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Laura Jandras Huff is a psychologist and counselor with a practice in the Memphis, TN area.
Laura Jandras Huff is a mental health professional with a private counseling practice located in the Memphis, TN region. With half a decade of personal experience and many more years of formal education, she is a specialist in numerous mental health conditions.

Having suffered from depression and anxiety at a young and vulnerable age, Laura considers herself a specialist when it comes to working with these conditions. She is particularly talented in working with depression and anxiety in youth and young adults. She is well aware of the unique pressures and feelings that young people experience at these ages. Far too often, young people will neglect their feelings and their mental health. They may be unable to ask for help or resolute in passing off major issues as ‘normal.’ Laura is renowned for her ability to help young people identify destructive and troublesome emotional patterns and behaviors, enabling these patients to being fixing these mental states.

A natural counselor even during her free time, Laura Jandras Huff enjoys journaling and playing online video games. The immersive aspects of interactive online games have always appealed to her. When she interacts with others online, she often finds herself inadvertently providing counseling services. She believes that daily journaling is a great way for any individual to enjoy the effects of the therapeutic method. By simply writing down thoughts every day -- even if they seem trite or unimportant -- major breakthroughs can be made and individuals can discover new things about themselves.
Laura Jandras Huff is an effective counselor for young people dealing with anxiety and depression because she struggled with the same symptoms herself. Growing up near Jackson, TN, she had the same bouts of unstable emotions that any teenage girl experiences. Laura’s mood swings, however, developed into a larger problem. Over time, she began to feel depressed. Being a target of frequent bullying from her peers intensified her mental struggle. She began to have feelings of self-loathing. By the time she entered high school, Laura had an eating disorder and occasionally cut herself. It was an incredibly dark period in her life, one in which she either didn’t know who she was or hated what she saw in herself.

Like many young people struggling with these issues, Laura became exceptionally skilled at hiding her feelings. Over time, she began to lose the few friendships she had, alienating herself from her peers and shunning those who tried to reach out to her. She was regularly skipping meals and would often sit in the bathroom by herself during lunch period. She continued to cut on a regular basis, hiding her thin frame and scars under baggy clothing. Despite her best efforts, however, this kind of behavior was impossible to hide. Her parents had talked themselves into thinking that her condition was just the same set of problems that all kids experience. But they eventually realized how much trouble their daughter was in. Reaching out to her teachers for help, they convinced Laura Jandras Huff to pursue counseling.

Like most young people, Laura Jandras Huff went into the counseling process with doubts and cynicism. However, the decision to consent to counseling was one of the best she ever made. Her counselor was able to communicate with her in a way that her friends and parents could not, delving to the root of her issues. Her counselor was kind and patient, well-trained and diligent about getting to the heart of Laura’s problems. Though it took time and trust, he was able to identify the source of Laura’s sense of self-loathing. From that point, Laura and her counselor were able to address all of the behavioral symptoms that came with that pain.

Things began to get better for Laura. She no longer had destructive thoughts or emotions and even began to develop a positive outlook on life. Her eating and body issues were resolved, allowing her to get healthier and stop cutting. She even managed to make up with the friends she had lost. She began to actively pursue social events and endeavors. By the time she was a junior in high school, she was going out and enjoying life like any other girl, troubled only by the pressures of school and the looming transition to college life. With the help of her parents, teachers and most importantly her counselor, Laura Jandras Huff managed to overcome 5 years of depression and destructive behavior.

The process of healing and recovery permanently changed her. As she grew older, Laura began to reflect on the time period with an impartial eye. She came to the realization that she would have died if it weren’t for counseling. Laura graduated high school in 1998. In a show of gratitude and respect for her own counselor, Laura Jandras Huff decided to become a counselor herself. Enrolling in a university, she studied both sociology and psychology and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. Immediately after graduating, Laura entered into a Master’s program. She earned her Master’s in Professional Counseling just three years later in 2003.

Opening her own practice in 2008, Laura focused her professional efforts on helping young people work through the same problems that had plagued her. It took time, but Laura Jandras Huff’s clinic expanded its client base through word-of-mouth about her amazing services. Two years of fieldwork and internship opportunities allowed Laura to bring her own experience to the table along with her education and professional development. Clients recognized that Laura was able to communicate with younger patients in a way that other professionals could not. She became one of the most well-respected counselors in the Memphis area.

In 2009, her capabilities as a counselor were severely tested. A young man just over the age of 20 terrorized the occupants of her clinic by bursting in and threatening to start shooting. While Laura was afraid, she kept her professional poise and began talking with the young man. She kept her cool and managed to distract him by using her techniques as an empathetic counselor. Some of her staff members had the good sense to take advantage of the situation, calling 911 while Laura made the conversation ever more personal.

By the time police arrived, Laura had calmed the young man down so much that he was crying while she quietly and calmly consoled him. Agreeing to turn himself in without a fight, he was given a sentence that included mandated therapy and anger-management treatment. The law prevented Laura from being his counselor but she was permitted to recommend a trusted friend and colleague. Since his encounter with Laura in 2009, he has sought the help he needed. He is now free on probation as a functioning member of society.

Not every therapist is put in such an extreme situation. Laura demonstrated rare competence and professionalism under the strain and stress that the event produced.

Over a half decade spent helping others face and overcome their various psychological issues, Laura Jandras Huff has demonstrated unrivaled professionalism and compassion. Having suffered through many of the symptoms and destructive emotions that her patients face, she knows how difficult they can be to overcome. Specializing in children and young adults, Laura exhibits expertise derived from her ability to genuinely empathize with her patients. This ability to empathize stemmed from Laura’s own troubled adolescence. Patients who work with Laura Jandras Huff trust that they will receive the best care possible.
Already considered one of the premier counselors in the Memphis area, Laura Jandras Huff will continue to provide her highly capable psychological services to any individual who seeks them. Currently serving about 30 patients per year, Laura has established a practice that secures its reputation through word-of-mouth. Former patients tell their friends about Laura’ compassionate and professional services. She also attracted attention to her practice after a famous run-in with an armed man in 2009. After Laura managed to talk him down, he sought counseling himself and is now released on probation. This kind of counseling excellence stems from her ability for genuine empathy. Having suffered depression at a young age, Laura knows what her clients are feeling. Once she overcame her own issues, she devoted her life to helping others overcome theirs. She has no intentions of slowing down in the future.

In her free time, Laura Jandras Huff enjoys rock climbing, gaming and journaling, hobbies that she will continue to pursue in the future. Journaling is a particular interest for her, and she has often included the activity in her therapy strategies. Laura believes that even individuals who aren’t ‘good with words’ or frequent writers can reap therapeutic benefits from journaling. She encourages patients to try it. Often young people are so concerned with bottling up emotions and hiding them that they don’t truly know what they are feeling. Journaling can help the process of self-discovery. Moving forward, Laura will continue pursuing this therapeutic hobby while encouraging others to do the same.

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