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Andre C. Hobbs is a medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and interventional pain care from his three practices, The Center for Quality Pain Care in South Florida.
Andre C. Hobbs is currently a pain management and rehabilitation medical professional. He specializes in electrodiagnostic medicine, interventional pain procedures, neuromodulation, occupational medicine, mild brain injuries, - and physical medicine. He also currently holds the position of owner, -and medical director at his Southern Florida practices, The Center for Quality Pain Care. Hobbs’ Center for Quality Pain Care has three locations: North Miami Beach, Miramar, and Coral Gables.
At Hobbs’ practice, his mission statement claims that the Center for Quality Pain Care wants to not only improve on their patient’s function and mobility, but their overall quality of life. Hobbs and his staff specialize in sports medicine, acute and chronic pain management, interventional pain procedures, nonsurgical spine management, electrodiagnostic medicine and occupational medicine.
Hobbs’ Center for Quality Pain Care also has a Back to Work program for patients with worker’s compensation. Hobbs is a big believer in the worker’s compensation system and has a lot of experience with it. This helps him provide the best medical care to his patients that is both ethical and meaningful for the insurance provider. Hobbs has a systematic method of his own that includes reports, comprehensive patient assessments, open communication, focused care and valuable electrodiagnostic studies.
Since Andre C. Hobbs has started his own practice, he’s gained national respect from various websites. The well-respected online medical research site, HealthGrades awarded Hobbs with the title of “HealthGrades Honor Roll Physician”. Hobbs also just received the “people’s choice award” from, another well-respected online medical resource.
After receiving his Doctor of Medicine, Andre C. Hobbs went on to finish his general internship at Metropolitan Hospital, the teaching hospital for New York Medical School located in New York, New York. Over the course of the one year long position, Hobbs completed multiple rotations in the various departments: Medical Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and General Internal Medicine. This was followed by his residency at Temple University Hospital located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here, his training honed in on the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Hobbs handled a multitude of cases including: orthopedic rehabilitation, electrodiagnostic medicine, brain injury medicine, sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine.
Andre C. Hobbs then went on to do his fellowship training at the Georgia Pain Physicians in Atlanta, Georgia where he studied Interventional Pain Medicine. Hobbs’ fellowship was accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education and was sponsored by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. While attending this practice, Hobbs performed numerous types of procedures to patients including spinal and peripheral nerve stimulation implantation procedures, peripheral joint and nerve injections and Botox injections. He also performed trigger point injections, annular denervation, radio frequency denervation, epidural and facet injections and musculoskeletal medicine. While in the Georgia Pain Physicians Hobbs wasn’t just doing medical work, he was also diligently immersed in coding and billing work.
Certifications and Organizations
The American Board of Medical Specialists awarded Andre C. Hobbs board certifications in pain medicine and in physical medicine and rehabilitation. All throughout Hobbs’ career, he participated in various profession organizations: American College of Sports Medicine, North American Spine Society, Physiatric Association of Spine Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation, American Academy of Pain Management, American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.
Each of the organizations listed above holds annual lectures and presentations where all members are encouraged to attend, and the prestigious are asked to present. Andre C. Hobbs was not only asked to present at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s 2003 conference, but the Pennsylvania Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conference the same year. Hobbs’ case presentation for the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conference was titled “A 19 year old Spinal Cord Injury Patient with Compression Neuropathy.” Hobbs’ lecture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conference was titled “The Relationship between Stimulus Intensity, Pulse Width Duration, and Pain Perception.”
Orthopedic Associates USA
Once Andre C. Hobbs completed his fellowship, he joined the Orthopedic Associates USA organization in southern Florida. Orthopedic Associates USA is a facility that provides patients with on-site diagnostic and treatment facilities that are all a part of their full-service care. There, Hobbs served as a physiatrist and pain management attending physician where he performed many procedures. These included: trigger point injections, radiofrequency denervation, peripheral join and nerve injections, regional epidural and facet injections, sports medicine, spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation implantation and musculoskeletal medicine. Many of the patients that Hobbs was working with were working with the worker’s compensation process with the state of Florida.
Hobbies and Interests
When Andre C. Hobbs wasn’t rigorously working in the medical field, he was picking up various hobbies. One of Hobbs’ favorite pasttimes was listening to music. Some of his favorite genres are jazz, Latin jazz, Chicago style house music, rhythm and blues, and old school hip-hop. More than listening though, Hobbs enjoys dancing to music, especially participatory music with organized dancing like salsa. He hopes to one day be able to travel to many international destinations where he can participate in traditional dances where they originated.
Hobbs has also been a frequent follower of sports for as long as he can remember, his favorite to follow is football. Over the course of his career, he was able to combine his love for sports and medicine, by providing all medical coverage at multiple athletic events. These include the Liberty Bell National Judo Classic in Philadelphia, a wheelchair tennis tournament. He also worked at every one of the Plantation High School football games between 2006 and 2007 as well as the Philadelphia area Catholic League football games during the entire 2003 season. He was also able to serve as the medical coverage provider for Philadelphia University’s men and women’s basketball games for the 2002 and 2003 seasons.
Serving the Youth
High School sports aren’t the only youth that Andre C. Hobbs has been serving, he is also an active participant in several youth enrichment programs like the Big Brother charity and the Big Sister charity. These organizations are notorious for their services by being the oldest and largest of its kind in the nation. Their mission statement boasts that it provides children facing difficult adversity with strong and supportive, professionally supportive one-to-one mentors that change the children’s lives for the best for a long time. A multitude of studies have shown that children that have “big brother” or “big sister” as a mentor are more likely to be confident in their schooling, have a healthier relationship with their families and are less likely to get involved with drugs, alcohol and gang affiliation.
Hobbs didn’t only support that Big Brother and Big Sister charities, he also took part in mentoring a young boy from the organization. Before becoming involved in the mentorship, Hobbs had to take part in a rigorous application process that included home assessments, background checks, references, in-person interviews and multiple training sessions. One of the biggest misconceptions about charities and organizations like these are that they’ll take almost anyone as a volunteer. However, Hobbs committed to his young man for a six month period, which included two to four hour sessions every week. With all of Hobbs commitment to life skills counseling programs, he has hopes to start his own non-profit organization for youth development in the future.
Andre C. Hobbs has also become a big fan of comedy over the past few years. He enjoys a multitude of standup artists, and has always tried to attend comedy clubs as frequent as possible. Especially with all of his time spent hospitals, Hobbs believes that humor is an important factor of life. Overall, he enjoys making most of his patients smile whenever he gets the chance, especially if it can ease their mind from the chronic pain or traumatic memory.
Andre C. Hobbs strives to continue being one of the best practicing Physiatrist in the state of Florida. A Physiatrist is a doctor who not only studies physical medicine and rehabilitation, but interventional pain medicine as well. He also strives to keep The Center for Quality Pain Care, P.A. branches ahead of their time and running to their best ability. Andre Hobbs is the owner and medical director of three of them thus far in North Miami Beach, Miramar and Coral Gables, all located in Florida. He hopes that sometime in the future that he can expand The Center for Quality Pain Care, so he and his staff can continue serving those in need of acute and chronic pain management, sports medicine, interventional pain procedures, nonsurgical spine management, electrodiagnostic medicine and occupational medicine.
Hobbs also hopes to further pursue his interest in electrodiagnostic medicine, interventional pain procedures, acupuncture, neuromodulation, occupational medicine, plasma and stem cell therapy, mild brain injuries, exercise physiology and physical medicine, so he can make each more and more involved with The Center for Quality Pain Care.
Andre C. Hobbs also hopes that he can give back to his community and the youth. He’s applied years upon years of his service to various high school sporting seasons and youth integrated charities. In fact, he spent an uplifting six months with a young man with a troubled past, and every week for four hours, they’d have sessions, sorting out the young man’s problems. After doing this, Hobbs knew he wanted to commit as much of his time as he could to starting his own non-profit organization in youth development.

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