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Robert T. Frank is an entrepreneur who sports a wide range of skills that have made him the successful businessman that he is today.
Robert T. Frank is an entrepreneur with a wide skill set and impressive resume of business-related accomplishments. As a proficient business executive, Robert has the ability to implement strategies and turn companies around to profitable levels.

Robert has demonstrated his unique and dynamic talents in a variety of business sectors. His internal and external global engagement skills were utilized in consumer product goods, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and even the non-profit sector. Overall, Robert displays a core global expertise in many business operations. This includes product sourcing, procurement, market development, cost reduction, and supply chain management.

Robert T. Frank has also shown that he has excellent partnering skills with both his business colleagues and the consumer. He can create strong customer relationships along with sound business solutions at both strategic and tactical business levels. During his past endeavors, he has developed and implemented revolutionary systems that have innovated various industries. These systems have changed businesses’ operational productivity and efficiency while supporting corporate growth and profitability. Few people could compare to Robert’s success at leading domestic and international corporate teams.

During his spare time, Robert enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and fishing. He is an avid supporter of the youth of the Baptist Church and Gideon International.
Robert T. Frank was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. He went on to study at the Oklahoma Military Academy where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. After the military, Robert joined law enforcement and became a recruit at the Wichita Falls Police Department. During this time he earned his Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. His degree was in Business Finance with a focus on Executive-level International Business Development. By 1978, Robert had transferred into the corporate world.

Robert T. Frank worked at Lee Apparel Company up until 1990. He held various positions throughout his tenure at this company, most notably as Vice President of Operations in the Latin America Group in Costa Rica. This company was an $800 million global supplier of both men and women’s denim and sportswear items. During his time with the company, Robert was in charge of all Lee and VF Operations throughout Latin America.

After leaving Lee Apparel Company, Robert T. Frank went to work for Rawlings Sporting Goods, Inc. From 1990 to 1996, he worked in this St. Louis, Missouri-based company. He acted as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Rawlings de Costa Rica, LTD. This company was the $500 million supplier of sporting goods and equipment. Robert was fully responsible for profit and loss within the company, as well as all operational aspects of multiple Rawlings business units around the world. His duties also included numerous consulting responsibilities in several Greenfield projects.

Robert’s accomplishments with Rawlings are vast and noteworthy. He was responsible for establishing the Rawlings de Costa Rica division from a Greenfield project and served as its CEO. This Rawlings international sector was worth $80 million and manufactured and sold products in various Latin American markets. These included Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Robert was also a senior member of the management initial public offering team that successfully took this company to the public in 1993.

Robert T. Frank was an integral part of the development procedures that created Rawlings Global Strategic Growth Plan. He assisted with the redesign of manufacturing operations at seven different sites. These redesigns incorporated modular and self-directed teams with improvement to the Lean and TPM processes. This meant that costs were continuously reduced while still maintaining the same high quality and excellent customer service standards. Lastly, Robert provided his process and consultative expertise to help implement a strategic evaluation to benefit the company. His help led to an organizational readiness so that the company could easily accept and employ changes in the event of market shifts and emerging trade opportunities.

From 1996 to 1999, Robert T. Frank worked for Fruit of the Loom, Inc. He was Vice President of Global Sourcing Operations for this company, which operated out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Chicago, Illinois. This public company was the world’s leading supplier of knit goods and was worth over two billion dollars. Robert oversaw full profit and loss responsibility for all full package and joint venture programs in the company. He also managed global purchasing, sourcing, and product operations for Fruit of the Loom divisions around the world. He led numerous business units that were responsible for a $500 million volume in over 30 countries. The areas that his operations were located in included Southeast Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Gulf region, India, Turkey, Latin America, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean Basin.

Robert started a separate division in the company and took charge of many responsibilities to spearhead success. He developed the business plan and led the staffing of a global management team. He also managed to successfully integrate several diverse operating cultures and business models into one unit that was driven by excellent customer service.

From 1999 to 2005, Robert T. Frank was the owner of Management Group Mid-America, Inc., operating out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. This was a business consulting practice that had a focus on multiple areas including international expansion, business growth and sustainability to wholesale distribution, and retail and global manufacturing industries. He provided consultation solutions to operational transformations, organizational changes, and revenue generations for clients in various countries. These countries included Mexico, South America, North America, India, Asia, and across the European Union.

Some of Robert’s most prestigious clients at Management Group Mid-America, Inc., included Coca Cola, Inc.; Pepsi, Inc.; Amegie Industries; Marcus de Mexico; and Keebler Corporation. Other companies worth mentioning are Superior Battery, Inc.; Asics International; Umbro International; Sidran Sportswear; and Wilson Sporting Goods. Robert worked with these clients to improve their competitive edge by enhancing their attributes to make them more favorable to their clientele. He implemented strategies that delved into business, operations, organization, and technology. Displaying his entrepreneurial expertise, he led this company from startup to full-scale operation. He eventually reached a $750 thousand annual revenue through his dedication, education, and understanding of the market.

Mr. Frank led the expansion of this startup into the United States and oversaw the establishing of a national distribution center. This center employed over 200 staff members and created a one million dollar increase for the clientele situated in Mexico. Some of Robert’s projects during this time included managing operating systems, logistics, recruitment, training, and overseeing the distribution process.

At Management Group Mid-America, Robert was able to retain full-time employees and contract consultants. He acted as the primary consulting contact for a major publisher in Nashville that was able to extend its operations and distribution into Mexico. This required significant restructuring and business methodologies, which Robert was able to provide. The company is still utilizing this helpful program. Lastly, Robert guided a major United States retailer augmentation into South America, increasing business for the client by over $100 million.

Another of Robert’s outstanding achievements is his work with the World Bank in London. He acted as consultant to the Eastern European Development Management Board and helped lead to a successful business merger. This merger consisted of a government-owned textile operation in Lithuania and Fruit of the Loom Global operations. With Robert T. Frank’s guidance, these two businesses were able to form a joint venture that could supply products throughout all of Eastern Europe.
One of Robert T. Frank’s most recent endeavors is his venture with Bible League International in Chicago, Illinois. Having worked as Chief Executive Officer of this non-profit since 2009, he is dedicated to further expanding its business reach to encompass new domains. He is responsible for all aspects of this $20 million Christian non-profit organization, which he hopes to take onto further success in the future.

Robert was hired by the board of directors of this company to reposition and restructure this organization, which has operated for over 75 years. He was instrumental in the development and implementation of a successful global restructuring strategy that resulted in a massive turnaround for the organization. This strategy improved the operational and financial efficiency of Bible League International. Robert also designed and enforced a global brand that strengthened the organization’s image around the world. It opened up new opportunities with investors and donors through the expansion of its global footprint and market penetration.

Mr. Frank assisted with the development of innovative market and product offerings that were accommodating to culturally sensitive markets. He expanded organizations into fully integrated platforms through the publishing of a translation organization under the BLI umbrella. Furthermore, he greatly improved Bible League International’s revenue since his arrival in 2009. When he first started out, it was at $19 million, but it has since grown to $23 million. At the same time, he was able to reduce overheads while still expanding organizational impact around the world.

Lastly, Robert was responsible for improving Bible League International’s financial health. In 2009, the organization had less than $700 thousand in reserve, and this number has since grown to eight million dollars. Robert T. Frank hopes to continue raising this amount well into the future.

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  • The University of Texas at Austin , United States , Austin, Texas

    06/1972 - 01/1974
  • Oklahoma Military Academy , United States

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
  • Southern Methodist University , United States

    Master of Business Administration
Career History
  • Global Chief Executive Officer , United States , Chicago, Illinois
    02/2009 to 12/2099
  • Owner , United States , Bowling Green, Kentucky

    not defined
    01/1999 to 01/2005
  • Vice President of Global Sourcing Operations , United States , Bowling Green, Kentucky

    not defined
    01/1996 to 01/1999
  • Executive Vice President , United States , St. Louis, Missouri

    not defined
    01/1990 to 01/1996
  • , Savannah ,

    Events Coordinator
  • Recruit , United States , Wichita Falls

    not defined
  • Vice President of Operations , United States

    not defined
    to 01/1990
  • Eastern European Development Management Board , United States , London, England

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  • Quality systems
  • Business and process modeling
  • Outsourcing
  • Strategic profit improvement
  • Sales and operations planning
  • International organization developments
  • Organizational changes
  • Mergers and acquisition restructuring
  • Operations portfolio analysis
  • Global project leadership
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