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David Oaknin

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2020-11-09 10:58:49

Toxic work environment
Only allowed 25 min breaks, for some reason they refused to give you the full 30. They Didn?t believe in paid fifteen min breaks. Which , is extremely strange especially when they want you to stand on your feet for 7+ hours and would only give you a 25 min break no matter how long your shift was.... They could careless about their employees, you were looked down upon if you had to call out sick They had a 5 min late warning, anything after and you were written up Constant gossip about employees to one another.... even the manager would take part in it Here is an example of the childish behavior, One of the girls would always talk about being cold in the store , so one of the other managers who didn?t care for her, would turn down the air even lower on purpose . They have three titles besides management, they are cashier, stock and floor. If you were cashier and no one was in the store, you were allowed to walk away from behind the register (they make you stand there like a puppet and smiling if any customers are in the store), when I would walk away from the register, and I was straightening, if a customer walks in and I don?t basically RUN to the register on the off chance they walk up first thing upon entering, and they have to wait even a mil second because God forbid they see me walk to the register,I would get yelled at over walkie. Another thing they were strangely crazy about, they wanted the store to look picture perfect at all times as if customers don?t exist. I would get yelled at over the walkie while the manager would look on the camera (they are very big into cameras in the most big brother is watching you type of way), they would say ?a cotton candy container is an inch off could you straighten it?? And you couldn?t leave the store until the store looks perfect,even pricing sale stickers on products had to be completely straight. I once did them slightly tilted and I had to take a whole shelf off and pull the sticker off with my finger nail to redo them all to a perfectly straight line. I literally would cry before coming to work every day, I would never recommend this company to anyone. Stay far far away, David doesn?t care about his employees, he only cares about his money. The most sorry president of a company I have ever MET.


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