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RobertM PopeNewLondon

United States
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Robert M. Pope, New London, is a dedicated professional who specializes in workplace safety as well as emergency services.

As the leader of his own safety company, ACS Solutions, Robert M. Pope, New London works with others to ensure workplace safety. He makes sure that OSHA standards are adhered to in workplaces and job sites. He also performs inspections of the workplace to help give solutions in regards to safety needs and procedures. Every company has to abide by certain codes and safety standards. Things like fire suppression equipment and security are things that need consideration when it comes to the safety of work sites. That planning comes from people like Robert M. Pope.

Some services that are under the ACS Solutions purview include implementing drug screenings programs for employees, analyzing fire risks, training new employees in safety procedures, and safety program evaluations for companies. Robert M. Pope, New London, is known for his exceptional attention to detail when it comes to the safety of a company and workplace. He also works with environmental issues in order to help take care of any environmental impact that comes from man-made issues. Events like oil spills can affect more than just the environment and animals. They can also cause bodily harm to humans and affect things like drinking water, food consumption, and air quality. Safety experts like Robert M. Pope work to make sure things like this don’t happen, or help fix them if they do.

His work as a workplace safety expert takes him to various areas in the country. He regularly visits various areas in the United States as well as Canada.

Robert M. Pope, New London, Connecticut resident, started his career in safety inspection after he graduated high school. Having received quality training in mitigating issues in the workplace regarding safety and other concerns, he started as a safety inspector at Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut. His work in this facility helped him gain experience in work sites that deal in energy and engineering related work. Nuclear power is one of the most efficient forms of mass energy production presently. Due to the nature of the fuel type and its capabilities to produce energy and potential safety threats, there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a safe work environment. If there is one slight oversight on the job, lives could be impacted.

Robert M. Pope knew that working in nuclear safety was a great way to get experience in the field of workplace safety. Successful handling of his responsibilities at Millstone allowed him to look into working in the environment as he oversaw the team that worked to cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. In 1989, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran into a massive reef in the Prince William Sound in Alaska. The spill caused a loss of about 750,000 barrels of crude oil that affected 11,000 square miles of water and 1,300 miles of coastline. It was the largest oil spill in United States history until 2010, when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Robert M. Pope was on the scene as a safety manager for cleanup crews as they worked to save the environment from the spill.

His affinity for helping save the environment while keeping crews from harm kept Robert M. Pope, New London in Alaska for the better part of a year as crews worked. His accomplishments with the crews in Alaska did not go unnoticed and led to further work and job offers across the United States. He started his company, ACS Solutions, to work as a consultant and inspector for hire on job sites wherever he was needed. His work took him to various locations on the east coast as well as parts of Canada to oversee various jobs.

Feeling like he had cut his teeth in the environmental work safety field, Robert M. Pope, New London, started his own company. ACS Solutions, which he based from his native Connecticut, works to consult job sites on how to properly regulate worksite safety. Because there are a lot of hazards that go into labor intensive and environmental work, there are a lot of laws and standards that regulate their industries. One such organization that presides over job safety is The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. They dictate workplace standards in order to maintain the optimal sense of safety possible when on the job. When an incident occurs, OSHA comes in to investigate and rule whether or not the fault was with the employer or employees.

Another part of what Robert M. Pope, New London, and his company did was review other safety procedures and equipment. Fire suppression, medical, and other essential items for the workplace were under his company’s review. Even office buildings must have a certain amount of safety compliance because of the number of people working in the building at any given moment. In the event of a fire, suppression equipment such as sprinklers, extinguishers, and alarms need to be fully functional at any time. Yearly inspections of this equipment fell under his responsibility.

He also worked to develop systems for companies that would allow them to track and report injuries as they occurred so they could monitor any trends in safety issues. A key part of this also fell on Robert M. Pope, New London, when his company was tasked with developing training safety programs for new employees to their client companies. This training also included drug screenings for said new employees in places where it was required. In places like construction sites or any other workplace where injury is likely without careful attention to detail, drug testing is a mandatory practice. It ensures that people who may have problems with addiction aren’t put in a position where they could accidentally cause injury or death to another person.

As well as his time working as a safety professional in the workplace, Robert M. Pope, New London, also enjoyed volunteering in emergency services. Firefighting was a big passion of his, as he got to see the other side of his safety planning profession in action. The sense of helping his community was also a large draw when it came to becoming a firefighter.

Other things he enjoyed doing outside of safety and emergency services included fishing. Connecticut is full of streams, rivers, and ocean where even the most amateur of fishermen can haul in a nice catch. The art of fishing has been enjoyed by hordes of people since the beginning of human history. After fishing was no longer necessary as a way to find food, the sport of fishing come to prominence as a way to keep practiced with the discipline while enjoying the outdoors. Many people will recall fond memories of going out to a lake or stream early in the morning and sitting around waiting for fish to bite. The peace and solitude that comes with the waiting is a lot of the enjoyment. There are very few activities where one can just sit around all day and enjoy themselves regardless of whether or not they actually catch anything.

Robert M. Pope’s activities and work have always defined who he is and what he does. He always takes passion in his hobbies as much as with his work. It was his belief that a well-rounded person must have a commitment to his work as well as his passions. If the two cross, that is even better. He always will tell people this philosophy when asked about how he managed to gain so much success in his field.

Robert M. Pope, New London, looks forward to continuing the work he has accomplished. Being in charge of ACS Solutions has been his brainchild for a long time, and he hopes to keep going forward with the company. There will always be a need for safety consultants in labor and other work industries that have constant needs for safety vigilance. It is his hope that companies will think of ACS Solutions for all their workplace safety needs. There are a great many services his company can offer as noted above, this is why his company will always have a purpose.

Outside of his professional life, Robert M. Pope, New London, hopes to continue to serve his community in any way he can. Be it through firefighting or any other way, he wants to give back to the community that gave him the opportunity to thrive as a person. He also wants to continue to encourage others to do the same in order to sustain the community as well as gain a sense of wellbeing from being a volunteer. He also plans on spending plenty of time fishing in his favorite spots, looking for the perfect catch. Whether it’s to catch and release or to cook, Robert M. Pope finds a lot of enjoyment in fishing. He doesn’t foresee stopping anytime in the near future. There are always new places to fish, and old places to find new fish. It is a sport that anyone can enjoy and he intends to do just that.


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  • 12/1998 to 12/2099
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    : United States
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    : International Private Banking Assistant
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  • Fire Saftey
  • Public Safety
  • OSHA
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