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United States, New York, Roslyn
49 years old
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Dan Kamensky is a seasoned attorney and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the legal and investment management sectors. His extensive background has equipped him with the skills to tackle complex issues through a combination of legal expertise and financial acumen. Throughout his multifaceted career, Dan has taken on various roles, from founder and CEO to academic and attorney.

Notably, Mr. Kamensky has focused a substantial portion of his career on finance, including the establishment of a distressed debt hedge fund that earned the esteemed Absolute Return Award for its exceptional risk-adjusted returns. His professional journey has cemented his reputation as a fair-minded individual who strives to balance the interests of all stakeholders to achieve optimal solutions.

Dan's commitment to justice and fighting against injustice was evident from a young age when he joined Chicago Action for Soviet Jewry as a teenager. His efforts were dedicated to raising awareness about the hardships faced by Jews in the Soviet Union during a tumultuous period. He tirelessly worked to help his relatives emigrate from Russia to the United States in the late 1980s, where they successfully adapted to their new lives.

Throughout his life, Mr. Kamensky has remained a force for good, driven by a strong belief in the Jewish proverb, "Justice, Justice, Thou Shalt Pursue." He continues to uphold this belief in his work with the Creditor Rights Coalition (CRC), a prominent non-profit industry association committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and equal treatment for creditors in similar situations within bankruptcy proceedings. By partnering with the CRC, investor and philanthropist Daniel Kamensky aims to ensure equitable outcomes for all creditors involved in bankruptcy processes.

As Mr. Kamensky emphasizes, "Bankruptcy is not a winner-take-all process; it seeks a fair outcome for everyone involved." His extensive career as an attorney and investor in the bankruptcy and restructuring field positions him well to drive this change.

The Creditor Rights Coalition, under Dan Kamensky's guidance, focuses on providing thought leadership through educational content and programming. The Coalition sponsors an annual restructuring symposium in collaboration with the industry's leading association representing lender rights. Moreover, it actively engages with policymakers and other stakeholders to advocate for well-crafted and balanced bankruptcy policies. Through his dedication and efforts, Dan Kamensky is advancing justice and fairness in the complex landscape of creditor rights and bankruptcy proceedings.



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10/17/2023 @ 04:46 am

"Outstanding Legal and Financial Expertise!"

I had the privilege of working with Dan Kamensky, and I can confidently say that he deserves a solid 5-star rating. With over two decades of experience in the legal and investment management industries, Dan's exceptional background shines through in his services. His deep understanding of complex problems, coupled with his expertise in both legal and financial matters, makes him a true powerhouse in his field. Dan Kamensky is the go-to professional when you need top-tier solutions and advice. Highly recommended!

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10/17/2023 @ 04:46 am

"A Legal and Financial Maestro!"

Dan Kamensky is an absolute gem in the realms of law and finance. With over two decades of experience under his belt, he possesses a wealth of knowledge that is truly remarkable. His unique ability to tackle complex problems using his legal and financial background is awe-inspiring. I had the privilege of benefiting from his services, and I can confidently give him a 5-star review. If you're in search of a professional who can effortlessly navigate the intricate landscape of legal and financial matters, Dan Kamensky is your ultimate go-to expert. Highly impressed and highly recommended!

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  • Georgetown University Law Center , United States , Roslyn

    BA , Dan Kamensky studied and earned his Law Degree from Georgetown University Law Center.
    01/2023 - 01/2023
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  • Human Rights First , United States , Roslyn , The Creditor Rights Coalition is a nonprofit association established to serve as the collective and leading voice representing all stakeholders with an interest in protecting creditor rights.

    Advisory Board Member
    New York
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