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Jake Wand

United States
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Jake Wand is an entrepreneur working in the fields of entertainment, technology, and the arts.

Jake Wand has played many roles in his life, and has grown into an active serial entrepreneur. He has pursued many venture capital opportunities in the fields of entertainment, real estate, and technology and has learned important lessons about the current economy, which he passes on to others whenever he can. One notable thing he’s realized is that small businesses are still important to the economy. He knows it can seem daunting to begin an independent business in a world that appears to be dominated by chains, franchises and large corporations, but he believes there will always be a need for small businesses in the world.

Jake Wand regularly supports start-up businesses and helps them get on their feet, believing they are important because of the number of roles they serve to the local community. These small businesses create job opportunities for local people who have been out of work or young people who are looking for experience. He believes it’s important for the public to embrace these small businesses, too. While he can help them get off the ground financially, it is up to the community to stand together to support local business.

Jake Wand has been entertaining people for years. He is a former action sports star and has competed in several WERA motorcycle road races and ski competitions as an athlete for Team Summit and USSA. He specialized in freestyle and big mountain events. He has also played the drums for numerous artists both in studio as well as live shows. As someone who loves the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship, he believed it made sense for him to start promoting projects and develop some of his own in the industry.

Although many people look at entertainment as a pastime, it is a booming industry in the United States, Jake Wand points out. He has led a number of efforts that include involvement in independent film and has been the lead consultant for a television program on PBS. His entrepreneurial sense led him to open a music instrument store, which turned into numerous music instrument stores, allowing him to help others pursue their love of music.

Jake Wand not only succeeds as an entrepreneur in the entertainment world, but he helps others who are hoping to achieve the same thing. He has always told people that an informal or formal education is very important to anyone who wants to work in entertainment or the arts. This is because the art of storytelling is important to every aspect of these industries, and the people who are behind those projects usually have some sort of formal training that helps them with their storytelling.

Even the most outlandish plots for televisions and movies can inspire people if the story is told correctly. Knowing how to work life lessons and morals into just about any story is an important aspect of success in the entertainment world. Stories about doctors, athletes, and scientists have motivated viewers for years to take up a cause or learn a new skill. If television and movies wield the kind of influence that’s been claimed over the years, Jake Wand believes it’s important to use that influence for the better.

Jake Wand also always makes time for his favorite outdoor sport, skiing. He was a successful athlete when competing in freestyle skiing, but just because he no longer competes for a living does not mean he has given up one of his favorite pastimes. As a resident of Colorado, he has made it a point to ski about 150 days out of every year at a number of nearby ski resorts like Vail and Breckinridge.

In fact, many people have come to Jake Wand for advice on how to become a better freestyle skier. The first tip he always gives is to simply master the basics. Before worrying about competing professionally or trying to throw the biggest trick in the park, anyone who is hitting the slopes has to make sure they have absolutely perfected the basics of skiing. He has told people it is incredibly important to sure they are able to navigate down the mountain with precision and be an advanced all mountain skier.

The problem he has seen all too often is newcomers who cannot wait to learn how to perform tricks without a solid foundation in the basics of skiing yet. He has always told people to first learn from a qualified licensed instructor or coach and to become familiar with your own sense of ability. Big tricks always involve a lot of risk, so the right training will go a long way toward avoiding injury and/or death.

One of the best tips he has given people is to stay small at first. Even if someone has shown they can handle the toughest slopes out there, Jake Wand says it’s always dangerous to try new big tricks while going down unfamiliar terrain. He has instructed people to hit the small lines when they are first learning tricks. It might feel like a step down, but safety is essential when learning, and it takes a lot of time and practice to gain the proper muscle memory the body needs for bigger more complicated tricks. That is why he has always told new freestyle skiers to stay small.

A lot of people push themselves further than they probably should, and Jake Wand has always told people that it is important to know individual boundaries. Freestyle skiing and being able to do tricks while going down a mountain is an incredible talent, but not everyone who can do those tricks should be showing them off or considering becoming professional. Advanced tricks in dangerous environments should only be performed by the best of the best—usually people who have been training for years. He has told plenty of skiers that while it can be tempting to show off in front of others, it can be dangerous and lead to serious injury.

Finally, one of the most important pointers he has handed out over the years is telling people to stay fit and flexible. Physical fitness is a huge part of skiing, because the sport is very taxing on the body. Falling is a large part of learning new tricks, even for the best, and can be extremely tough. Hitting the landings from 50 ft. heights and at high rates of speed can put a lot of stress on the knees and body. In the freestyle skiing world, that is just the beginning of the challenges people will face. Staying healthy and keeping their body toned will help athletes perform the tricks they need to pull off in order to be successful. Jake Wand always advises that skiers take up yoga to help with their flexibility and to stretch before and after any runs on the mountain.

There is no doubt that Jake Wand will be a force in the entertainment industry for years to come. His entrepreneurial and competitive spirit drives him to new challenges every day. He hopes to see more success in the entertainment, extreme sports, and venture capital industries.

He also says it is up to kids and parents to get involved in musical education now. Aside from giving kids a chance to do something fun with their future, he hopes to spread the message that learning an instrument can actually be very beneficial for children.

A student who is involved in band or orchestra is likely to see enhanced brain development, Jake Wand says. Playing a musical instrument is tough and involves a lot of work, including the ability to read sheet music, memorize the music and play the instrument successfully. The level of alertness needed to be proficient at playing an instrument has been suggested to enhance memory retention, which is useful in all aspects of education and life as a whole.

He believes that children who learn to play musical instruments will also be more disciplined in life. Being a great musician means a lot of dedication and commitment to the task, which helps teach kids that they have to work for what they want in life.


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