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Michael Drobot is the founder of Furever Homes, a non-profit dog rescue organization that offers no-kill alternatives for stray, abandoned and abused dogs.
Michael Drobot currently runs Furever Homes, a dog rescue organization which he founded. The organization provides no-kill alternatives for stray, abandoned and abused dogs, and also offers rehabilitation, adoption, and humane education and therapy programs. The staff at Furever Homes is comprised of compassionate animal lovers who are dedicated to providing the best care possible for dogs in need.

Michael Drobot founded Furever Homes on the philosophy that no dog should be put down due to the lack of a stable home. The organization is currently made up of a network of rescuers, volunteers, donors, foster parents and a number of individuals of the community who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals. The staff at Furever Homes is committed to creating a community which protects animals and employs exclusively no-kill solutions. After a dog comes to the organization volunteers and foster parents serve as guardians and protectors for each dog until they can be matched up with their “Furever” home. The staff provides training services to every dog in their care in order to socialize the dog and make him or her more suitable for adoption. Additionally, many dogs undergo therapy programs, after which they serve as therapy dogs for members of the community suffering with diseases or disabilities, or who are in recovery. During the therapy program, each dog must pass the Canine Good Citizen certification (CGC), along with a temperament evaluation, followed by basic obedience and advanced solicitation training. The organization is devoted to finding the perfect home for each dog in their care, and strives to create long-lasting relationships with each potential owner.
When Michael Drobot set out to found Furever Homes, he envisioned an organization that would offer no-kill alternatives to dealing with stray, abandoned and abused dogs. He founded the organization on the principle that every animal’s life is valuable, and that no animal should be killed based on a lack of a home. He worked to create a rescue organization that would stand apart from other non-profits by providing valuable services for the community, such as therapy dogs.

When he founded the organization, one of the major services Michael Drobot decided to include was the non-profit’s Animal Assisted Therapy program, Furever Happy. Drobot wanted to offer this service in order to better the lives of the animals, as well as assist the community. He designed the dog therapy program to serve multiple facilities in the community, including rehab centers, hospitals and nursing homes. Drobot envisioned the program as a way to give back to the community and assist children and adults with disabilities or diseases through the unconditional love of a canine companion.

When developing the Furever Happy therapy program, Michael Drobot worked to design a process that would effectively train the dog and make the dog suitable to assist a variety of different people, from mentally or physically ill patients to patients in recovery or in nursing homes.

Drobot decided that in order for the dogs to be suitable for such patients, they must first receive their Canine Good Citizen certificate. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program was started in 1989 by the American Kennel Club, and seeks to promote the training of well-mannered dogs. Drobot decided that by requiring all dogs in the Furever Happy program to receive their CGC certificate, they would become more suitable for adoption, and more suitable for helping patients. In order to receive their CGC certificate, dogs must pass an evaluation that consists of ten objectives. These objectives include: accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, walking on a loose leash, sitting, lying down and staying in place on command, allowing for basic grooming procedures, coming with called, walking through a crowed, calming enduring supervised separation from their owner, reacting suitably to another dog, and reacting appropriately to other distractions. Drobot knew that by requiring the dogs to undergo this certification, it would help ease the minds of owners regarding brining a new animal in to their home, and would also put patients in the facilities at ease when dealing with an unfamiliar animal. He also implemented basic socialization and obedience training into the Furever Happy therapy program, and mandated that all therapy dogs be up-to-date on vaccines. Additionally, he implemented a training program for the therapy volunteers.

When founding Furever Homes, Michael Drobot wanted to offer services that would set the organization apart from other non-profit rescue orgs. But he also wanted to create an organization that was different in its philosophy and approach to adoption as well. In order to do this, Drobot founded the organization on the idea that the staff’s involvement with the animals would not end at adoption. Drobot worked to create an organization that would maintain close relationships with the new owners of the animals. He worked to implement regulations that would ensure that the staff would regularly check in with the new owners to offer support and advice. Drobot knows that adopting a dog is not a small thing—it is a commitment that significantly alters the life of the owner, as well as the life of the dog. When founding the organization, it was important to him to ensure that each potential owner knows this as well.

Additionally, Michael Drobot wanted to create an organization that was selective in its selection of potential owners. Although all the animals need a new home, Drobot wanted to ensure that each dog was matched up with the perfect family. In order to achieve this, Drobot created an evaluation method for each potential family and each rescue dog, to ensure that both the owners and the pets are being matched up suitably. As a result, the organization is able to match each dog with a family that understands the behaviors, typical needs and breed characteristics of the rescue dog.
When he founded Furever Homes, Michael Drobot envisioned an organization made up of a network of animal lovers who each served a specific purpose.


Drobot had always envisioned Furever Homes being a non-profit, so when he founded the organization he knew that volunteers would play a large role its day-to-day operations. Drobot set out to create a team of volunteers that would help the organization run smoothly and create a welcoming atmosphere for both potential owners and animals. Additionally, he created an extensive training program for the volunteers, who would serve as in-house volunteers, adoption counselors and off-site adoption volunteers.

Foster Parents

When he founded the organization, Drobot knew that finding permanent homes for every dog wouldn’t be easy, and he recognized that the process could take a long time. In order to create the best possible living environment for the animals while they waited to be adopted, Drobot implemented the use of “foster parents,” who provide living solutions for dogs before they receive a permanent home.


Michael Drobot knew that donors would play a large role in helping run and maintain the organization, and he wanted to create ways for donors to give back to the group and help the organization operate as a no-kill facility. He subsequently created the Furever Home online pet store, through which donors can purchase pet-friendly products, the proceeds of which go back to running the organization.

When Drobot founded Furever Homes, he envisioned a non-profit organization that would ensure that no animal would be killed for lack of a stable home. He dreamed of founding an organization that would not only change the lives of stray, abandoned and abused animals by finding them homes, but would also extend into the community and promote the need for no-kill facilities. Additionally, through the foundation of the shelter’s therapy program, Furever Happy, Michael Drobot hoped to provide assistance to those in the community suffering from disabilities or illnesses, or who were undergoing recovery.
As Michael Drobot moves forward with the Furever Homes organization, he plans to continue providing permanent homes and foster homes to stray dogs, or dogs that have been abandoned or abused. Drobot hopes to continue making a significant difference in the lives of these animals through the organization’s network of rescuers, volunteers, donors and foster parents. Drobot is passionate about providing no-kill solutions to dogs without stable homes, and hopes to expand humane education programs to the community. He hopes to educate the community about no-kill alternatives, and encourage others to become involved in helping impact the lives of these animals.

Additionally, Michael Drobot plans to continue giving dogs a purpose for the betterment of society. Through the organization’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program Furever Happy, the rescue organization currently has more than 15 therapy teams dedicated to providing a purpose for the dogs. Additionally, the organization works with more than 20 facilities in the community, including hospitals, nursing homes and rehab facilities. In the future, Drobot hopes to expand the network of facilities the organization is involved with, in order to increase the number of patients the dogs can service.

When Drobot founded Furever Homes, he dreamed of a society that recognized the value of an animal’s life. He envisioned communities which would work together to give dogs who have been abandoned or abused a purpose, and which would work towards implementing exclusively no-kill solutions for these animals. Going forward, he plans to continue providing humane education, as well as providing rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and therapy services to dogs in order to achieve this dream.

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