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Yuri Vanetik is the managing partner of Vanetik International, LLC, a consulting firm that engages in global management advisory services. He is also a principal of Dominion Partners, a real estate investment fund. In tandem with his business career, Yuri Vanetik is leads various efforts to create a better future for the next generation by supporting initiatives for sound economic policy, responsible government, education, the arts, and children-focused charities.
Yuri Vanetik is the head of Vanetik International, LLC. This organization provides global advisory services in connection with management best practices, corporate combinations, and financial transactions. Mr. Vanetik also leads private equity investments and corporate restructuring both domestically and abroad.

Mr. Vanetik is an opinion leader in his community, his state, and across the nation. Examples of his leadership roles include:
- Executive Committee of Directors of the American Red Cross - California.
- Member of the Board of Governors for the Homeland Security Council for Region I.
- National Trustee for the Kennedy Center National Symphony in Washington D.C.
- Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in California.
- California Criminal Justice Council
- California State Lottery Commission
- Gen-Next and Gen Next Foundation
- Pacific Research Institute
- Ayn Rand Institute

Yuri Vanetik spends a great deal of time traveling for business and in pursuit of developing his political organizations. However, he still finds time to enjoy other aspects of life. He is an avid philanthropist, donating his time and money to variety of charities for many years. He also enjoys travelling, having journeyed around the world. In the recent years he has visited Budapest, Moscow, Prague, Warsaw, Istanbul, and St. Petersburg. His travels include seeing many museums and landmarks such as the Great Wall of China.

Mr. Vanetik’s most cherished hobby is learning about wine. Passionate about all types of wines, he has developed a taste for wines from California, France, and Italy. In addition, Mr. Vanetik enjoys learning about art. He is particularly passionate about Chuck Close, El Bosco, and Salvador Dali. His other interest includes keeping in shape by participating in various sports such as martial arts and tennis.
Yuri Vanetik has developed his successful business persona through years of experience and training. He has delved into many fields to expand his knowledge, allowing him to gain insight into disparate industries.


Yuri Vanetik graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with Highest Honors (Phi Beta Kappa). He completed executive graduate work at UCLA’s Anderson Business School and studied political philosophy at Oxford. Mr. Vanetik completed his JD at the University of California, Hastings.

Business and Politics

Prior to launching Vanetik International, LLC, Mr. Vanetik practiced law with K & L gates (formerly Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP), and with Iger, Kohler & Vanetik, LLP. The latter firm focused on corporate law, and representation of corporate boards, focusing on independent directors and committees on which they serve.

Yuri Vanetik’s interest in politics has led to him taking on leadership roles in important political and policy-oriented organizations. These include think tanks such as Claremont Institute and Pacific Research Institute. He has also supported CATO, Heritage, AEI, and Ayn Rand Institute. During the presidential election of 2008, Mr. Vanetik took on key leadership roles in finance and in mobilizing young professionals. He was the Co-Chair for the State of California and All American Vice Chair for the Rudy Giuliani Campaign. Senator John McCain’s “Kitchen Cabinet” included him in its line-up as well.

Incorporating his financial expertise into political coalition building, Mr. Vanetik took on financial leadership positions with key Republican organizations. These include:
- The National Republican Congressional Committee
- The Republican Governors Association
- The Republican National Committee
- New Majority of California
- California Republican Party


Yuri Vanetik finds it important to engage in meaningful ground projects. Over the years, he has raised and donated money to important charitable organizations.

Yuri Vanetik co-founded the Gen Next Foundation two years ago with a group of several forward-thinking business leaders. The organization’s purpose is to engage and analyze problems that will affect future generations. Gen Next is the membership organization for which Mr. Vanetik serves on the national board and leads numerous policy initiatives. Gen Next’s members congregate to form solutions to these future problems. Solutions fall into three categories: education, economic growth, and global security. Some of the issues that Gen Next has identified include:
- The future of education is slowly declining. The children of today are facing a worse educational system than prior generations.
- Investors are placing their money in outdated interests.
- Large levels of debt are destroying the futures of our children.
- The business world is becoming very competitive and dangerous.
- Citizens are developing an attitude of entitlement. Instead of working hard for a job, they believe that they are entitled to receive benefits they have not earned.

Mr. Vanetik and the rest of his coalition are working towards building long-lasting solutions to these issues.

Through Gen Next, Yuri Vanetik supports the Alliance of Youth Movements for International Security.

The Center for Global Change is a 501c3 charity designed to help poor and neglected orphans across the globe. The volunteers within this organization strive to make a difference in the lives of children born into poverty. They also work to eliminate violence and injustice from underprivileged areas.

Yuri Vanetik supports the U.S Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business organization. Based in Washington, DC, this association’s purpose is to act as a representative for US businesses. It currently acts on behalf of over three million businesses around the world. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s membership ranges from small, local businesses to large conglomerates.

The Center for Education Reform’s mission is to create educational opportunities for children through various means. This requires the effort of teachers and school administrators to challenge the current educational stature and work to improve it. The CER works to get the citizens involved in the movement towards educational reform.

The Claremont Institute’s purpose is to restore founding principles and rights to American citizens. The Institute works to reform the government so that it respects private property, ensures a stable family life, and upholds national defense. The organization enforces its mission by providing multiple programs for rising leaders.
- Americans for Victory over Terrorism
- Ballistic Missile Defense Project
- The Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence
- The Center for Local Government
- The Salvatori Center for the American Constitution

The American Red Cross is one of the most well known nonprofits in the country. It works to distribute blood across the country to those in need. The American Red Cross is also renown for providing several training and certification programs. These include:
- Babysitter training
- Lifeguard training
- Nurse Assistant training
- First Responder training
- CPR and First Aid training
- Instructor training

Miracles for Kids is a children-oriented charity operating out of Southern California. It works to help children who are affected by terminal illnesses such as cancer. The organization enforces its mission through several programs including:
- The Grant Program – This program provides monetary aid to families who have had their finances drained by cancer treatment.
- The Fund-a-Family Program – This program allows for donors to contribute time and money to a family affected by cancer. Donors wishing to develop personal relationships with cancer-stricken families participate in this program.
- Basket of Miracles Program – This program supplies affected families with baskets of food and seasonal gifts throughout the year.
Miracles for Kids also provides funding to a few research programs.
- The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation
- The City of Hope National Medical Center
- The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

The Center for Unconventional Security Affairs at the University of California, Irvine deals with matters regarding security and awareness. It establishes programs to inform the public about preparation for national security risks.

These are just a few of the organizations that Mr. Vanetik actively supports. Aside from his business endeavors, he continuously engages in projects that he believes matter. Yuri Vanetik focuses his attention on problems that will affect future generations.
Yuri Vanetik is constantly working hard towards creating a better future for our children through policies that support free enterprise and education. Mr. Vanetik believes that a bright future is predicated on implementation of sound free- market economic principles. To this end, he believes that Americans and the rest of the world should celebrate the notion of earned success, and reject the big government and social theories of entitlement.

The Gen Next Foundation looks to support projects that embrace its creed of venture philanthropy.
- Will the project have an impact?
- Does Gen Next have the competencies to support the project?
- Does the project expand on an idea that Gen Next currently supports?
- Does it solve a problem for the future generations in a procedural manner?
- Could it become a major benchmark in the future?
- Does it cause opinion leaders to view an issue in a different perspective?
- Can other organizations replicate the project’s practice?
- Can the project sustain itself without Gen Next’s involvement?

So far, the Gen Next Foundation has approved several projects including:
- AgainstViolentExtremism.org – This coalition is comprised of extremists and victims of extremist attacks. The purpose of the organization is to prevent youths from joining extremist groups and encourage current members to leave.
- Movements.org – This project provides young activists with technological resources to help their cause.

Although the recent economic crisis has taken its toll on the nonprofit sector, the future still holds tremendous promise. With passionate opinion leaders such as Yuri Vanetik, the future prospects for sustainability of American Exceptionalism are bright.

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