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Clive Haswell is the CIO of Standard Chartered Bank and an international banking leader.
Clive Haswell is a highly experienced leader in both the telecoms and finance industries. He leads multi-disciplined teams of more than one thousand professionals and a budget of $120 million across international business in a myriad of countries with his work at Standard Chartered Bank.

As the Chief Information Officer and a former Chief Executive Officer, Clive helps Standard Chartered to provide services to more than 70 different countries around the world, most prominently areas in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He has helped the company gain greater success with his industry expertise and wealth of professional experience.

Clive Haswell aspires as an industry leader to create success through dynamic and ambitious business oriented on growth. In all of his business, he strives to empower others as well as himself. To do this, he creates strong networks out of the top creative performers available to him. For maximum effect, he then combines these creative networks with the most innovative new technologies.

As an international business professional, Clive exhibits five key areas of strength. In no particular order, these strengths are:

• The ability to determine and empathize with the needs and wants of his clients, partners, and team members.
• A strong focus on what future processes are necessary and what their projected outcomes are likely to be.
• The ability and inclination to approach business with an eye toward strategy, including new opportunities for business growth.
• A tenacious determination to meet and overcome any business obstacles presented to him.
• The ability to question how business practices are performed and orient toward change if necessary.
Throughout his long and impressive career, Clive Haswell has gained a broad range of expertise and skills in the fields of business, technology, and international relations. Throughout his career history, he has remained motivated by the challenges of building and transforming a business and helping it adapt to complex change. His own capacity to adapt and change as his roles required has gone a long way toward Clive finding just as much success individually as those businesses that he has helped lead to success internationally.

Clive’s Educational Beginnings

Clive Haswell first set about his professional career in 1974 when he enrolled with the University of Wales in Swansea. His studies kept him in attendance here or four years. In 1978 he graduated with honors and earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Pure Mathematics. Immediately afterward, Clive enrolled in a post graduate course, which helped him to eventually earn his Certificate of Education.

In 1980, shortly after his graduation, Clive began working with British Telecom. For the next nine years of his career with this company, Clive learned the ins and outs of several different software development disciplines through his position as a systems programmer. During this time, he also held responsibilities as a business consultant, systems analyst, and project manager.

During this decade of his life, Clive was able to pick up and hone many expert skills in the areas of operational management and technology. These skills in particular proved invaluable to him throughout the rest of his career track so far, as their application to his chosen industry is almost universal. These are also the skills that first brought him to joining Standard Chartered Bank.

Clive’s Experience with Standard Chartered Bank

Clive Haswell first signed on with Standard Chartered back in 1990 when he joined its technology and software department. In this capacity, Clive developed the business’s COBOL and Assembler applications in a mainframe Hogan/CICS/MVS environment. He then went on to lead the systems programming department in covering Hogan, CICS, and multiple operating systems for IBM, including UNIX, VSE, VM, and OS/400.

This technologically intense position lasted for five years until, in 1995, Clive was asked to lead a team responsible for technology planning and strategy. With this team, Clive deployed management systems that helped to ensure compliance. He and his team also produced group-wide standards for PC and server hardware, database management systems, and systems software.

Clive Haswell’s role in this capacity was extended yet further in 1997 when he was given the position of Head of Infrastructure Development and placed in charge of running several critical infrastructure projects. He began initiating, developing, and launching several major projects in this new and expanded role, including the following:

• A global peripheral internet firewall
• Two global locations to centralize major data centers
• A wide area telecoms network, also global
• Y2K related projects for both Europe and the United States
• And several other projects dealing with network security access

At the turn of the new millennium, Clive founded and led Standard Chartered’s Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management Function, the scope of which involved the optimization of the group’s global expenditure on technological areas such as software, hardware, and services. This Function also brought about steep changes in both cost control and service quality through its conducting of major outsourcing initiatives, including tendering for the services of data centers and the management of a global telecommunications service. Furthermore, this Function of Clive’s was also responsible for setting and enforcing the standards pertaining to the procurement of commodity items.

In 2002, Clive Haswell’s growing success only continued to grow further when he was made Standard Chartered Bank’s first Governance Head for all of Asia. In this role, Clive was made responsible for overseeing and managing the performance of 15 different CEOs of different countries throughout the group’s Asian franchise. Clive quickly became incredibly familiar with the unique challenges presented by doing business in these many diverse countries, including India, China, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Clive adapted the growth strategy of Standard Chartered Bank as necessary to accommodate the various local conditions of these unique nations. He was also directly responsible for laying out the groundwork for Standard Chartered’s acquisition of Korea First Bank, which would go down as the single biggest acquisition in the company’s history so far.

Bohai Bank and Clive’s Executive Leadership

Though his career path up to this point could is not considered unimpressive, Clive Haswell was only just getting started. In 2004, Clive was appointed by Standard Chartered to the position of Programme Director for a joint investment venture project that the Bank was starting in China. This joint venture would go on to become one of the biggest and most ambitious undertakings of Clive’s entire career so far.

This venture in question was Bohai Bank, which was initially based out of Tianjin, China’s fourth largest city. It quickly expanded across the country from there, becoming a cutting-edge, modern bank with best practices and international standards designed into its construction. Clive’s insight into the Chinese business mindset, however, also ensured that Bohai Bank was still specifically suited to the native context of its nation, including the rapid growth of the Chinese economy. Bohai Bank also became the first licensed bank that China had seen since 1995.

A decade after its founding, Bohai Bank continues to run at a profit and expand across multiple Chinese cities. Its budget is equal to $616.5 million in United States currency, and the services that it offers range from corporate lending to retail banking.

Clive Haswell’s incredible success with Bohai Bank saw him elevated to the position of CEO of Standard Chartered Bank’s operations in Sri Lanka. For the next four years, Clive led a team of 500 wholesale and corporate banking professionals in the execution of complex strategies for growth that helped to significantly deepen the company’s relationship with customers. Clive also developed two major, global, and strategic charitable initiatives during this time.

• Standard Chartered’s HIV Awareness campaign raises money and hosts events to help those living with HIV and spread the education of its prevention.

• Seeing is Believing is a campaign for fighting global blindness by working with local hospitals.

Clive Haswell was then finally made the CIO for Standard Chartered’s Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan region, the position that he still holds to this day.
Clive Haswell has worked with Standard Chartered Bank for more than 20 years now and continues to add onto his track record of success. As the company’s CIO, he maintains a headquarters in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where he oversees the management of the Bank’s technology and operations. In all of his business dealings, Clive continues to remain focused on maintaining a strong pipeline of creative talent when developing and managing his teams. He knows that, going forward, a successful business operation requires the best talent and creative strategy possible, and so works to make sure that his company has just that at their disposal.

Outside of his work, Clive plans on indulging several of his biggest interests and hobbies. He regularly travels to Venice, Italy every couple of years and plans to make the trip again soon. He especially looks forward to seeing the newest modern art showings while he’s there.

Standard Chartered Bank also regularly sponsors races and marathons in which Clive has participated in the past and plans to do so again. He still runs most of his days in order to keep in shape and prepare himself for these events when they occur. Clive also has a sailboat that he enjoys sailing around Dubai. He plans to enter this ship of his in several big racing events in and around his area.

Most of all, though, Clive Haswell looks forward to spending his free time with his wife and their four children. His biggest and most exciting plans for the near future have nothing to do with his business life and everything to do with preparing to become a grandfather for the first time in years to come.

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