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David Kuhl Essex Fells is a co-president of J. Kuhl Metals Company Inc., one of the largest metal distributers in the Northeast.
David Kuhl Essex Fells is the co-owner of J. Kuhl Metals Company Inc. The business is a non-ferrous metal distributer serving the foundry industry. It is recognized as one of the largest non-ferrous metal suppliers in the Northeastern United States. It is based in Kearny, New Jersey and is situated between several major highways. This location allows for it to maintain excellent service with its domestic customers.

J. Kuhl Metals Company Inc. has introduced several innovative services to the metal industry within the past few years. The warehouse utilizes an efficient customer management system. This allows for the business to track shipments accurately until they are received by the customer. The company also has a crosschecking system that ensures that all outgoing products meet metal compliance standards.

J. Kuhl Metals Company Inc. offers several other services to its clients. The company purchases scrap metal and foundry residues, which get recycled back into non-ferrous foundry ingot. The business offers products made out of various metals including:
- Prime and Secondary Aluminum Alloys
- Brass and Bronze ingots
- Copper
- Nickel
- Tin
- Zinc

J. Kuhl Metals Company Inc. offers on-site assistance as well. Representatives from the company will come out to foundries to help their clients with technical tips or set-up. The business ensures that it provides excellent service throughout the entire customer interaction.

The company is co-owned by David Kuhl Essex Fells and his brother, Robert Kuhl. With their combined effort, they have kept the company productive and profitable for many years. They also work with their dedicated staff to provide the best customer service possible.
David Kuhl Essex New Jersey and his brother, Robert, have worked at the company since the mid 80’s. They began running the business in 1997 when their father, John Kuhl, suddenly passed away. John started J. Kuhl Metals Company in 1965 when the foundry industry was booming. The business's success was based on numerous factors including innovation, service, quality and leadership. Even after John’s passing, Robert and David Kuhl continued upholding these values in the business.

David Kuhl, New Jersey has maintained the high level of efficiency at J. Kuhl Metals Company Inc. Through its excellent service standards, the business has remained at the forefront of the industry. The success of the company has garnered many fans and a supportive clientele base. David Kuhl Essex Fells has also accrued a long list of affiliations for his company.


The American Foundry Society is the leading metal-casting organization in the United States. Its mission is to provide assistance to other companies in the industry such as die-casters, suppliers, and manufacturers. The volunteers of the AFS assists these companies by helping them run their operations, properly market their products, and manage their employees. The AFS also partners with the federal government to highlight the importance of the metal-casting society.

The Steel Founders’ Society of America is an association founded in 1902. Its mission is to represent the steel producers of America. The committee works to develop new research programs that will help in the steel-casting process. They also develop strategies on increasing steel sales and marketing. The SFSA receives over three million dollars a year in funding from major organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense. Other departments within the SFSA are dedicated to researching carbon and alloy production.

The Investment Casting Institute is a nonprofit organization that spreads information about the casting industry. Founded in 1953, it is comprised of over 200 companies who all work together to convey information about metal-casting. The ICI holds two conferences a year consisting of reports, exhibitions, and technical discussions. Employees of affiliated companies can attend certification courses through the ICI as well. To further assist its members, the association offers multiple media outlets full of helpful information.

The Society of Automotive Engineers was conceived by Peter Heldt and Horace Swetland in 1902. The idea was based off of a quote written by Mr. Heldt in his magazine, The Automobile. Heldt stated:

“Now, there is a noticeable tendency for automobile manufacturers to follow certain accepted lines of construction, technical questions constantly arise which seek solution from the cooperation of the technical men connected with the industry. These questions could best be dealt with by a technical society. The field of activity for this society would be the purely technical side of automobiles."

Following this idea, the SAE grew over the next several years. By 1916, it had grown to over 1,800 members. The next several decades consisted of the company’s growth and expansion to other countries such as India and Brazil. Today, the SAE supports companies that develop innovations to the automobile world. The SAE also ensures that the workplace employs people from various cultures and backgrounds.

The American Society for Testing Materials is the leading developer for international consensus standards. Over 12,000 standards set by the ASTM are currently employed around the world today. Companies utilize these standards to ensure great customer service and top product quality. The ASTM has a large support base, consisting of over 30,000 professionals from over 150 different countries.

The Aluminum Association’s mission is to endorse that aluminum is the most efficient material to use for construction and automobile production. The AA acts as an advocate for many domestic and international aluminum manufacturers. The association is based out of Arlington, Virginia, and has members from over 180 manufacturers across the country. The company’s mission statement promotes aggressive advertising for aluminum’s advantages.

The Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute was created in 1949 by a coalition of American manufacturers. The core mission of the association is to improve the efficiency of the plumbing business. The CISPI researches new methods of developing cast iron pipes that will last longer and are more durable. Since the association’s inception, several affiliated companies have developed newer, better products. They have also developed a standard criterion for pipes and fittings.

Copper Development Association Inc. is another non-profit organization based in the United States. This association promotes the usage and research of copper and its alloys. The CDA is credited as the world’s expert on copper utilization and uses this credibility to help other companies. They educate companies in the metal industry about the importance of copper. The CDA frequently collaborates with producers and manufacturers so that they can ensure proper marketing of copper products.

The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association is an organization founded in 1915 to promote the high quality of iron pipes. With almost 100 years in the business, DIPRA has campaigned against the usage of PVC pipes due to their many disadvantages and harmful properties. DIPRA collaborates with several manufacturers and engineers to produce ductile iron, a new and efficient piping material that is the future of plumbing.

The Foundry Educational Foundation was established in 1947 as an educational facility to assist the metal-casting industry. Classes begin at a college level and continue for four years, much like a standarcomd university. Emphasis is placed on plant supervision and research. The FEF ensures that the metal-casting business will always have trained employees.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is a subsidiary of the Center for Disease Control. The NIOSH’s objective is to ensure that companies and their employees are maintaining strict safety procedures. David Kuhl Essex New Jersey is a strong supporter of workplace safety, enforces the standards set by the NIOSH.

The National Safety Council is a non-profit association founded in 1913. Another company favored by David Kuhl Essex Fells , this organization works in a similar vein of the NIOSH. The NSC educates companies and individuals on safety standards to reduce the risk of injury or death in the workplace.

Personal life

David Kuhl has always enjoyed the finer aspects of life. He spends his free time with his wife and three children. Mr. Kuhl, a dedicated hockey fan, enjoys watching his son play on the local team. In addition, he loves the great outdoors and often spends time gardening. David Kuhl, New Jersey is also a huge sports car enthusiast.
While David Kuhl Essex Fells continues to provide great customer service, the foundry industry is facing a difficult future. The value of the metal business is closely tied to other industries like aerospace, military and automotive production. These industries are all still very profitable, however, several factors will lead to detrimental changes to their business.

Recently, gas and electrical prices have begun to heavily increase. Many industries that utilize raw material require large amounts of these resources. Metal companies in particular are notorious for their heavy use of energy and leave a massive carbon footprint on the planet.

In 2008, a report was generated that stated several initiatives to combat the decline of the metal industry. Some of these measures include reducing industrial emissions, researching cost-effective energy solutions, and increasing the usage of scrap metal.

There is also a directive that is focused on an increase of metal recycling plants. These plants leave a small negative impact on the environment and help sort metals and other recyclables. The recycled metals that are salvaged are sent back to metal manufacturers, who then reuse them. This prevents the consumption of more raw materials, and encourages the complete usage of attained resources.

David Kuhl Essex Fells is dedicated to maintaining a reliable and efficient non-ferrous metal supply company. With excellent service, a knowledgeable staff, and an extensive line of products, J. Kuhl Company Inc. will remain a successful business far into the future. Customers can rest assured knowing that this company will assist them with all of their non-ferrous metal needs.

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  • Co-owner , United States , Kearny, New Jersey , The company is a non-ferrous metal distributer serving the foundry industry. It is recognized as one of the largest non-ferrous metal suppliers in the Northeastern United States.

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  • Owner , United States , Essex Fells, New Jersey , This is a small real estate business that David started. The company rents housing and does construction.

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