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Carlo Seneca is a builder based in New York City who now operates Sankeys.
Carlo Seneca is the most premier sought after Hospitality Builder in New York City. Since April 1994, he has owned and operated his own construction company known as C & A Seneca Construction with his Father Anthony Seneca and is the fourth generation in the business. This company specializes in creating hospitality-based buildings such as hotel, clubs, and restaurants. He has built the most highly anticipated and successful venues such as Buddha Bar, The Lambs Club, The Chatwal Hotel, all public area Nightclubs, lounges and restaurants at The Dream Downtown Hotel, The Marquee Nightclub, Sankeys Nightclub and Space New York Nightclub.

Carlo would often spend his weekends going to nightclubs around New York City. While he was at these clubs, he would take note of how the owners operated their assets, which inspired him to start his own endeavor in the industry. He believed that he had the skills needed to run a nightclub and set forth on a new business venture. Carlo designed and built his own nightclub in West Chelsea and it became recognized as the Best Club in New York in 2004 and was said by the NEW YORK POST to have the best Thursday night party in the city.

What makes Carlo Seneca so successful in his endeavors is the fact that he is able to fully utilize his talents to his advantage. Since he has construction experience, he is able to build his own clubs. Carlo is all about hard work, determination, and persistence, which is why his clubs have become so successful. One of his most prosperous nightclubs that he has opened is Sankeys New York City. Carlo went all out to open up this club, adding flavor to the room by using lots of effects through Sound and lighting and is said to have the best sound system in the world.

Carlo works over 18-hour days and manages between 100-200 employees to ensure that his guests are given the best service. Motivation, strength, discipline, and work ethic are what make Carlo such an excellent leader and manager. His hard work and hours were instilled in him as child working everyday with his Grandfather Carlo and his Father Anthony Seneca. And they instilled the old world Italian heritage of work, dedication, loyalty and craftsmanship.
Carlo Seneca has a vast variety of skills that have made him the successful nightclub owner that he is today. But he was not always interested in this industry. After graduating from Manhattan College with his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1994, he joined his Fathers construction company. C & A Seneca Construction has been around since 1926 and Carlo is fourth generation in the business and has successfully offered its services for 87 years. It was Carlo’s experience with the construction industry, however, that helped him kick start his foray into nightclub ownership.

Since Carlo Seneca had the ability to manage construction projects, he was able to combine his work with one of his passions. On weekends, he enjoyed going around the various nightclubs in Manhattan to get a feel for the scene. It was then that he was inspired to start his own endeavor to capitalize on the ever-growing nightclub industry.

Carlo was responsible for owning and operating multiple clubs throughout his professional career. From April 2004 to April 2011, he owned and operated Quo Nightclub, Retox Rock Bar, PRE: POST restaurant Suzie Wongs ultra lounge, Prime Nightclub, and Myst Nightclub. Now, he is the owner of Sankeys NYC, which recently opened its doors on Halloween 2013.

Sankeys NYC was launched on Halloween 2013 with the theme of Paul Revere’s famous ride and declaration “The British are Coming.” This was done in tribute to David Vincent, who was a pioneer in underground dance music throughout England, Sankeys’ country of origin. Seneca and his team collaborated to make the experience unique and memorable for their guests. People were attracted to the many features here that neighboring nightclubs were lacking. Sankeys sports two major rooms for people to enjoy. The first room is known as the Basement and has a futuristic theme to it. The second room was influenced by European culture and has a low ceiling. This location is known as the Spektrum.

As mentioned before, the Sankeys chain was first started in Manchester. However, after several years of operation, founder David Vincent realized that he wanted to extend the club’s reach to other areas, specifically to the island of Ibiza. Carlo Seneca explains how David Vincent utilized his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to bring Sankeys to this new location and kicked off a successful first season in 2011.

The club was instantly a hit amongst Ibiza’s residents who enjoyed its focus on providing some of the best music in the clubbing industry. Not only that, but Sankeys had gained its popularity by bringing in unparalleled sound and light systems that were never seen before in such a large nightclub. The venue was able to recreate the iconic rooms from its Manchester-based location such as the Basement, the Spektrum, and the Boutique.
Carlo Seneca hopes to see Sankeys grow even larger in the near future. Even though it only opened a few weeks ago on Halloween, it has already seen a major spike in popularity. The Sankeys chain is known for going all out on festivities, and Halloween was no exception. The night was kicked off by famed local artists such as Reboot, No Regular Play, My Favorite Robot, and Dave Rosario. But the festivities did not end on Halloween. The club continued its debut party all through the weekend, hosted on Friday by such notable figures as Amirali LIVE, Slow Hands LIVE, Fur Coat, and Tanner Ross. Saturday’s wrap up featured DJ Sneak, Julian Perez, Deep, and Disco Present JKriv.

The opening of Sankeys was memorable and foresaw a prosperous future for the club. Seneca hopes to continue this habit and to see more guests fill up the club on a regular basis. New York City is recognized for its vast party scene and high amount of activity going on, which is why it is a prime location for a nightclub such as Sankeys. This club is perfectly situated on West 36th Street, right in the center of the New York City nightlife area. It sports a brand new Void Incubus sound system and an innovative hydraulic LED Grid Matrix system, further enhancing the nightclub vibe. After the three years of waiting for the completion of its construction, Carlo Seneca hopes that Sankeys will become the flourishing nightlife hotspot that it is striving for.

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