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Narendra Khatri

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2020-11-09 10:08:55

My experience dealing with Narendra & his company started off rocky from the very first day. They had me sit in the lobby for 45 min. no one addressed me & didn?t even know I was there. I told myself, ?this is odd? as I sat there waiting. I notice that majority of the employees looked disinterested & ready to leave as quickly as possible. It was as if Narendra & his lenchmen had a vice grip on all his employees & his way of doing things were sucking the life out of theme. Just being there for the first day I understood the power of the paycheck, b/c there was no way anyone in there right mind could work for a guy who did things the way he did them, what do I mean, you may ask. Well first off, you don?t need a LICENCE to SELL or HANDLE Travlers Insurance, but he preaches & insist to tell people over the phone that ALL of the agents are LICENED REPS. which isn?t true. I mean honestly, what company out there big or small would have a Sells. Rep handle HR paperwork & payroll? And believe me that was a problem b/c my time sheet was never sumitted to the agency who referred me to these clowns.I was let go not for performance or attendence. They terminated my contract b/c I was sick for one day & didn?t return w/t a doctors note & when I came back I was still visually sick. And the only reason I was sick b/c of the work conditions they put in place! There was a gentlmen who was coughing sitting right next to me & sounded sick just being on the phone with prospects. Now what company big or small would have a rep., sick on the floor, risking everybody around him, & talking to prospects over the phone? Not only that but when I was let go, I had written a review of my experience on another website. He got word about it, called the agency who referred me to the job, & threaten to SUE me if I didn?t take the post down. Now I could see if I said something disrespectful or out of line, but the same way I?m telling you about my experience is the same way I had written the review. Now just imagine with what?s going on in the world, if he has that type of attitude & wants to be petty about a doctors note & have work conditions were a sick person can come into the office then his bottem line isn?t in the right place. That may just be me, but to wrap this all up you can take a chance & work for him. But do know it?s going to come at a big price on your part.


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