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Lon Gorman is a financial services veteran. He currently works with Lightspeed Financial, and previously was employed with Charles Schwab and Credit Suisse First Boston.
In a long-lasting and distinguished career, Lon Gorman has achieved success at the highest levels of the financial services industry. An expert in capital markets, banking and investments, his resume speaks for itself; following an education from Adelphi University, Lon won coveted positions at NASDAQ OMX, NYFIX, Credit Suisse First Boston and Charles Schwab. These days, he is perhaps best known as an independent board member at Lightspeed Financial.

This track record is nothing if not impressive. With that said, Gorman is as excited and as passionate about his work in advocacy and philanthropy as he is about his work in finance. The list of organizations that he supports is lengthy, and his devotion to each one of them is admirable.

A partial list of non-profits and charities supported by Lon Gorman includes United Way, Make a Wish, Doctors Without Borders and the American Red Cross. Additionally, he advocates for diabetes research, for hospice care, and beyond.

Also, Gorman donates to the American Cancer Society. This organization has been around for 100 years, and makes a real difference in the lives of millions. Through its commitment to education alone, the ACS is a pivotal non-profit.

Gorman supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, too—an organization that is devoted to researching cures for diabetes.

On top of all of that hard work and passionate philanthropy, we might note that Gorman is a devoted family man now with 4 grandchildren. It is a full, rich life that he leads, and through it he has made a difference in the lives of many others.
Where does a man like Lon Gorman go, following a long and storied career in the financial services profession? That’s a tough question to answer, but Lon has carved out a unique niche for himself and developed a whole new identity as an activist, advocate and philanthropist. While his career in investment and banking has been illustrious, he has been just as content focusing on his non-profit and charity work.

Lon Gorman is indeed a mover and shaker from the financial services industry. He currently serves as an independent board member for Lightspeed Financial. Before that, he amassed a wealth of expertise and experience through such high-profile organizations as Charles Schwab, Credit Suisse First Boston and NYFIX.

As a financial services professional and dedicated family man, he has been quite passionate about advocacy. He has donated his time, treasures and talents to several outstanding, difference-making organizations. He has also given them his voice, encouraging anyone and everyone he can to support these wonderful organizations.

It is tough to know where to begin with all of Lon Gorman’s charitable endeavors, but one good starting point is with the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society has been around for more than a century, and the services it renders are profoundly important. The sheer diversity of those services might be surprising, though.

The American Cancer Society is widely known for its role in researching cures for common cancers. With that said, the organization’s role in educating the general public is every bit as necessary. How can individuals minimize their risks of cancer? How can cancer patients best learn to cope? The American Cancer Society has been resolute in providing answers to these questions and many others besides.

The list of non-profits and charities supported by Lon Gorman goes on. One particularly noteworthy organization is Doctors Without Borders, which seeks to send medical care to places where there is none, or where the standards of healthcare are quite poor. That’s yet another cause Lon Gorman feels passionate about.

Doctors Without Borders is an organization founded on a handful of key principles. Among them:

• Medical ethics, based on the notion of impartiality. In other words, Doctors Without Borders serves the needs of people regardless of their race, their religion, or their political views.
• Independence is also important to Doctors Without Borders. The organization operates completely independently of any and all religious, political and military enterprises.
• Finally, Doctors Without Borders tries to speak out about ongoing global health crises; building awareness is one of its missions.

There are still other organizations that Gorman has been happy to support. Next on the list is the Hospice Foundation of America. Some may not be familiar with what this organization does; others may wonder if there is really a need for a hospice organization on a large scale. However, consider that there are 4,700 hospice programs in the United States today and that these organizations provide for the care of more than a million people. Lon Gorman believes that this work has been of paramount importance in America’s healthcare field.

Hospice is intended to provide comfort and relief to patients who have life-threatening conditions. As cure-oriented treatments lose their effect, patients may shift into hospice care, ensuring that their final days are as peaceful, comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Hospice care does not prolong a life. With that said, neither does it welcome death; it is all about comfort during life’s darkest final hours. This, Gorman believes, is a most worthy goal.

The list of charities and non-profits continues with the American Red Cross. This is an organization that many people know quite well. The Red Cross is active in several capacities. According to Lon, not everyone understands the full extent of what the American Red Cross does.

A few examples of the Red Cross in action include:

• Disaster relief. This is how most of us know the Red Cross, and not without reason. The organization responds to 70,000 disasters each and every year, and that’s just in the United States. Some of these disasters are small house fires; others are cataclysmic, national tragedies. The American Red Cross is there regardless, offering food and shelter and medical support.
• The American Red Cross also engages in blood supply. In fact, it is the single largest blood supplier in the country. More than four million Americans donate to the American Red Cross blood bank each year.
• The American Red Cross is active as military support. It is passionate about supporting the service families of America and helps more than 150,000 families—including many wounded warriors—each and every year.

Gorman has also been an advocate for several other noble organizations. A quick roundup of just a few of them includes:

• He supports the Make a Wish Foundation, and has done so ever since his tenure at Charles Schwab.
• He supports the ongoing efforts of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which seeks to develop new ways to treat type 1 diabetes.
• He is a proponent of the United Way, an organization that is well known to many.

Clearly, this is a man who has been passionate about doing anything he can do to make a difference. What has made his advocacy all the more admirable is how it has blossomed over the years? Many of these organizations he discovered as a working professional, seeking methods of supporting corporate philanthropy. Even as his career has shifted and developed, however, he has become more and more outspoken and generous in supporting these non-profits.

That’s something sure to continue well into the future. Advocacy and philanthropy are as important to him as his career in finance. That makes Lon Gorman a truly committed person.
What does the future hold for Lon Gorman? Given how much he has accomplished in his tenure as a financial professional, it is not unfair to say that there are few places left for him to go. And chances are, that’s just fine with Gorman. He has achieved much in his professional life, and is not passionate about soaking up as much time as he can with his family. With that said, he remains active with Lightspeed Financial, and has no plans to step down from that position any time soon.

And then there is his philanthropy. There are many organizations in this world that seek to make it a better, safer, healthier place for all of us, and the work they are doing is unlikely to stop anytime soon. Neither, then, is the commitment of Lon Gorman, who is tireless in his advocacy work and devoted to boosting charities and non-profits in need.

As such, the future holds much more awareness-raising from Gorman. He will surely continue in his outspoken support of the American Cancer Society. He will continue to urge others to donate to the American Red Cross. Finally, he will continue exhorting individuals and businesses alike to support the good work done by the Make a Wish Foundation.

The list goes on from there. Lon remains committed to the good efforts being made in diabetes research, in overseas medical missions, and more. As Lon Gorman continues to develop as a philanthropist, he is increasingly overcome by the myriad opportunities for improving this world of ours—and dedicated to playing his part in it all.

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