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ThomasF Castellanos

United States
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Thomas F. Castellanos is a Miami-based businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Known by residents throughout the Miami area for his prominent place as a local business leader, Tom F. Castellanos has years of successful experience in the field of roofing material sales. He currently owns and operates his own manufacturing business, East Coast Metals, which is renowned for both its quality materials and the rare customer service that the company provides. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on East Coast Metals for parts and components, making the company a major cog in the home construction industry as a whole.

But while residents know Thomas F. Castellanos for his business, those within the field also recognize his prominence as an innovator and salesman. His development of the Trim Lock and the Trim Lock Plus technology lead to revolutionary changes in the roofing materials world, and he currently holds the patent rights to both. The Trim Lock line only serves as a way for him to cement his image as an innovator as well: earlier in his career, he developed three other major technologies. Patenting them and selling them, he has a lifetime of experience as an inventive worker who understands not just the cut and dry aspects of running a business, but the creative capabilities necessary to make it truly successful.

In addition to his incredible success in the business world, he also enriches his private life with a variety of charitable efforts. His work as a philanthropist is perhaps what he is best known for, and he reports that -- despite his incredible achievements with East Coast Metals -- charitable efforts are what he is most passionate about.

Thomas F. Castellanos brought an approach to roofing and roofing materials that was both creative and innovative, and it ultimately revolutionized the industry. As the President and CEO of East Coast Metals, the company that he founded, he has brought about major changes in the field with his inventive leadership and keen business sense. Throughout his life, however, his achievements have not been limited to the extraordinary success he has enjoyed through his business; he is also well known in the Miami area for his charitable efforts, particularly on behalf of the Catholic Church.

Founded in the Miami area, East Coast Metals Incorporated opened their doors in 1996 in Hialeah, Florida. As an exclusively family run operation, it has been a leader in the production and manufacture of metal components and parts used in the roofing process. The company is perhaps best known for two groundbreaking innovations: in 1999, the company was the first to offer products like a metal hip and ridge anchor -- tools that permanently altered the way professional roofing is done, and also ones that serve as a testament to the innovative capabilities of both East Coast Metals and Tom F. Castellanos.

Even since he was young, Castellanos’ unique eye for creativity and invention has proven to be a boon through his professional development. Over the course of his career, he individually invented, patented, and sold three inventions designed to block squirrels and provide ventilation systems to eave covers. Additionally, he currently holds the patents on the revolutionary Trim Lock and Trim Lock Plus technologies, which East Coast Metals use to this day. The combination of creativity, quality, and a focus on constant improvement have made East Coast Metals, under Castellanos’ guidance, an industry favorite -- some of his clients include the largest roofing companies in the world. Because of their size they have access to a huge list of potential suppliers, but time and time again, the choice for the major names in roofing is always East Coast Metals.

It’s important to note that the companies who chose East Coast Metals do so not just for the creativity and quality that comes with Tom F. Castellanos’ business. There’s also the factor of his unique experience in the field -- many of his inventions would have been impossible if he had not accumulated so much industry experience himself. Only by working within the roofing world could he have developed his groundbreaking products, and so roofing companies know that they’re not working with an ordinary supplier; working with East Coast Metals means that you’re working with a group that understands what it takes to solve major roofing problems.

Finally, another reason why roofing companies prefer East Coast is the unrivaled customer service. Prior to striking off on his own to found East Coast Metals Incorporated, Thomas F. Castellanos worked within the industry from a business standpoint, which he believes to be just as important as any other position during his path of business development. At different points acting as a sales rep and a sales manager for both manufacturers and suppliers, Tom learned the economic side of the sine craft of roofing. This breadth of experience gives him a unique outlook and the capacity to truly understand what roofing companies need, a rare combination of business knowledge and craftsmanship that is nearly unheard of within the industry.

This customer service manifests itself in the most practical of ways: clients keep coming back to East Coast Metals because no one can deliver their services faster. Their turnaround times, from initial order to delivery, are unrivaled in the industry, and they believe that their prompt service is the ultimate form of respect they can give busy roofing companies who need their supplies delivered quickly. It sets the company apart and is a large part of how they’ve managed to cultivate such a stellar reputation.

Even employees recognize that East Coast Metals Incorporated is special. With Tom F. Castellanos’ rare combination of industry know how and general business brilliance, he managed to build his company in the model of the most successful and legendary entrepreneurs. Having been successful in all other aspects of the field, it seems preordained that he would be a CEO capable of carrying a multi-million dollar operation on his back. His strategic management and P&L planning ensures comfortable profitability, enough so that he is able to reward employees for their hard work. With an eye for productivity, an obvious skill when it comes to solving nagging engineering troubles, and diplomatic skill with strategic business partnerships, over the years he built East Coast Metals into the highly regarded industry juggernaut it is today.

While other business leader may content themselves with their achievements within the field, Tom F. has been a major supporter of community and charity causes at every stage of his career. Most notably, he goes out once a week with his Catholic men’s group to perform a variety of services in the community, including youth mentoring programs and feeding the hungry. Most impressively is the regularity with which he finds the time to take part in these activities: his dedication to philanthropy despite personal success is reminiscent of both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Also working with well-known institutions like the Make A Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Little League teams are also often funded by his company, East Coast Metals. While it’s rare to find this kind of selfless attitude in a business leader, it’s actually indicative of Tom F. Castellanos’ career as a whole. Since he started in the roofing business he has always been a forward thinking and innovative leader, so his work within his community should come as no surprise.

It goes without saying that under owner Thomas F. Castellanos, East Coast Metals will continue its incredible run of success. His rare combination of inventive flair and economic acumen will allow him to continue running the company to even greater heights of accomplishment, bringing further recognition from both within and without the field. Just as much as he values his business pursuits, however, he also holds his charitable efforts dear. Moving forward, he will only continue to throw his passion into a variety of philanthropic endeavors.

Already he works with a number of important charities, and as he gets older his involvement will increase. Among the groups he works with include the Emmaus Catholic Men’s Group, the Make A Wish Foundation, and he also supports local Little League teams with business donations. Each of these groups makes the world a better place in a different way, but ultimately purse the kinds of goals that Thomas believes in. With the Catholic charity in particular, he engages in hands on work once a week, taking time out of his busy schedule to give back to the community.

While achievements in business are enough to satisfy most people, Tom F. still pursues the enrichment that comes with philanthropic work. Serving meals to the needy, mentoring kids, and doing his best to show love and kindness to the most unfortunate in the Miami area, you might not know that he is actually a business icon in his field. This community-minded work and leadership will continue as both Tom F. and East Coast Metals develop.


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Career History
  • 01/1996 to 12/2099
    : President, CEO
    : United States
    : Hialeah, FL
  • 01/1990 to 01/1997
    : Regional Sales
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Hospitality Professional
    : Denver
Core Competencies
  • Entrepeneur and Inventor
  • Customer Service
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Budgets
  • Green Building
  • Key Account Management
  • Forecasting
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