before you walk in the door. You do not matter unless you're management. During a company wide meeting, the CEO made some very disgusting comments regarding sexual harassment and race. In response to a review written on here claiming sexual harassment by management, the CEO told all of us that he trusted his management staff wouldn't do that and essentially called this person a liar. He then said "people of color can be the biggest racists of them all" in the same meeting and that if we didn't like working for Gemini, we could all go get jobs at the mall, basically just admitting that the MALL would pay us all more than he is willing to. Another huge issue that happens here is favoritism and it is beyond blatant. Not to mention the nepotism. Management fraternizes with their employees constantly. If you aren't one of your supervisors favorite, your time there will be absolutely miserable. This place is cliquey and there is so much unnecessary drama. If you don't give in to the culture and if you don't fit in with a clique, you won't make it anywhere in this company. I am not writing this because I am an angry employee and I want to hurt Gemini, I am writing this because I have witnessed how horrible this place and its people can be. I have time and time again tried to rationalize the problematic culture of this company and chalk it up to office politics, but time and time again, this company proves that it does not care about its employees, it does not care about doing the right thing.


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