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Scott Sternloff is an IT solutions professional with many years of industry experience.
Scott Sternloff has worked for many years in the IT services industry, and has risen to a position of true prominence within his field. Currently, his position is Enterprise Solutions Architect at Liaison Technologies.

His work at Liaison is well regarded, and Sternloff finds ample time to work with many different kinds of company. His passion is for finding as many opportunities as he can to put his IT expertise to work on behalf of businesses both large and small. As such, hes currently involved in integration work for a number of large companies. He serves as an integration architect, working to implement solutions that address technical and business issues that have arisen internally.

Scott brings a number of unique strengths to his work. Most significantly, perhaps, he has a deep grasp of multiple vertical technologies. He understands the market, logistics, analytics, security, networking, CRM, and ERP verticals in great complexity. As such, he is in a prime position to offer solutions to businesses—solutions that are integrative and that, in some instances, address problems business owners were not previously aware of!

On top of all of that, Sternloff takes great pride in his communication skills. He sees himself as someone who is both able and willing to engage his clients, to empower them through education and understanding.

Finally, in terms of his personal life and his hobbies, Sternloff is a long-time gymnastics enthusiast. He carves out as much time as he can for participation in this fine sport.
An IT professional with rich and varied experience, Scott Sternloff has worked for many different IT service firms. He has also amassed much experience as an independent contractor and a freelance systems architect. Through all of this experience, he has cultivated experience in many different verticals—something that allows him to offer truly robust and multi-faceted solutions to his business clients, often helping to solve problems that business owners had no idea they had.

Presently, his position is Enterprise Solutions Architect at Liaison Technologies. Scott also has done much of his work as a contractor. With that said, his resume boasts a number of noteworthy achievements and truly impressive positions with some of the premier IT companies in the country.

Before he came to Liaison, Scott Sternloff served as a Senior Integration Architect for Cox Communications. In this role he was responsible for the integration track of a $36 million project. It encompassed the build of a new webMethods 8.2.2 infrastructure, leveraging the full suite of applications.

Prior to this position, Scott worked as a Senior Architect at Coalition America. Here, his primary mission was the direction, architecture, and implementation of integration solutions for both legacy and new business requirements. In this role he served in a management position over the entire integration architecture team.

In 2010, Sternloff worked as the principal architect for ACN on behalf of the consulting firm they engaged. Here, he was responsible for implementing a highly complex BPM solution, leveraging the webMethods 8 product suite. He was responsible for the full lifecycle implementation of the BPM/workflow solution to a support problem resolution for the company’s Canadian offices.

The professional experience of Scott Sternloff goes back further still. One distinguished position that he held was as an architect at Rollins. He worked for Rollins from 2005 through 2006, and was brought in by the company to provide a strong development/architecture background—needed, at the time, to make some new recommendations for security, infrastructure, and coding functions.

Scott spent some time serving as the principal architect for Northeast Utilities, as well. In this role he was also a mentor and onsite performance supervisor to other IT professionals. He was recruited by the company for a short-term knowledge transfer, for a validation of their product infrastructure, and for assistance in resolving design and development issues.

Before he was recruited by Northeast Utilities, he was a principal architect at AFLAC. Here again, he wore many hats, serving as the lead architect but also a mentor and onsite support engineer. He worked on numerous projects with the company, including webMethods integration. Actually, he was originally brought in by webMethods to resolve some technical and integration issues that the company was facing.

His resume stretches back even further still. For about a year, he served as the principal architect at National City Bank. His roles here encompassed the positions of lead architect, team leader, and principal developer. Here, he used webMethods to replace an existing middleware solution that has performance issues, scaling problems, and high run rate costs.

Before that, Scott Sternloff served briefly as the principal integration architect for AAMVA. In this capacity, he was the team lead and main architect for an initiative to utilize webMethods 6.0.1, Mainframe Integration Server 6.0.2, and other proprietary technologies.

In 2003, he briefly served in the capacity of lead architect for Delux. He was brought on by the company to solve technical issues in the application of webMethods for a critical proof-of-concept utilizing webMethods MIS 6.0.2.

His experience goes back even further from there, and encompasses work for many different companies — both large and small — and expertise in several different verticals. Today, he brings all of that experience together as he seeks to provide the best, most practical solutions for all of his clients.

As one might imagine, Sternloff has little time left over to pursue other hobbies and passions, but he does maintain his lifelong interest in gymnastics.

Scott Sternloff stands as a truly accomplished member of the IT profession.
Over the last decade or so, Scott Sternloff has proven himself to be a truly versatile and effective member of the IT industry. He brings to his work a deep knowledge of security and analytics; of networking and logistics; of many other verticals and disciplines that allow him to see further, and offer more comprehensive solutions, than many of his IT counterparts. In terms of what the future holds in store for him, then, the answer is simple and unsurprising. He plans to stay in the industry—working both independently and for large IT firms—and doing whatever he can to bring true solutions to his clients.

This is not to say that he does not foresee some opportunities for adaptation and for professional development. This is an ever-evolving industry, after all. Scott Sternloff believes that cloud technologies represent the true future of business IT. As the industry moves in that direction, he plans to move with it, immersing himself in the latest cloud innovations and offering them to business clients looking for greater nimbleness and agility.

In short, it is his belief that the technology officers at all companies should increase their focus on cloud computing and virtualization—and his aim is to assist them in doing exactly that.

This is ultimately a positive trend for the industry, Sternloff believes. More and more technology offerings are becoming free and easily available in the form of open source solutions and tools. Scott Sternloff hopes to play an increasingly big role in furthering this trend.

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  • Solution Architect , United States , Alpharetta, Georgia
    03/2012 to 12/2099
  • Senior Integration Architect , United States
    10/2011 to 03/2012
  • Senior Architect , United States , Atlanta, Georgia
    09/2010 to 10/2011
  • Principal Consultant , United States , Alpharetta, Georgia
    11/2006 to 12/2009
  • Architect , United States
    04/2006 to 11/2006
  • Principal Architect , United States , Atlanta, Georgia
    11/2005 to
  • Architect , United States , Atlanta, Georgia
    11/2005 to
  • Principal Architect , United States , Columbus, Georgia
    10/2004 to
  • Principal Architect , United States

    not defined
    01/2003 to 01/2004
  • Architect , United States , Atlanta, Georgia
    06/2002 to
  • Architect , United States , Atlanta, Georgia
    01/2001 to
  • Architect , United States , Atlanta, Geogia
    01/2000 to
  • Technical Architect , United States , Atlanta, Geogia
    01/1996 to 01/2000
  • , San Diego ,

    Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager
  • Principal Architect , United States
    to 04/2010
  • Principal Architect , United States , Gainesville, Geogia
    to 11/2005
  • Principal Architect , United States , Atlanta, Geogia
    to 10/2003
  • Principal Architect , United States , Atlanta, Geogia

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  • Architect , United States , Atlanta, Georgia
    to 06/2002
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