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Kripali Deswal, a hardworking professional with a career in engineering, is making the transition to Web design.
As a hardworking professional, Kripali Deswal has found her passion in life and is doing everything in her power to start a career that she loves. Although she began her working career as an engineer, she is currently learning to code in order to start her own Web design firm.

Presently, Deswal works as a project engineer for the general contracting firm Complete Technical Service, Inc. In this role, she ensures the proper completion of scheduling, invoicing, and payroll on all jobs. Although good at her job, she has found that she doesn't love it and that her true passion lies in coding and technology.

She is currently taking classes in order to earn her Apple Software Certification. With this certification, Deswal will have the necessary credentials to enable her to pursue a new career in software development.

No matter her job, Kripali Deswal is hardworking and driven. It is her unwavering drive and will to succeed and find happiness in her profession that is the key to success. Although her current position offers her good pay and plenty of respect, she is following her passion to find a career that she can be proud of. Her computer skills already include Microsoft Office, Quicken, AutoCAD, OSX, HTML, and CSS. With these skills, she plans to open up her own Web design firm and eventually become certified as an Apple programmer.

Outside of her work, she enjoys traveling, working out, and hot yoga. She is married with children and enjoys her family life very much. She is also fluent in three different languages – English, Hindi, and Gujurati.
No matter what she attempts, whether it is engineering, coding, or her studies, Kripali Deswal has showcased an unwavering attitude that has helped her amass much professional experience.

Educational Background

Kripali first began laying the foundation of her professional education at the State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island. She studied from 1989 to 1993, eventually graduating with her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Several years later, Deswal returned to school at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY. Here she pursued her graduate degree, graduating in 2002 with a master of science in Telecommunications and Information Management.

Work Experience

Shortly after her undergraduate graduation from SUNY at Story Brook, Kripali Deswal gained her first engineering position as a mechanical engineer with Lizardos Engineering Associates, P.C. in Mineola, NY. At this company, she analyzed and evaluated existing systems in order to assist clients in determining the overall optimal design required for client function. She also designed systems for critical facilities such as IT centers and battery rooms as well as performed energy load analysis.

In 1999, she left Lizardos Engineering for Syska & Hennessy Group in New York City, again as a mechanical engineer. In this role, she attended weekly on-site construction meetings with construction team members in order to resolve issues and minimize overall construction costs.

Kripali Deswal also designed HVAC systems for commercial and retail spaces in her role with Syska & Hennessy. Furthermore, she resolved complex on-site field condition issues in design-build projects, thereby reducing construction costs and time. Additionally, she assisted with site characterization, performed change order reviews for cost analysis, and coordinated project tasks with team members in order to ensure the complete integration of systems.

After three years with the company, Kripali left in 2002 to become a field engineer with Complete Technical Service, Inc. in Hicksville, NY. For the next year, she prepared submittals, shop drawings, and change orders in addition to assisting with on-site project supervision, project scheduling, and cost estimation.

In 2003, Deswal moved on to The We’re Group in Jericho, NY, where she once again became a mechanical engineer. In this position, she was in charge of preparing mechanical HVAC design drawing, plans, and specifications for office and tenant spaces. She also attended and assisted with on-site construction meetings and project supervision.

Kripali Deswal then moved to Naples, FL in 2004 to take up a position as executive assistant partner with Prudential Florida WCI. Here she became an integral component within The Tropical Team and achieved over $80 million in sales to date. She also prepared and managed property documents from sale to closing as well as assisted with commercial property evaluation in order to create investor portfolios.

Most importantly for Deswal, this position also saw her working in the creation, hosting, and marketing of the company website as well as scheduling and hosting visual tours. Her work on the website is what allowed her to uncover her true passion.

After four successful years with Prudential Florida WCI, Kripali Deswal left the state to return to New York in 2008. She joined Complete Technical Service, Inc. in Hicksville, where she still works to this day as project engineer.

While working in her current role, Deswal has monitored work for compliance with codes and maintained project schedules through monitoring project progress, coordinating activities, and resolving problems. She has also ensured that project charges are correctly represented for the accounting closing process. Furthermore, she regularly attends weekly on-site construction meetings.

Deswal is proud of her long career in engineering and the work that she has accomplished through it. Her career has not only paid well, it has also brought her a good deal of professional respect. Kripali is now ready to move on and fulfill her dream of becoming a software developer and website designer.
Heading toward the future, Kripali Deswal seeks to change her career path and leave the engineering industry in favor of Web design and software development. To this effect, she is currently working toward attaining her Apple software certification, as becoming a certified Apple software programmer is her ultimate career goal.

In the intermediary, Deswal has been teaching herself HTML and CSS coding, which will allow her to begin working as a Web designer and to start her own web design firm. This web design work will be her main goal and passion, until she can earn her Apple software certification and fulfill her dream of programming software for Apple. Because her true passion lies in technology instead of contracting, her biggest professional goal is to own her own business as a web designer and software developer.

Her goals stretch beyond her career. Kripali plans to continue to be the best wife and mother to her family that she can be. Because her family is the most important thing in her life, she wants to make sure that she is constantly in touch with them. And because she loves her family, she wants to continue being open with them and holding honest conversations.

Additionally, she loves food and travel, and because of this, she wishes to experience many different cultures all over the world. She also wishes to share these cultures with her daughter during her travels. Specifically, Kripali Deswal wants to show her daughter the culture of India and all of its long and colorful history.

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  • NYU Polytechnic University , United States , Brooklyn, New York

    M.S. Telecommunications and Information Management
    01/2000 - 01/2002
  • Stony Brook University , United States , Stony Brook, New York

    B.E. Mechanical Engineering
    01/1989 - 01/1993
Career History
  • Project Engineer , United States , New York, NY , Prior to this position, worked as a Field Engineer from 2002-2003
    01/2008 to 12/2099
  • Executive Assistant Partner , United States , Naples, Florida

    not defined
    01/2004 to 01/2008
  • Mechanical Engineer , United States , Jericho, New York
    01/2003 to 01/2004
  • Mechanical Engineer , United States , New York, NY
    01/1999 to 01/2002
  • Mechanical Engineer , United States , Mineola, New York
    01/1998 to 01/1999
  • Halliburton , Oklahoma City ,

    Operations Manager
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Core Competencies
  • OSX
  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quicken
  • HTML
  • Web Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Telecommunications
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