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James CoffeltOhio

United States
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James Coffelt, OH, is a professional web developer who takes pleasure in his work and hobbies in constructing technology.

James Coffelt, OH, works as a web developer in his home city of Cincinnati. A professional developer, Coffelt takes particular interest in the design aspect of web creation. Taking an elegant but simple approach to construction, he tailors sites to exact client specifications. Coffelt specializes in eCommerce and search engine optimization.
As a web developer, Coffelt consistently refines his inter-personal skills to better understand the clients. Hosting personal interviews with a simple list of questions, he goes over the basics and gets started right away. From there, he constructs a solid web presence that is immediately live and available for client consideration.
His work keeps him occupied during normal hours, but his passion for gadgetry carries over into his downtime. An RC enthusiast, Coffelt can be found regularly tinkering away on model helicopters and cars. Though he does not compete on a professional or amateur level, his time and investment in the sport rivals that of experts.
As an Ohio native, Coffelt is no stranger to rainy days or poor outside conditions. To stay busy during this time, he enjoys writing and illustrating his own comics. This creative outlet allows Coffelt to keep his mind in an imaginative mode, which carries over into his work. Being in his mid-20’s, Coffelt enjoys having so many outlets to keep him occupied.
James Coffelt, OH, is also an avid gamer. He especially enjoys the unique aspect of table-top games such as Dungeons and Dragons. The social aspect of these games gives him a chance to truly push his creative limits with a core group of friends. The quick and critical thinking give him an advantage in his chosen career path, resulting in unique and interactive websites.

At just 26 years old, James Coffelt, OH, has created dozens of unique and interactive websites for clients across the nation. Officially entering the field of web design upon completion of college, Coffelt has always had an interest in the field of web development. From tearing apart his home PC as a child to constructing his first website in high school, Coffelt has always known where his future lies.
At 12 years old, James Coffelt, OH, got his hands on the interior of the family computer. Long-obsolete by today’s standards, the internal workings of this machine intrigued him for years. This led to a fascination of technology in all its forms, including his later hobby of RC cars and planes. Though the computer was ruined in the process, the experience meant so much to Coffelt that he built his entire education and subsequent career on technology.
In high school, Coffelt was one of the many students who took a keyboarding class offered by the institute. This course was no match for his swiftly developing computer skills, and Coffelt was able to complete it well before his fellow students. Facing an utter lack of work, Coffelt took advantage of the unexpected free time. During the period, he would teach himself HTML and other basics of web designs.
As most websites of that era were based on tables, Coffelt found himself longing for more freedom and flexibility with design. That is when he transitioned into art and graphic design. A complete 180 from creating code and troubleshooting, Coffelt found he had a knack for this area, but lacked the traditional training. Searching outside of school, he found little help, so he re-focused his attention on coding.
Following high school, James Coffelt, OH, began applying to local colleges and universities. He was accepted into an undergraduate program, where he majored in computer science and furthered his education in web design. It didn't take long for Coffelt to stand out amongst his peers as an exceptional developer due to his constant concern for design. While most students were completely capable of building functional websites, they lacked a certain appeal.
Focusing intensely on usability and interactivity, Coffelt consistently created above average products for his professors. Noted for this, he was asked to tutor other students in the field to assist them on their similar paths. Coffelt graciously agreed and immediately began working with his fellow students to show how to appropriately weave the beauty of design into the rigid structure of code.
This one-on-one interaction is what led James Coffelt, OH, to his unique relationship with clients today. He discovered that through simple conversation, one can learn nearly anything about another person. At university, he developed that skill and successfully tutored numerous students, allowing them to grow in their own direction. While he no longer tutors on the intricacies of web design, he does ask similar questions with clients to gauge their understanding of how the Web works.
The Internet is a wondrous and fascinating tool—perhaps the most significant factor to human history since the industrial revolution. It has so heavily impacted the culture of the world, that every new generation sees the world as a smaller place. When you can explore the streets of Paris and sounds of an Amazon rainforest all from the comfort of your bed, the Earth doesn't seem so big. Still, there are limitations to what can be done online, and by working with clients directly, Coffelt is able to effectively navigate them.
There is a common characteristic amongst clients in the web design business. Though they understand the importance of having a solid Web presence, they do not know exactly what that means. This is where James Coffelt, OH, stands out in his field. Through trial and error, Coffelt has refined the interview process. He allows the client to list out exactly what they want the website to do, and from there he provides modern solutions to achieve those goals.
His simple approach has resulted in nothing but good feedback from clients. By creating a rough website within days of the interview, he allows the client to see firsthand where their website is going, and get a feel for its control. This is also where any client considerations for design come in. While Coffelt is an accomplished designer himself, he is aware that the site is not for him, but for the client, and their input is always considered in the overall look of the site.
It is the interactivity that drives Coffelt to succeed in his field. The relationship between man and machine is just as varied as it is complex. This is what sparked his interest in remote-control vehicles, often simply referred to as RC. These crafts come in all sorts of styles, including Coffelt’s preferred area, RC planes and helicopters.
James Coffelt, OH, has spent every available weekend out flying his planes and helicopters. When starting out, Coffelt stuck to flying and simple maneuvers, unaware of how encompassing the hobby truly was. Like with the old PC though, eventually his curiosity got the better of him and he ultimately tore open one of his older models.
The internal makings of RC planes and helicopters are rather simple. There is a motor that is connected to propellers on one end, and a battery on the other. Toss in a receiver and sometimes a camera and you’ve got yourself an RC plane. But Coffelt saw this not as a simple machine, but as an opportunity to push his unassuming tech up a notch or two.
Having never officially competed in a tournament, James Coffelt, OH, enjoys RC sports for the simple pleasure. Though he is often encouraged by friends to enter a competition, the idea goes against why he got into the hobby in the first place. Instead, he prefers testing out new modifications that he put together in his shop.
The most competitive Coffelt becomes is when enjoying an immersive game with his close friends. Sucked into the geek culture at a young age, Coffelt is proud of the creative and imaginative gaming campaigns that he has been a part of. The unique time-sensitive problem-solving experience has carried over into his profession and other hobbies. James Coffelt, OH, considers his resourceful nature to stem from his interest in these games.

James Coffelt, OH, has high hopes for continuing his career in web development. He consistently refines his process to better fit the goals of his clients. With no plans on slowing down, he expects that he will have a prosperous future in the field. His unique approach to design and function show promise for a successful career and life.
Along with his own career, Coffelt eagerly awaits the advancements in HTML, CSS, and other computer languages. As they evolve, he is able to create more complex websites with more interactivity. As the World Wide Web is always growing, Coffelt regularly checks blogs and company websites for any information about what is to come.
Along with the growth of web development, Coffelt has high hopes for the field of web design. This unique art has seen incredible growth over the years and promises more to come. Coffelt encourages the advancement of simplistic and sleek design. He feels the best features are those that the user doesn’t even notice, as if they are simply a part of the overall Web environment.
James Coffelt, OH, expects to see advancements in gaming as well. Though he has always been a core fan of the tabletop genre, he enjoys a number of modern video games. Watching the evolution of this field has always been a hobby, and he expects it to remain that way. Planning to remain more on the sidelines, he encourages companies to push their products and software to the limit. In doing so, they help in the development of all modern tech.


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