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Dane Almassy is a successful executive with many years of experience in the beverage industry who is also passionate about coaching youth lacrosse.
Dane Almassy is a director of sales for PepsiCo. He brings to this position a wealth of experience about the many different aspects of the beverage industry. When Mr. Almassy is not busy working, he volunteers his time as a coach for the John Jay Youth Lacrosse Program in New York.

Mr. Almassy’s passion for lacrosse

Throughout his entire life, Dane Almassy has remained dedicated to the sport of lacrosse and has nearly twenty six years of playing experience. He began playing when he was 7 years old. He quickly accelerated his lacrosse knowledge and skillset and won many awards on the high school fields of Mendham & the Lawrenceville School. Afterwards, he went onto play at the Division 1 level, as a scholarship athlete at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. After suffering from numerous concussions, he gave up playing and applied himself to coaching. Over the years, Mr. Almassy has led many teams to victory. He is currently the coach for the John Jay Youth Lacrosse program. Also, he was recently voted onto the board of directors for the organization.

Since 2009, Dane has worked as a director of sales for PepsiCo. In his current position, he is responsible for leading national customer sales team for PepsiCo beverages. He is also in charge maintaining the direct customer relationship with the Save-A-Lot Corporation.
Mr. Almassy’s education and background

As a young boy, Dane Almassy knew that he if he wanted to make something of himself, he would have to work hard. While in high school, he studied vigorously and remained dedicated to his school’s lacrosse team. After playing his favorite sport for a post-grad year at Lawrenceville School, he enrolled at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. After four years of intense study, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising and a minor in history.

A dedicated lacrosse player

All in all, Dane Almassy played lacrosse for nearly twenty six years. He played on his Mendham high school team for four years, as captain and even for one year as a post-graduate at Lawrenceville School, which opened a lot of doors for him in the field of athletics. After high school, Dane earned a scholarship to play Division 1 lacrosse at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. However, his promising career was, unfortunately, cut short his senior year after he suffered too many concussions and it was decided that continuing to play would be too dangerous. Although Almassy was sad to stop playing the sport he loved most, it did not prevent him from working hard to become one of the most passionate coaches around. To this day, he continues to remain very involved in the sport of lacrosse by using his athletic wisdom and skill to lead many young players to become champions.

Becoming a master coach

After hanging up his gloves, due to concussions, Dane decided to turn to coaching lacrosse. He began coaching his senior year at UNC for the East Chapel Hill high school varsity team. After a brief stint there, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to lead a few other teams in the Charlotte Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA). Mr. Almassy eventually moved back to New York 3 years ago, where he continues to coach with the John Jay Lacrosse program. He greatly enjoys having the opportunity to help so many young people build self-esteem and develop teamwork skills.

Mr. Almassy is voted to the board of directors for JJYL

Just recently, after a year of faithful service as a coach, Mr. Almassy was voted to the Board of Directors for the John Jay Youth Lacrosse Program. He hopes to use his new position to help bring the sport of lacrosse to more young people in the area. He firmly believes that this growing sport can benefit kids in a variety of ways.

The benefits of playing lacrosse for young people

As a dedicated coach and a former lacrosse player, Dane Almassy understands the positive effect that playing the sport can have on young people. Most notably, playing on a lacrosse team teaches children the importance of hard work and dedication. In addition, the sport can also help kids to acquire a strong work ethic. Developing these core skills not only helps young people to succeed in school, but it also helps them to do well in the working world.

Building the alumni association for the University of North Carolina

Although he is always very busy with work and with coaching lacrosse, he is also very interested in building up the alumni association for the University of North Carolina. While attending UNC, Almassy made many good friends and professional acquaintances. In an effort to keep in touch with those individuals with whom he built such wonderful relationships, Dane encourages as many of his former teammates to participate in the alumni events.

Helping with Guiding Eyes for the Blind

For the last four years, Dane Almassy has volunteered once a year for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind organization. This extraordinary non-profit organization trains and raises guide dogs for persons who are blind. Every year, Dane and a group of his friends & co-workers make a trip to the facility and help with repairs or any projects that need to be completed. Volunteering his services for Guiding Eyes for the Blind has proven a life-changing experience for Dane Almassy. He considers it a great privilege to have the opportunity to help out an organization that touches the lives of so many people.

The benefits of service dogs

For many years, service animals have helped individuals with a variety of physical and emotional disabilities from all over the United States. Most people are familiar with the concept of partnering blind individuals with guide dogs; however, service dogs can also benefit the disabled in a variety of other ways. Specially trained service canines have also shown to greatly improve the lives of children with autism. These animals can help autistic kids to feel safer and more secure in their environment. They can also help young people to become more independent as time goes by.

Serving as the area governor for Toastmasters International

In addition to working as a director of sales at the PepsiCo headquarters and coaching the John Jay Youth Lacrosse Team, Dane Almassy also serves as the Area Governor for Toastmasters International. This unique group helps individuals from all skill levels to develop and improve their public speaking skills. At meetings, group members are required to address an audience with a number of prepared speeches and impromptu presentations. These exercises are designed to help members become more comfortable and competent in front of large audiences.

The importance of developing public speaking skills

Although many individuals have a deep fear of public speaking, learning to comfortably address an audience is a very important part of becoming successful. In the business world, most workers are required to stand before large groups of people and discuss ideas. As a director of sales at the PepsiCo headquarters, Dane Almassy knows the value of learning how to address an audience.
In the near future, Almassy plans to continue to help PepsiCo to grow its sales with the Save-A-Lot Corporation. By using the knowledge that he acquired through his many years of experience in the beverage industry, he will continue to lead his team to success.

The future of the beverage industry

As a director of sales at PepsiCo, Dane Almassy is very excited about the direction that the beverage industry is going. The beverage industry has suffered from some negative publicity associated with prepackaged drinks that contain high amounts of processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup. As a result, many beverage manufacturing companies have refocused their product lines to include drinks that are lower in calories and made from all-natural ingredients. With so many new, healthy options available, the American public is falling in love with the beverages all over again.

Coaching lacrosse

For the past year, Dane has coached for the John Jay Youth Lacrosse program in New York. After playing the sport for more than twenty six years, it is a privilege for him to share his athletic passion with young people. He plans to continue leading his teams of youngsters to many victories in the future.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Every year, Dane Almassy and a group of his close friend & co-workers take pride in volunteering to complete repairs for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind organization. He and his friends plan to continue their volunteer work for this incredible organization for many years to come.

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