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Bradley Sperling

United States
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Bradley Sperling is a prominent figure in the radio industry.

Bradley Sperling is a well-regarded professional who works in the radio industry. He created, which is a business that enables customers to develop engaging, popular radio shows. He has a few set beliefs about how radio shows become a success, and is glad to share this wisdom with aspiring show hosts. Some of these principles include:

- Focus on the right topics. In order to earn listeners and keep them engaged, set a theme for the show. Though shows may be entertaining, they are also highly structured. There is a rhythm to the show, and the order in which topics are discussed should make sense. While a little spontaneity is okay, too much can make it difficult for the listener to follow along.
- Have the right equipment. The sound of a radio show is everything. If microphones are crackling or full of static, listeners will quickly switch the station in favor of something that is easier to listen to. For this reason, all radio show hosts must ensure that their equipment in the station is in perfect condition.

Bradley Sperling explains that a focus on quality should always be a top priority. Whether it is an interview with a guest, a pre-produced piece, or a talk break, everything should be done with excellence in mind. There is no excuse for any material that is low in quality to make its way into the airwaves.

Bradley Sperling has had a long and illustrious career in the radio industry. For decades he has worked tirelessly, thus earning him a reputation as a hardworking and knowledgeable professional. He has worked in the field since 1985, and has learned the ins and outs of everything that the industry has to offer.

Some of the jobs that Brad Sperling is proud to have held over the years include:

• KDOG, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Mankato, Minnesota
• WXLR, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., LaCrosse, Wisconsin
• WLOL, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Minneapolis, Minnesota
• KDWB, swing announcer, Minneapolis, Minnesota
• WZOK, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Rockford, Illinois
• KKCK, program director, Marshall, Minnesota
• KMFX, program director, Rochester, Minnesota
• KDOG, program director and consultant, Mankato, Minnesota
• KMJZ/WXPT, creative services director, Minneapolis, Minnesota
•, owner and CEO, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
After spending so many years in the business, Bradley Sperling has truly learned many of the secrets to success within this highly competitive industry. Some of the pointers he regularly offers newbies in the field include:

Always keep the audience in mind

When working on any kind of on-air content, regardless of style or genre, it is important to keep the audience in mind. It is not simply about what the talent finds amusing: it is about what the people in that area may need or want to hear. Some radio personalities find it easy to get caught up in inside jokes and their own persona, but by shifting the focus to the listener, they are able to create a much more compelling program.

Build a network

Radio is very much a business about those you know, Bradley Sperling remarks. For this reason, it is important for a professional to continuously develop their network. Make friends within the industry, find mentors, and learn from other people. When a person earns a reputation as a well-rounded, devoted professional, others are much more likely to help them find a job that they will love.

Keep it conversational

Radio shows should sound like a conversation between two people. They should not use big words or phrases that are hard to understand. Instead, keep it simple. Listeners should not have to strain to understand the material that is being discussed on the show. It should be an enjoyable and fun way to gather information and stay entertained.

It is also important to speak in a succinct way when hosting a radio show. Going off on long tangents will quickly cause listeners to tune out and lose interest. Figure out what needs to be said, and then deliver this is a short way.

In order to develop a show that is well received and relevant within the market, Bradley Sperling advises integrating pertinent content into the programming. Listeners want to learn something when they tune in. Talk about community events, shows that are coming to the area, and other relevant happenings. Give people a reason to tune in at work, in the car, or when they are relaxing at home.

Lastly, that show must give the listener something that no one else can, states Brad Sperling. Whether it is an exclusive interview, special content, or unique personalities, there needs to be a reason for someone to tune in. With lots of competition in the market, a unique angle is a must.

Brad encourages radio personalities to listen to other shows. They can improve their own techniques this way, and can also get a sense of what the competition is up to, which is important for programming purposes. Bradley Sperling encourages aspiring radio personalities to get feedback regularly, as this can help them to improve their on-air delivery.

Bradley Sperling is thrilled to continue his venture into entrepreneurship, while still being able to exercise his passion for radio. His business, Radio Show Pro, offers clients essential support as they build their businesses. Since Sperling is so passionate about the radio industry, he is glad to be able to encourage others to pursue an equally rewarding career in the field.

Clients rave about the positive experience that they enjoyed when working with Radio Show Pro. Some of the perks that come along with partnering with this company include:

- It is easy to record a show anytime, anywhere. This allows a person to enjoy a flexible schedule.
- The equipment that the business relies upon is highly user-friendly.
- For those with an interest in advertising, radio promotion provides a great foray into the field.

Bradley is looking forward to continuing to grow his client base as his company develops in the coming years. He plans to use his professional connections to continue to spread the word about Radio Show Pro. As word continues to spread about the positive experience that clients have had with this service, Bradley Sperling anticipates his reach to grow significantly over the years.


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