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Guy Gannaway, a coach and director of operations for GSA Contracting, Inc., has made a career out of sports and contracting.
Guy Gannaway, the director of operations for GSA Contracting, is able to work side by side with architects to help design and plan out commercial and residential projects. He is also capable of looking at mechanical systems and other building elements and finding ways to cut costs. This is called value engineering, or when a contractor works to exceed expectations without exceeding budgets. The process is buffered by the fact that GSA Contracting seldom does bid work, a quickly disappearing service due to rushed projects and costs.

Since beginning his career in contracting (more than three decades ago), he has developed a huge network of professional contractors, building owners, and architects. He understands the benefits of networking in general, especially in such a visible industry as contracting. Due to his client connections and stalwart reputation, he even has the luxury of turning down work.

He takes on a peculiar approach by only tackling one or two jobs at a time. This allows Guy to stay involved with every project’s intimate details without having to overload himself and sacrifice a project’s quality.

Other than contracting, Guy Gannaway is highly involved with the Florida athletic community. He has coached soccer, baseball and softball for the past 12 years and started the Pinellas Warriors fast-pitch organization with five AAU travel teams, and growing. He sponsors the teams through GSA Contracting, which pays for their uniforms and half of their tournament fees. The main goal is to afford as many athletes as much opportunity as possible to get recruited to college on scholarship.
Guy Gannaway helped push GSA Contracting into the limelight in 2009 after working in the industry for several decades. His experience in eco-construction, cost-savings, and exceeding client expectations has led the company to new heights, as it takes on more innovative projects than ever.

Throughout his career, Guy Gannaway has continued to show enthusiastic build styles and has done work on some of the most remarkable buildings in Pinellas County.

GSA Contracting, Inc.

The GSA Contracting founders have operated the family-owned business in the commercial and residential construction industry for almost 40 years. Its primary focus is on the central west coast of Florida, and projects may include building renovations, complete development, and new construction. Projects range from small residential properties to commercial high-rise buildings.

One thing that sets Guy Gannaway and GSA Contracting apart is their ability to provide value engineering, or low cost construction, without sacrificing quality building standards. This allowed the firm to adapt to harsh financial climates and continue growing despite the recession. Other than cost savings and clear and open budgets, however, GSA was able to fortify its reputation through referrals.

The contracting firm works directly with the top architects and designers in the region. Between its networks, professional connections, and decades of experience, GSA has constructed some of the most distinguished buildings in local townships. It is also known for expediting permits and fast-tracking projects in all phases to decrease time, costs, and lost productivity.

Guy Gannaway’s father built the company in the early 1980s after the family moved to Florida from St. Louis, Missouri. Gannaway started with a different firm as a project manager before working on several multi-family residential projects. Soon, he expanded into commercial building and worked on car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, schools, and medical practices. The father and son combo teamed up in 2009 to form GSA Contracting.

Other than costs, the company is dedicated to saving the environment by initiating green construction strategies when possible. The eco-friendly trend is highly marketable and brings in diverse clientele while making the world a cleaner, less wasteful place. Green construction applies to planning, site safety, energy dependency, and every other imaginable aspect of a build.

Client Words of Praise

Throughout his career with GSA Contracting, Inc., Guy Gannaway has earned boatloads of praise and recommendations from his clients. The contractor industry, more so than other businesses, relies on references to pick up contracts and jobs.

Rick B., the owner of a local gym, says: “I would be proud to recommend Guy and GSA Contracting to any business looking for a company that is extremely honest, hardworking, loyal, prompt, and has vast knowledge of building design and construction. They were able to conquer any problem presented to them, even with a restrictive timeframe.”

David C., the VP of a car dealership, comments: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Guy Gannaway and GSA Contracting for their hard work in competing the build out on a fast track construction schedule. They handled all my building department issues and didn’t let the city of Tampa slow down the project.”

Jim B., a restaurant leader in Tampa, states: “I have never been more satisfied than I am with the Gannaway builders. The quality, workmanship, and attention to administrative details are unheard of in the industry. The builders conducted themselves with professionalism and pride, too, and I continue to look forward to working with the crew again in the future.”

Mark, with a properties firm, says: “I want to thank Guy Gannaway and GSA Contracting for the incredible work they did on the Seminole Shopping Center. It was built with speed, quality, and every problem was handled with ease due to your exceptional skill as a contractor. I was also impressed with the company’s integrity and honesty. They all went well beyond what could be expected and I’m grateful. I look forward to working with Guy Gannaway and GSA on the next project.”
Guy Gannaway looks forward to five or 10 more years in the industry before retiring. Before doing so, however, Gannaway sees a lot of commercial contracting potential in his area, not to mention assisted living contracting space. He plans on diversifying his build portfolio by working on these senior living centers and wants to continue being involved with fast-pitch softball leagues and helping young women in Florida develop as athletes.

He wants to push his Pinellas Warriors youth softball teams as far as they can go, too, and does everything he can to get the players recruited by college programs. He has made major strides in the area’s sporting community and wants to continue doing so into the foreseeable future.

He already coaches two of his five fast-pitch girls’ softball teams in Safety Harbor, and he built a training facility in the heart of the town. Throughout the years, the facility has earned a solid reputation by the ISA, ASA, NSA, and other athletic organizations. Guy hopes to continue coaching and investing time, capital, and energy into his softball teams, promoting youth sports, and coaching.

While he sees definite potential in assisted living facilities, Guy Gannaway is becoming more interested in green construction year after year. Eco-friendly build sites are highly sought after by clients due to their utility savings and marketability. He has already built up a portfolio of green projects and wants to continue doing so in the future. Other than building green, he hopes to keep up GSA Contracting’s reputation as a firm with unparalleled attention to detail, visibility, and cost savings.

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  • St. Petersburg College , United States , St Petersburg, Florida
    01/1982 - 01/1984
  • Missouri State University , United States , Springfield, Missouri

    BS Degree, General Busness-Minor Accounting
    01/1976 - 01/1980
Career History
  • Director of Operations , United States , Safety Harbor, Florida
    01/2009 to 12/2099
  • Owner , United States , Clearwater, Florida

    not defined
    07/1985 to 01/2009
  • Project manager , United States , Largo, Florida
    01/1981 to 01/1985
  • Smart Talent , Everett ,

    Warehouse worker
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  • Value Engineering
  • Contract Management
  • Lead Testing
  • Mechanical Contracting
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