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Dr. Mo Saleh is a dental health innovator and the owner of Dental Dynamics PC, a multi-office practice that operates out of Lake Oswego and the Portland Pearl District.
Dr. Mo Saleh is the mind behind dental practices in both Lake Oswego and the Pearl District. Featuring a unique take on dental health, the facilities are different from other dental practices, which can often be stark and bland. At Dental Dynamics, patients can enjoy a spa-like atmosphere that features Ipads, wax hand treatments, and free Internet services. This allows patients to get into a comfortable mood prior to going in for their appointment. Once in the chair, the practitioners at Dental Dynamics strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the patient. Too many people neglect dental health, thinking that a visit to the dentist is going to be an excruciating experience. Created with the principles of luxury and relaxation in mind, the team at Dental Dynamics does everything to turn this perception around.

Part of the reason why they’re able to provide such comfortable and effective treatment is through Dr. Mo Saleh’s introduction of revolutionary dental technologies. He is the first dental health professional to employ 3D Cone Beam CT in the Oregon area, an important analytical and diagnostic tool for dental surgery. Additionally, he’s also among the first to utilize revolutionary combination of laser dentistry, Cerec crowns, and smile simulation technologies. Furthermore, he is credited for the bringing Metal Free Dental Implants technology to the pacific Northwest. Finally, as a demonstration of their extraordinary customer service, patients are offered five-year warranties on dental implants, under the condition that they regularly attend check-ups.

In 1998, Dr. Mo Saleh graduated from the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, beginning a lifelong career punctuated with continual excellence. Over the course of 15 years he has seen success in all facets of dental health, including as a businessman, a practitioner, clinician and a mentor. He has received a host of recognitions for his many accomplishments, including an award "Diplomate" from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He has also garnered recognition from the American Dental Association, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and the American Dental Implant Association. More important than any of his official accomplishments, however, is the widespread impact he had on the field of dentistry as a whole.

Dr. Mo Saleh is responsible for importing some of the most cutting-edge technologies to the United States, bringing the country’s dental health analytics into the modern day. He was among the first to use dental implants that didn’t utilize metal "Metal Free Dental Implants or Zirconia Dental Implants," and was also the first to try 3D Cone Beam imaging through Prexion, which had previously been exclusive to Japan. Both are now considered industry standards, and are incredibly useful in the strategic planning of dental implants. In addition to studying with some of the most respected names in dentistry, he is also recognized as an accomplished scholar in his own right. Among his many articles are works on the treatment of fear and anxiety in the dental office, dental implants, and proper sedation technique. These articles reveal some of his greatest motivations and concerns as a practicing dentist.

In 2001, Dr. Mo Saleh became the owner and founder of his first private practice, Dental Dynamics. Initially a single office in Lake Oswego, Oregon, the practice enjoyed such incredible success that they opened a second office in Portland’s famous Pearl District. Well aware that many people loathe even just the thought of going to the dentist, the doctor has devoted his career to giving patients the absolute best treatments in a comfortable, pain-free environment. The founding principles of Dental Dynamics revolve around making patients feel at ease and comfortable, and every facet of the practice reflects this. In both the quality of technologies and the spa-like atmosphere, the practice was designed to give the patient a sense of luxury.

Too many dental practices give the patient a sense of dread: the walls are a bleak white, and the light harsh, with an unwelcoming atmosphere. Not only has Dr. Mo Saleh written papers decrying this decoration trend, but his own practice has always provided an active alternative. His waiting room gives patients more than just a few magazines and a painting of a golf course. His patients get to enjoy a selection of refreshing beverages, paraffin hand massages, wireless Internet access, and Ipads with apps to please both children and adults. Ultimately, his goals has been to help patients feel as if a trip to the dentist can be one that they can look forward to.

While it seems simple—perhaps even a practice that should have been adopted long ago—it’s one that made him a pioneer in dentistry. No one in the Pacific Northwest had combined state-of-the-art technology and patient care practices the way Dr. Mo Saleh had when he opened Dental Dynamics. Because of this combination of business principles and dental health excellence, many of his revolutionary principles have become the industry standard. Over the course of his career, this kind of dedication has not gone unrecognized. He has joined, and is an active part of, multiple professional organizations, including the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

For potential clients who don’t believe that this kind of service is possible from a dentist, Dr. Mo Saleh has traditionally kept a warranty to put them at ease. All of his implants and dental restorations come with a warranty that lasts 5 years, providing that the client regularly attends their examinations and cleanings. It’s a policy that covers the majority of major dental work that his offices provide, including implants and implant restorations. He believes that too many people have had negative experiences with other dentists, and has worked his whole career to change the perception that surrounds dentistry.

In addition to the excellent service and atmosphere, Dr. Mo Saleh has had success in putting people at ease with the unusual way that he communicates with his patients. By speaking with them clearly, openly, and honestly, patients feel as if they’re more in control of the proceedings. This allows them to overcome some of their fears by having a say in their own treatment. The team at Dental Dynamics is trained to make people feel as if they’re welcome, and to give clients a sense that they’re actively wanted back.

Overall, Dr. Mo Saleh and Dental Dynamics has given Washington state a revolutionary approach to dental health that combines the best in business sense and academic excellence. Both practices consistently earn glowing reviews from patients, and a huge portion of their business is generated from word-of-mouth. While the team at Dental Dynamics is proud of these recommendations and praise, they know that what’s ultimately more important is that every single patient that walks into one of the practices feels completely at ease.

Having both authored multiple articles on putting patients at ease and founded a dental practice designed to do just that, the doctor is renowned for his ability to change patients’ perceptions of dentistry. In addition to revolutionizing dental health for the patients themselves, he has also made a huge impact on the field with his adoption of ultra-modern imaging and analytical technologies. As a dentist, businessman, and academic, Dr. Mo Saleh has pushed dentistry to new heights.
Since his start in 2001, Dr. Mo Saleh has made major strides in the dental health world -- both on behalf of patients, and also in the technical practices of dentistry. He has authored numerous papers and received recognition for his efforts from some of the most prestigious organizations and institutions within the field. But his success has not been limited to the academic realm: translating his beliefs and education into private success, Dental Dynamics has opened a second office just to meet demand. Moving forward, the doctor intends to continue this trend of excellence through his business and educational pursuits. He has always worked to make patients feel at ease, and as word spreads about his unique and authentic approach to dental treatment, more and more patients will want to experience his innovative techniques.

In addition to the way he treats his patients, Dr. Mo Saleh has been able to keep on the cutting edge of dental business practices and dental technologies. He is responsible for the introduction and popularization of multiple cutting edge technologies in his region, and the layout of his office receives universal praise. From the top-down, his practice is designed to make the patient feel at ease. The includes the use of the finest and most modern diagnostic tools, and even a selection of tasty drinks in the waiting room. As he continues to revolutionize the field, the Dr. Mo Saleh hopes to keep discovering and employing new technologies in order to better serve his patients.

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