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Jay Chepanonis

United States
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Jay Chepanonis is a highly skilled researcher with an extensive background in technical field service engineering and applications chemistry.

When it comes to making scientific and technological advancements, Jay Chepanonis knows that research plays an integral part in this process. He leverages his natural inquisitiveness and problem solving abilities to develop creative solutions to a wide range of problems. He knows that through innovative research, he can build a stronger foundation on which to draw from when faced with challenges. It is important to examine issues from all angles and consider a vast array of possibilities when determining an effective solution.
The more in-depth knowledge, training and hands-on experience that he gains, the more this contributes to his capabilities to bring about positive changes and discoveries. Chepanonis takes the time to listen to clients and customers and gain a full understanding of their needs and concerns. He is then able to take this information back to management and engineers and collaborate with them to develop a viable solution. It is these types of consultative processes that lead to improvements in product development and service performance.
Throughout his career Jay Chepanonis has traveled extensively; this has helped him to acquire an even more diverse and comprehensive understanding of the work he performs in service engineering and research. He has amassed a thorough knowledge of the operation, application, manufacturing, field installation, field troubleshooting and repair of a wide range of hardware, software and field specific instrumentation.
He currently aims to find a position in research or quality control that will allow him to apply his many talents and experiences to making a positive difference in the future.

Jay Chepanonis has worked in many facets of the science and technology industries throughout his career. Each position has allowed him to acquire more detailed knowledge and experience and led him to new heights. He has assumed roles of increasing responsibility that have positioned him as an authority and leader in the field.
Following his interest in the sciences, Jay Chepanonis decided to pursue this avenue in college. He attended Kings College where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med. This exposed him to a range of sciences such as biology and chemistry, as well as various levels of math, which would support him in his future endeavors.
Upon graduating, he joined the United States Army and worked as a research and development chemist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., with primary duty at the biochemistry branch located at Ft. Meade, Maryland. Throughout his military career, Jay continued to expand his education and master numerous technologies. He would employ these skills within different roles that he held in coming years, always building his knowledge and capabilities.
His time in the U.S. Army led to several honorable achievements. He was awarded the Army Service Ribbon as well as two Army Achievement Medals for Meritorious Service: one for Heroic Action and one for Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Jay Chepanonis was focused and dedicated, making the most of every opportunity and striving to excel.
Moving on in his career, he next found himself working as a service engineer and applications chemist at Nicolet Instrument Corp., in Madison, Wisconsin. When the company was acquired by Extrel FTMS, he assumed the role of an applications chemist in addition to a service engineer. With more responsibilities and different scopes of service, he diversified his abilities and became more skilled in a broader range of technology and science.
From here he took a position as a technician with Menjak Dental Laboratories and later a chemist with IPSCO Steel Corp. All the while, Jay Chepanonis was ensuring that he stayed up-to-date in these fields and followed the latest developments and discoveries. When doing his own work, he could draw on these resources to create more beneficial and viable solutions and opportunities. It was important that he stayed current so that it was reflected in his work.
After spending time as chemist, Jay decided to return to service engineering and began working at Alcott Chromatography. During this time he also decided to take some Master of Business Administration courses. This allowed him to boost his business skills and approach the corporate world from a new angle. He had worked in many facets of the industry during his career, but this was yet another endeavor he decided to undertake.
Once he had refined his business skills, he combined the various elements and experiences from his past to open his own company, PC CHIPS, where he focused on computer service and sales. Becoming an entrepreneur was a new venture but one that Chepanonis was ready to face. He knew that his education and experience would serve him well and he would continue to learn new things every day.
In time, Jay Chepanonis decided that he wanted to return to his passion for research and technology. He had acquired a diverse background of skills that would prove him an asset to a range of organizations. His technology skills encompassed many different devices, but had a strong focus on Mass Spectrometers. His knowledge spanned multiple types of Mass Spectrometers including Ion Trap, FTMS, Hybrid Sector Quadrupole, Multiple Stage Quadrupole, ICP, API, TOF, GC and LC/MS, as well as applications of lasers. He also developed a strong background in Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography applications and how they interface with Mass Spectrometers.
With such a comprehensive understanding of field service engineering and applications chemistry regarding these various instruments and processes, Jay has found his niche in the field and is focused on using these skills to further advance growth and profitability of related businesses.

As technology and science continue to advance, Jay Chepanonis plans to remain active in the industry. He would like to utilize his high technology and physical sciences knowledge to enhance a business’s future growth and profitability. His wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of various technologies will allow him to support research and process improvement.
He has four published works stemming from research and studies that he conducted when first starting out in his career. These achievements are a testament to his dedication, focus and high-quality research. They now serve as a resource for other professionals and shed light on various aspects of science and technology that researchers can continue to and build upon.
As a natural leader, he applies his excellent interpersonal skills to build trust with customers, clients and colleagues and spearhead project initiatives. Chepanonis maintained a worldwide customer base for more than three years while he was traveling as a service engineer. He took the time to understand what clients wanted and needed and then he devised solutions to make these things happen. He continually interacts with team members to communicate project directions and recommend ideas for achieving goals. This is something that he will continue to do in the future as he progresses in his work.
Jay Chepanonis has established himself as a leading researcher capable of carrying out complex projects using highly technical devices. At the same time, he possesses the business acumen necessary to effectively interact with clients and build strong relationships. These skills will continue to serve him in the future as he focuses on research and quality control and making a positive difference in the industry.

  • 01/1999 to N/A
    : St. Ambrose University
    : MBA
    : United States
    : Jay has not completed his Master's program yet.
  • 08/1979 to 05/1983
    : King's College
    : Pre-Med
    : United States
    : Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
Career History
  • 10/2001 to 09/2007
    : Owner
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  • 10/1999 to 02/2001
    : Service Engineer
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Norcross, Georgia
  • 06/1997 to 02/1998
    : Chemist
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Montpelier, Iowa
  • 02/1995 to 03/1997
    : Technician
    : not defined
    : United States
  • 10/1989 to 11/1994
    : Service Engineer & Applications Chemist
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Madison, Wisconsin
  • 11/1987 to 10/1989
    : Service Engineer
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Madison, Wisconsin
  • 11/1984 to 11/1987
    : Research and Development Chemist
    : United States
    : Ft. Meade, Maryland
  • N/A to N/A
    : Sandy ridge
    : Childrens minister
Core Competencies
  • Technology
  • Physical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Technical writing
  • Research
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