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Remington Longstreth is a current member of the United States Army, a long-time physical fitness buff, and a passionate devotee of English bulldogs.
Remington Longstreth is nothing if not a man of many hats; during the course of his life he has served his country as a member of the Army; he has proven himself keenly devoted to physical fitness and personal training; and, revealing his softer side, he has established a deep and abiding love of training dogs—with English bulldogs being his favorites. He is impossible to pigeonhole, then, as each of these sides of his personality reflects his uniqueness, and his singular determination to meet all of his personal goals and objectives.

To begin with, there is his service in the military. Longstreth is an active service member, and his enlistment in the Army is something that gives his entire family immense pride. Right now, he is training to become a 2nd Lieutenant.

And then there is his love of physical fitness, which has been with him for all of his life. In particular, he is an avid bodybuilder, and he loves coaching others toward reaching their full fitness potential. He often instructs others on the best ways they can maximize the efficacy of their workouts, and ensure that they are taking in enough protein.

His love of dogs is also something he has had all his life. He has trained several dogs, most of them English bullies but also some pit bulls. The concept of dog training is one that interests Remington Longstreth a great deal.

His interests may be varied, then, but to each one of them, Longstreth devotes himself 100 percent.
For his entire life, Remington Longstreth has been obsessed with chasing excellence. Never one to settle for second-best, or for a B+ performance at anything, he has proven himself driven to push himself higher and higher, in every challenge that he takes on. All of this can be seen quite clearly in his professional life, as well as in his two primary hobbies.

The first thing to state about Remington Longstreth is that he is a current, active, and honorable member of the United States Army. This is a position that comes naturally to him; he comes from a long line of active servicemen, and he is a big believer in the importance of self-sacrifice for one’s country.

His ascent through the Army ranks has been both swift and impressive. He has only been serving for a few months now, but already he is in training to receive 2nd Lieutenant status. This is an impressive leap for someone with comparatively little military experience under his belt, but it is indicative of how serious he is to perform at the highest possible level.

But as all-consuming as his military life might seem, he is actually devoted to a couple of other passions. One of these passions is training dogs. He has been a dog lover for years now, and is especially fond of English bulldogs. He believes dog training to be something that encourages, in the trainer, discipline, compassion, and patience—traits that also happen to be handy for Army serviceman!

Finally, there is the thing about which he is, arguably, the most passionate, and that’s physical fitness. Remington Longstreth is a bodybuilder with years of experience, and he has pushed himself to the point where he can often undergo rigorous workouts twice a day. With that said, he cares as much about coaching as he does lifting, and he seeks to instruct others on the best ways to get ripped.

What are some of the topics on which Remington Longstreth likes to instruct and to coach? Nutrition is a big one. Trainers need to be as concerned with what they’re doing in the kitchen as they are with what they are doing in the weight room. According to Remington Longstreth, though, misconceptions about proper bodybuilding nutrition are abundant.

One of the keys is proper protein intake. Those who are in the gym multiple times throughout the week need to get plenty of protein—but they also need to ensure that they are getting good protein. This means loading up with leaner cuts of meat, and sometimes with protein shakes, as well. Overdoing it on junk, or on fattier meats, is never healthy.

Those who are bodybuilding also need to make it a priority to get healthy fats and complex carbs. Indeed, one of the biggest errors that bodybuilders make is thinking that they need to skimp on the carbs. Actually, carbs give the body its needed energy—and who needs extra energy more than bodybuilders do? So long as the carbs are complex—like brown rice and sweet potatoes—it is hard to truly overdo it.

And that, in many ways, is true of overall bodybuilding nutrition. Trainers should not be afraid of overeating; actually, Longstreth says it is important for all trainers to “eat like a man.” With that said, the eating needs to be clean and healthy, not overridden with junk or with fast food.

Even beyond nutrition, there are several ways in which Longstreth seeks to coach and to counsel fellow trainers. One important aspect of training is rest. Most of the actual muscle-building happens outside the gym, during the body’s recovery time. An insufficient recovery time means that muscle growth simply won’t happen as quickly as it should. Even a guy who goes to the gym twice a day, like Remington Longstreth, needs to mix it up with some cardio, and also take some days off.

Sleep is also critical. Those who are working to build muscle need to let their bodies catch plenty of rest. This means getting a solid eight hours every night, and it also means taking some naps whenever possible!

As a coach, Longstreth is concerned with helping other trainers get the most out of their lifting sessions. This means knowing how far to push things. Actually, the guys who work out for hours at a time are probably not doing their bodies any big favors. Trainers get the most good out of their workouts when their bodies and minds are focused and energetic. After 45 minutes or so, they’re not really able to push as hard, so it’s best to just cut off the workout then.

Remington Longstreth also says that trainers should get serious about journaling. This is something that amateur trainers might balk at—thinking it not sufficiently “manly,” perhaps—but at the end of the day, the goal of any workout program is to move forward. A guy who can bench 225 today will want to hit 250 or 275 within a few weeks. The only way to stay motivated and on-point is to journal.

And indeed, setting goals is important here. It is only through goal-setting that lifters can really stay accountable to themselves. Of course, those who wrestle with accountability might also seek out fitness partners, or coaches.

Mixing cardio with weight training is something else that Longstreth believes in. If nothing else, this helps to keep the workouts varied; this way, the body does not adapt to stimulus. Also, cardio boosts the appetite, which makes it easier for a trainer to take in plenty of protein and carbs!

Obviously, training is something that is a big part of the man’s life. As such, he devotes himself to it 100 percent. With that said, he devotes himself 100 percent to everything.

That’s one of the things that characterizes him, sets him apart. It serves him well at the gym, and it serves him well in the Army. It even serves him well as he trains his dogs. The bottom line is that Remington Longstreth is someone who applies his entire body and mind to every task set before him.
What does the future have in store for Remington Longstreth? This, of course, is next to impossible to say with any certainty, but those betting men among us are smart to bet on this man’s long-term success in the United States Army. Currently training to become a lieutenant, Longstreth has proven his mettle—and challenged himself to push harder and harder—at every step of his military journey.

Part of his dedication to military excellence stems from his sense of patriotism, of course. He is a believer in service and sacrifice, and seeks to exemplify these traits on behalf of the United States, however and whenever he can. With that said, the very reason he cares so much about these things is because he has seen them modeled in his own life, via various men in his family, going back for generations. His military upbringing is what instilled in him his own desire to serve.

The future also holds continued physical training for Remington Longstreth. Being in the Army makes it vital for one to maintain top physical conditioning, of course. This is a challenge Longstreth will happily accept. He has been active in bodybuilding for his entire life, and his future plans involve boosting his physical powers. He also hopes for more future opportunities for weight coaching. Indeed, he loves helping others get the most out of their workouts, and something he would like to do more of in the future is offering formal, personalized instruction regarding lifting and protein intake.

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