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Jill Guziak is the best in the software industry when it comes to recruiting winning teams for companies.
Jill Guziak is a dedicated and trustworthy software recruiting professional. Working hard to find the most qualified person to place with each company she partners with, Guziak goes out of her way to ensure that everyone is satisfied in the end. Along with her team at her recruiting firm Reid Selby, Guziak builds successful organizations for pre-IPO firms and large global companies. With a streamlined and powerful search process in place, Guziak uses this system to locate the individuals who will help a company grow. This strategic method combined with the outstanding talent available to the organization are what has made Reid Selby the best in recruiting firms to date.
Guziak continues to provide excellent customer service and, with an ever-ready team at her side, she knows how to get the work done. Together with her staff, Guziak commits to producing the utmost in quality service from the start of the process to the very end. The company wants each client to think of Reid Selby as a partner and not merely a business that is providing a service. Some of the guiding principles that drive Guziak and her firm include:
• Integrity 100 percent of the time
• Deep and current knowledge of corporate cultures
• Discretion in corporate relationships
• Open communication in all areas of the process

These beliefs remain at the heart of Reid Selby and Jill Guziak knows without a doubt that Reid Selby will settle for nothing but the very best when it comes to locating individuals to represent the company she is working with.
Before she became an executive recruiter, Jill Guziak worked as a sales executive for technology firms. Since 1999 Guziak has established herself as one of the best recruiters in the country. Not only has she created one of the finest and most extensive candidate databases for software companies to choose from, she has already placed many people into successful positions around the world. Guziak has created sales teams for high-tech firms and, with her long list of client references, she knows she will continue to do business in her area for quite some time.
Guziak was one of the original founders of Baystone Partners. While working there, Jill Guziak created a winning system and used her time and experience to perfect the process. Finding and acquiring qualified sales talent for her clients allowed her to use a trial and error process for what works and what does not. Having Baystone to guide her along the way, Guziak worked her way into the staff of other top professional recruiters to better learn and study. Being amongst these experienced coworkers helped her build a successful strategy for choosing candidates.
Baystone has a commitment to providing excellent service for everyone involved and this is one of the elements that Guziak instilled in herself as the foundation for success. Using the strength of the candidate's assets and skills to choose the best position for them allows Baystone to find the greatest match possible when it comes to creating a team for a company. When Jill Guziak was employed with the company she learned everything she would need to start her own recruiting firm when the time came. After building an extensive network of great candidates, Baystone became one of the greatest sales recruiting companies around.
Jill Guziak positioned herself well in terms of being at the right place at the right time. She took all the knowledge she gathered from her time at Baystone and from sales in the past and began looking to start her own firm. In 2009 Guziak formed Reid Selby and moved her location to the beaches of Laguna, California.
Guziak knew that focusing on sales resources and software companies would bolster her to become the leader in recruiting firms for the industry. Though the company has not been around long, Reid Selby has created national coverage and has found strong local networks in the area. With an understanding of all the current trends in the industry, Reid Selby can anticipate what companies will need in a sales member.
Devoted to every aspect of the recruitment process, Jill Guziak seeks to find the best person she can that will mold well into the culture and family of a company. While staying completely professional at all times, Guziak spends all hours of her day ensuring that both client and candidate are secure throughout the screening and hiring processes.
The recruitment process provided by Reid Selby was founded on a handful of principles. Placing value and integrity in all that it does allows the boutique firm to stay dedicated to striving for the highest quality of work. Because it makes all candidate decisions carefully, Reid Selby stays customer-focused and does not put the politics of the industry or financial concerns above the standards it has set for itself.
Jill Guziak knows how difficult it is to choose a recruiting firm and this is why she tries to make the process as smooth as possible. Because she works with companies as a partner in the process, her main goal is to make everything move as quickly and efficiently as she can. While working to exceed expectations of companies, Guziak believes that compressing the projected timeline of a search will ensure that all needs are met from both sides. It is important to not throw too many candidates at a company because then frustrations will mount and delay the process. Sticking to a set of guidelines when recruiting for companies allows her and her team to work with the utmost speed and triumph in the end.
Over 15 years of success in the industry gives comfort to companies that come to Reid Selby for assistance. Because Guziak and her firm perform extensive research on every candidate that sends a resume, clients have the opportunity to look over accomplishments and awards with Reid Selby and to talk over candidate profiles and fit. Reid Selby only works with the most qualified individuals in the industry, so choosing any one of the candidates Guziak works with can lead to victory for companies around the globe.
Jill Guziak has a simple and effective process for finding the right candidate, which entails:
• Staying well versed in market trends
• Researching and understanding competitive landscapes
• Taking responsibility for the hiring process
• Collaborating with clients and candidates to sync expectations
• Conducting investigations of business goals for both clients and candidates
After narrowing down the candidate search to a handful of people who would make a great fit for the company, Guziak and Reid Selby begin acting as the intermediary between the two. Always remembering to represent both the client and the candidate, Reid Selby never takes sides but keeps confidential information and conversations out of discussions and focuses only on what will benefit both parties. Even in taking the time to negotiate the offer letter stage, Guziak does not remove herself from the process until an official start date has been decided for the candidate.
Guziak believes that the best way to match a candidate to a company is to look beyond education, skill sets and experience and focus on the elements of motivations, aspirations and cultural considerations as well. This way, the candidate as well as the client is happy with the choice. People are not the sum of what they can bring to the table, but it is also important to know what a candidate is interested in.
Jill Guziak has a mission to help companies bring out the best in their candidates by fostering an environment that allows the candidate to do what they do best and help companies find candidates who will work hard and take the business to the next level.
Jill Guziak looks forward to working with more companies and providing them with candidates to help their businesses grow and prosper. As a recruiting professional and working mother, Guziak understands what it takes to work on a deadline and with effectiveness. For the future, Guziak will continue showing her children that it is possible to run a business while remaining a constant presence in their lives. Both her work life and her family life demand dedication and time and Guziak values the knowledge she is gaining from producing positive strides in both areas. Because she truly cares about everyone involved in her business, Guziak treats clients and candidates as family and that means there is nothing she wouldn’t do to make them happy and satisfied with her work.
Finding the right balance between work and motherhood is not at all a challenge for Guziak because, like with most things, she has perfected a winning system. Keeping an open mind and finding avenues where the two intersect allow Guziak to multitask as best as she can. With these elements, Jill Guziak stays organized and committed to providing her family with the best sides of her. She knows that motherhood has enabled her to better empathize with the companies that are struggling to find sufficient team players.
With the skilled ability to adjust to the changes in the industry and a dedicated, experienced staff by her side to assist her in the process, Jill Guziak can create a winning sales team for any company that needs additional software support.

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