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Jason Castenir is a successful entrepreneur turned business strategy development consultation expert.
Between his success as a startup company entrepreneur and his experience as a strategic business development consultant, Jason Castenir is an expert on what it takes for a business to succeed and thrive in its market of choice. He is passionate, creative, and determined in his work, helping businesses of all sorts succeed by identifying the problem areas in their operating strategies and implementing new business plans to fix them, thereby restoring business growth and revamping profits and revenue.

Throughout his career, Jason has learned and developed a variety of useful skills that he calls upon when consulting with business clients. These skills include the following:

• Business development
• Business systems
• Business efficiency
• Business coaching
• Business information
• Business loans
• Sales force management
• Sales process
• Sales force training
• Sales force leadership
• Leadership development
• Marketing strategy
• Corporate training
• Consultative sales
• Franchise consultation
• Entrepreneurial consultation
• International business
• Information and communications technology consultation
• Analysis
• And more

Today, Jason Castenir works with Maverick Asset Management as their Lead Strategic Business Development Consultant. Here he puts his expert business strategy skills to use diagnosing and repairing the problems that Maverick’s business clients face. Jason’s experience as a transition specialist makes him a master in this field, leading his colleagues to describe him as “extremely gifted.”

Jason enjoys hiking and sampling new restaurants in his free time. His favorite hobby, however, is reading; Jason will avidly read anything and everything in his downtime, especially books dealing with leadership. He finds reading to be both a relaxing and a mentally stimulating activity at the same time.
Jason Castenir’s career history is barely over a decade long. However, in that time, he has built a successful company from the ground up from idea to merger, then gone on to become an expert in business development as a field and a process. Throughout this journey, Jason has brought a level of passion and vision to his work that has helped not just to create his own success but to reinvigorate the success of every business that he has helped along the way.

Jason’s Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Jason Castenir was born in Elizabethtown, KY. He also was raised here, where he attended Central Pardon High School. After his graduation, Jason enrolled in the local Sampbellsville University, where he majored in business. He eventually graduated with his business degree and decided to waste no time jumping straight into the business world.

This led Jason to start his own startup company in 2001 that dealt in online auction transactions. As a new entrepreneur, Jason’s fledgling company assisted other companies, particularly retail clients such as jewelers and antiques dealers, with moving their excess products. These retail clients of Jason’s often ended up with too much extra inventory through their regular business dealings. Jason’s company helped these retailers liquidate these excess assets by selling them at auction online, which had the added benefit of maximizing the profit that these companies received even as they unloaded unwanted extra goods.

The success of Jason Castenir’s company model soon attracted the attention of many other companies looking to harness it. In 2003, two years after getting it off of the ground initially, Jason sold his business to one such interested company that had plans to utilize the technology that Jason and his team had developed on a much larger scale. Jason joined this new company as an Area Manager while they utilized his success to appeal to the mass market. This meant that Jason’s clients were now much larger, much more influential chain retail business outlets. Among this variety of high impact clientele were such recognizable household names as JCPenney and Walmart.

Jason as a Strategic Business Development Consultant

Jason Castenir stayed on as the Area Manager of his startup company’s new owners for four years. In 2007, however, the company sold yet again to yet another party interested in harnessing its model. This time, though, Jason did not follow suit. Instead he left to become a freelance consultant of business development strategy – services that Jason continues to offer even to this day.

Through this freelance consultation work, Jason has dealt with a wide variety of clients. These clients include many homeowners, national banks, and retail outlets. Jason utilized his expertise with each of these clients to help them liquidate their distressed assets and acquire new ones. He and his team also often buy out homeowners for asset protection and have worked with some of the single largest middle market banks in the entire United States.

Jason and Maverick Asset Management

Then, in 2011, Jason Castenir joined with Maverick Asset Management as their Lead Consultant in Strategic Business Development – a title and position that he still holds today.

With Maverick Asset Management, Jason’s expertise with corporate turnaround and transition has been held particularly valuable. As a specialist in successful business growth, has proven himself a master of diagnosing which aspects of a business’s operations and management are causing detrimental issues with that business’s growth. Jason then creates and implements new business strategies to correct these problems and revitalize the growth, profits, and overall momentum of his clients.

Jason Castenir’s colleagues at Maverick Asset Management have described him as being “extremely gifted” at his work and second to none at identifying and addressing major flaws in business operations. The master business development plans that Jason creates for these companies encompass major company aspects from marketing campaigns to management operations. His past clients have been able to report seeing positive results almost immediately after implementing Jason’s excellent strategies, which has led Jason to enjoying tremendous success with both Maverick Asset Management and his satisfied client companies.

Maverick Asset Management itself has been in business for over 20 years, during which time it has enjoyed great industry success. They have always defined this success by the satisfaction of their clients and customers. As such, Jason and the rest of his colleagues have all dedicated themselves to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction that they can.

Maverick Asset Management specializes in providing three branches of services for their clients: money, management, and marketing

• Money Services – Maverick associates have realized that all businesses require capital in order to operate and grow. Without any access to sources of capital or credit, businesses cannot continue to run, much less to expand. To assist in this area, Maverick consultants such as Jason Castenir have all developed the ability to assess the capital requirements of their business clients. They can also develop strategic business plans to help these companies find means of securing the credit sources that they need to sustain stable, healthy business growth, thereby generating higher profit returns.

• Management Services – Maverick consultants have also realized that management systems are what keep a business running smoothly. Effective management is the key to effective business operations, meaning that ineffective management strategies hinder businesses and decrease their operational efficiency. To fix these inefficiencies, Maverick consultants identify problems within management systems and strengthen them accordingly, turning struggling businesses around and increasing their overall profitability.

• Marketing Services – Finally, Maverick Asset Management consultants know that business profits are driven by the popularity of their products and services. Getting these products and services in front of eager and relevant audiences is the first step to any market success for a business. As such, Maverick associates have proven that, by utilizing their ability to revamp marketing strategies, businesses can increase their success by targeting more customers than ever, and targeting them better. Maverick’s consulting experts, including Jason Castenir, have a combined total of almost 50 years of experience in both marketing and sales, and their innovative sales psychology does wonders for their business clients.
Jason Castenir has no plans to slow down or stop in his success as a business development strategy expert. He will continue to provide business strategy consultation services to his grateful and satisfied clients, both as a freelance consultant and as the Lead Strategic Business Development Consultant with Maverick Asset Management.

He has already proven his value as a business growth and turnaround specialist to both his colleagues at Maverick and his many clients, and will continue to do so. Any business that works with Jason and implements his strategic business plans will be able to see instant results in their operational success.

All of his past work with business development and successful strategy has given Jason a clear vision of what any business owner needs in order to drive their business to its greatest potential of success. Going forward, Jason plans to share this insight with each struggling company that needs his help. He knows that, while many view owning a business as an easy, luxurious job, successful business ownership is more of a vicious struggle than a vacation.

Jason Castenir has seen what qualities business owners require to drive their businesses to success, and he will share this knowledge with companies both new and old that require it. His three key attributes that he has seen are necessary to business success, and which he advises every business CEO to take heed of, are vision, conviction, and gratitude.

Vision, Jason teaches, is the ability of a business head to see the full range of possible successes that await their business, and how to get there. Conviction is their deep seated resolve to get there and their belief that their business deserves success. And gratitude is their ability to acknowledge the positive contributions of their team and supporters, and to keep their focus on successes over failures. With these three qualities, says Jason, any business can find success.

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