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Heather Marie Hendricks is a pastry chef and owner of Baker Babe, a popular bakery in Charlotte, NC.
Heather Marie Hendricks currently owns a popular bakery in Charlotte, NC called Baker Babe. She is known for her versatile selection of baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and delicious coffee. Her menu includes a variety of sweet treats ranging from classic desserts to vegan and gluten-free cookies, cupcakes and more. Below are a few offerings available from Baker Babe:

• Tea cakes
• Turnovers
• Fruit pies
• Croissants
• Bread pudding
• Éclairs
• Honey buns
• Cinnamon rolls
• Crème Brulee

In addition, Baker Babe makes beautiful specialty cakes for birthday parties, weddings and other events. Hendricks takes client requests to customize all cakes in regards to their flavor, toppings and decoration. She has gained a reputation for her wonderful attention to detail, this allows her to craft the most unique cake designs.

Another specialty Hendricks offers is her vegan, gluten-free and raw desserts. As a vegan herself, she knows how important it is to offer clients a selection that caters to their dietary restrictions. She has an entire display dedicated to desserts that are made without any use of animal-derived ingredients. Some of the most popular vegan desserts are the cupcakes, cookies and donuts. She also makes gluten-free desserts for individuals who cannot consume products made with grain.

Heather Marie Hendricks is known to host many community events at Baker Babe, including poetry readings, writing workshops and sewing club meetings. She likes staying involved in the community and meeting new friends and clients. When she’s not working at Baker Babe, Hendricks is either trying out new restaurants in town or blogging.
Heather Marie Hendricks was born with a sweet tooth. With a baker as a mother, it wasn’t surprising that Hendricks picked up a love and natural knack for baking. From a young age, Hendricks was always in the kitchen helping her mother bake desserts for family members, friends and clients in the area. Hendricks has always loved the feeling she gets from providing others with sweet baked goods.

When she was young, Heather Marie Hendricks tried to learn as much as she could from her mother. By the time she was ten years old, she had already created her own recipe book filled with recipes that were passed down from her family members. Hendricks loved baking all sorts of desserts but her favorite thing to do was create unique cake designs as it allowed her to join art and baking into one. Unlike most kids her age, Hendricks was rarely playing with dollhouses or Barbie’s.

Even when she got to high school, Hendricks was known to have untraditional after school activities. She was never one to play a sport or join a club at school. Instead, Heather Marie Hendricks started her own baking club, called the Pine High School Sweet Hearts. The club would meet once a week in the culinary lab to try out different recipes and make desserts to sell at local fundraising events. The members would teach each other about new baking techniques and share their favorite recipes, while critiquing each other’s desserts.

The Pine High School Sweet Hearts became one of the most popular clubs at school, for both skilled bakers and students who were just beginning to learn the art of baking. The club competed in many local and regional competitions and received many awards for desserts they showcased at such events. The club also helped to raise thousands of dollars for local community efforts, ranging from food banks to the humane society.

While finishing up in high school, Hendricks began thinking about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Knowing that baking was her most significant passion, she knew that she wanted to make it her career. Heather Marie Hendricks looked at multiple culinary schools before deciding on Johnson and Wales, located in Charlotte, NC. As a Florida resident, Hendricks was ready to leave the heat and experience four unique seasons. Charlotte provided her with the perfect place for a change of scenery while offering a top-notch culinary school.

During her senior year of high school, Hendricks fell in love with Johnson and Wales during a tour around the school. After returning to Florida she couldn’t want to finish up high school and move to Charlotte to start her culinary education and make friends in a new city. Hendricks was enrolled in the baking and pastry arts program where she received a wonderful education in all things baking. She learned classic pastry skills as well as business management, which greatly helped in her future ventures as a business owner.

Heather Marie Hendricks was already a skilled baker when she started her education at Johnson and Wales, yet she was amazed by the new techniques she was learning from her professors and other students in her classes. During college, Hendricks was encouraged by her professors to take an internship. During her junior year, she accepted an intern position with a local baking company that gave her a wealth of hands-on baking experiences.

The internship Hendricks took was with a local food truck, named Sweet Pea, which specialized in healthy baked goods. Sweet Pea made a versatile selection of goods including gluten-free cookies, raw treats, and vegan cupcakes. Hendricks loved working for the food truck because it gave her the unique opportunity to bake healthy baked goods instead of ones that were loaded with fat and sugar. The owners of Sweet Pea immediately noticed Hendrick’s passion and talent for baking. They were happy to have her on board and eventually offered her a full-time position once she graduated college.

Heather Marie Hendricks had something else in mind for her future, though. With some monetary savings and a certification in pastry arts, Hendricks had an idea to open her own bakery. She received a lot of encouragement from her professors and parents to open her own business, as they had noticed her genuine passion and talent for creating one-of-a-kind desserts. Soon enough, Hendricks was looking for locations to lease in order to open her bakery.

After a few weeks, Hendricks and her realtor found a cute bungalow, which made the perfect setting for her bakery, Baker Babe. As soon as she signed the lease, Hendricks began giving the place a facelift by painting the walls, installing bakery displays and setting up tables inside. She also built an outdoor patio so that her clients were able to bring their families and dogs to the patio to enjoy her desserts. As an avid outdoors girl, she felt it was important to offer her customers a place to enjoy their treats in the beautiful NC weather and fresh air.

Heather Marie Hendricks was pleasantly surprised that her bakery was immediately popular. After the first week, it already had a line waiting out of the door. Her handcrafted breakfast sandwiches became one of the most popular items on the menu. The healthy baked goods also became extremely popular, as she was one of the first in town to offer healthy alternatives to conventional desserts.

Baker Babe has always tried her best to source all local ingredients. Since she opened her shop, she has used eggs and milk from a local dairy farm as well as grain from a North Carolina based company. She also uses fruit and herbs from either her backyard or local farmers markets. She is committed to encouraging others in the community to eat and shop local.

During her internship with Sweet Pea, Hendricks started a food blog where she wrote reviews on local restaurants, offered baking recipes and wrote about eating local. Today, she still tries to keep up with it as much as possible. Heather Marie Hendricks is a talented baker and blogger and owner of one of the most popular bakeries in town.
Heather Marie Hendricks has many hopes for the future of Baker Babe. She hopes to keep expanding, to offer the community a wider selection of desserts. In addition, Hendricks hopes she is able to hire a few more employees in order to keep Baker Babe running smoothly. Her plan is to continue hosting multiple weekly community events including writing workshops, pet adoptions and fundraising events.

Hendricks has worked hard in the last year to get Baker Bake up and running. Because she works such long hours, she rarely has time for herself. In the next year, Hendricks hopes she is able to start getting away from the bakery more often in order to continue her blog going. She also wants to make more time for physical activity, including yoga. Staying active is extremely important to the health-conscious Hendricks.

As far as dessert options, Heather Marie Hendricks will continue to come up with unique recipes for vegan, gluten-free and raw treats. After turning vegan a few years ago, Hendricks feels much healthier and is committed to her animal-free lifestyle. Hendricks hopes she can convince her close friends and family members to adopt a vegan lifestyle, as she is a huge believer in its health benefits.

There is a chance that Baker Babe will open in a second location in the near future. Hendricks is currently doing market research and looking into investment opportunities. She hopes that Baker Babe will continue to expand in order to offer locals healthy, alternative desserts and a sense of friendly community.

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