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Jeffrey Cashmore, founder of Members Advisory Group LLC, has over 24 years of financial services experience and strives to provide his clients with both excellence and integrity of service, crafting individualized financial strategies to meet clients’ needs.
At present, Jeffrey Cashmore is the majority owner and Managing Director of Members Advisory Group LLC. The group offers clients straightforward advice and solutions for their financial and investment needs. Members Advisory Group LLC values a commitment to integrity and quality, providing clients with comprehensive financial and investment planning.

Members Advisory Group LLC, founded by Jeffrey Cashmore, is dedicated to integrity, excellence, teamwork, and independence in all of their client interactions. The firm understands the trust that clients place in them as they work to safeguard client assets, and seeks to build lasting financial advisory relationships through integrity and trust. All members of Members Advisory Group LLC are prudent, disciplined, and passionate about their work. This passion and discipline gives them their commitment to client success, and the firm’s dedication to teamwork gives clients the comfort of knowing highly experienced professionals are working together to provide them with solutions tailored to their individual investment needs. Members Advisory Group LLC is an independent firm, which allows them to provide their clientele with an unbiased approach, free from conflict of interest.

Jeffrey Cashmore seeks to provide his clients with the necessary guidance to navigate these increasingly difficult financial times. Offering professional advice on both short and long term investments, he emphasizes the importance of long-term investments in today’s volatile markets. He advises them to look beyond the short-term market reaction to local and global events, and focus instead on the long-term potential for investments.
Jeffrey Cashmore, a western, NY native, graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, after honorably serving in the United States Air Force. His four years in the Armed Forces taught him the values of integrity, teamwork, excellence, and independence, values on which he would later found his own business.

Jeffrey Cashmore began his career in the financial service industry working for Shearson Lehman Hutton. Shearson Lehman Hutton, an old investment banking and retail brokerage firm founded in 1902, became one of the largest brokerage firms in the U.S. until its eventual sale and bankruptcy in the late 90s and 2000s. While at Shearson Lehman Hutton, Jeffrey Cashmore learned the ropes of the financial industry, working with experienced and esteemed industry professionals from whom he learned professionalism and how to navigate the financial industry. During this time, he was able to observe the merger and sale of parts of the company, learning by observation some of the business strategies he was able to later use when he founded his own firm.

In 1990, Jeffrey Cashmore left Shearson Lehman Hutton to start his own firm in Williamsville, NY, a town outside of the city of Buffalo in Western NY. His firm offers clients a client-focused insurance, investment, tax and financial planning services. As the owner and manager, Jeffrey Cashmore oversees a team of professionals with an array of diverse industry experience. His clients have come to expect independent and unbiased advice as a result of his team’s commitment to sound research, and can expect highly personalized, optimized, forward-moving strategies that directly address their needs and concerns.

An industry professional, Jeffrey Cashmore strives to present his clients with realistic gains while also achieving a stable, financial framework. His understanding of the financial industry allows him to offer his clients sound advice and optimal planning, while remaining within realistic limitations. He is devoted to client success and satisfaction, and strives to help clients make the most out of their investments. His success has led him to receive recognition amongst his peers for his high level of customer service, and his membership on the Leadership Council, a professional business organization.

As part of the services his firm offers, Jeffrey Cashmore helps clients with retirement planning, budgeting, insurance topics, expense and tax planning. He understands that economies and circumstances change, and strives to supply his clients with fully customized financial plans that assess present and future projections. In the event of drastic financial or personal change, Jeffrey Cashmore is able to tailor his clients’ plans to their new circumstances as a result of the detailed consultations he strives to give every client. This personalized approach makes him one of the few financial consultants able to offer such in depth counsel to clients, and enables him to help them pursue their needs, goals, and priorities.

As a business owner and manager, Jeffrey Cashmore has experience with the needs of business owners as well as individuals. His personal success is a measure of the quality of his service, and he can offer unparalleled financial advice to his business clients. His time spent with Shearson Lehman Hutton prepared him for his interactions with many different kinds of people, from investors to retirees, and helped broaden his understanding of the needs of his clients. His firm deals mostly with individuals and high net worth individuals, but his clientele also includes insurance companies, pension/profit sharing plans, charities, corporations and business, and governments.

Some of the investment options his firm offers clients are mutual funds, equities, fixed income, alternatives and ETFs. The insurance services he is able to offer includes life and accident and health insurance, as well as long term care insurances. Cashmore’s staff is able to advise clients on insurance policies that best suit their individual and financial needs, and counsels them also on income and estate tax issues. Jeffrey Cashmore is a registered broker dealer and a registered government securities broker.
Jeffrey Cashmore is looking forward to many more years of providing clients with trusted and informed financial advice. His firm’s success has provided him with a platform from which he hopes to expand and continue to make lasting investment relationships with his clients. After 24 years in the financial industry, the recognition he receives from clients and peers has enabled him to take even greater pride in his work, and increased his commitment to the standards of excellence his firm has established for themselves.

In his free time, Jeffrey Cashmore enjoys spending time with family. Together, they enjoy traveling, snowboarding and fishing. Jeffrey, a former skier, enjoys snowboarding more now, and notes that it is easier to learn than skiing. He also enjoys woodworking, making tables and experimenting with dovetailing. Woodworking, a skill that requires finesse and patience, provides him with a stimulating pastime that also reflects his dedication to quality.

Jeffrey Cashmore also holds an extra class license amateur radio license. He enjoys operating on the 20-meter band, a popular frequency for radio amateurs. Within these frequencies, he contacts HAMs globally utilizing Morse code and phone operation.

Jeffrey believes in a healthy work/life balance, and hopes to continue pursuing these hobbies as well as his professional goals in the future.

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