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Garry Tull is an army veteran with over 32 years of service and extensive management experience.
Garry Tull is a military veteran with over 32 years’ worth of experience in various operations. Since August 2012, he has worked as an information, communication, and technology radio maintenance advisor. He also works within the Ministry of Defense Advisor Program, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Afghanistan National Police. His work is rewarding and extensive, often requiring him to clock in at 75 hours per week. He holds many responsibilities with his current work, mainly focusing on building numerous core competencies such as leadership, mentorship, team building, conflict resolution, and much more.

In his line of work, Garry encourages and assists Afghan citizens to work collaboratively with International Joint Command on equipment repair throughout various regions. He also assists in the staffing and ministerial development responsibilities that are required to establish and align the Ministry of Interior and Afghanistan National Police Ministerial process and sub-systems. Another one of his duties is working with the Afghan Ministry of Interior to analyze information and to collect feedback on regional workshop statuses.

He has an impressive list of accomplishments in his line of work. He led the examination of maintenance and logistics practices throughout Afghanistan and discovered the fractures in the procedures and policies in the Afghan National Police. Thanks to his efforts, the ANP was able to improve their logistics requests, distributions, and radio replacement capabilities. Garry Tull was also responsible for the foundation for the establishment of seven workshops across the region, which led to the cut down of maintenance downtime by an astonishing 33 percent.
Garry Tull has a rich past that has cultivated his hard-working and dedicated personality that he possesses today. He was born on May 13th, 1960 in Virginia and had seven siblings growing up. His older brother went on to attend college; however, Garry’s father was unable to pay for his education in addition. Taking an alternative route after high school, he joined the military at the age of 18, starting a long career in a rewarding field.

Fortunately, Garry was available to attend college in 1985. He attended the University Paine College located in Augusta, Georgia, and graduated in 1989. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in sociology with a GPA of 3.3 and logged over 120 semester hours. He would later go on to return to school and attend the University of Oklahoma in 2004. Garry Tull graduated with his master’s degree in human resources in 2006 with a 3.9 GPA and 36 semester hours logged.

From 2001 to 2004, he worked as a Senior Operation Manager for the United States Army, 304th Signal Battalion in South Korea. Ever the hard worker, he would spend at least 60 hours a week at this job, ensuring that his efforts produced top results. He managed communications security for Line of Site, Mobile Satellite Assemblages, and Telephone Cable Installation. He also coordinated and managed his battalion’s combat readiness training to make sure that all of the soldiers were ready for deployment. Furthermore, he prepared and performed training needs assessments for four line companies to address their ability to achieve training goals. Some of his major accomplishments with this line of work included reorganizing battle operation center personnel and their equipment so as to maximize efficiency and to improve deployment and set up times.

Garry worked as a Senior Enlisted Advisor for the US Army’s 36th Signal Battalion from April 2002 to May 2004. Once again, he was working in South Korea, putting in over 60 hours’ worth of work each week to ensure top quality results. His work entailed monitoring and controlling information systems and networks that spanned across 38,000 square miles. He advised leadership for multiple stations and facilities such as the Network Operation Security Center, the Engineer Management Center, the Administrative Services Division, and much more. Garry Tull also devised plans to organize and coordinate programs to ensure that objectives were completed in a timely and efficient manner. He conducted hearings and helped mediate group grievances as well as serious employee complaints. Other similar responsibilities included reviewing and approving serious disciplinary actions that involved superiors and their subordinates. Finally, he created brief training presentations that were displayed to superiors on a weekly and annual basis.

From May 2004 to July 2005, Garry worked as a Senior Enlisted Advisor in Germany for the US Army’s 69th Signal Battalion. This unit is responsible for providing information superiority to 35 percent of the U.S. forces in Europe. His duties would include advising the battalion’s commander on matters pertaining to training, administration, military justice, operations, and personnel service, among other tasks. He was appointed to co-manager of a workforce that comprised over 170 soldiers and civilians. Garry would train these workers on property accountability for communication equipment that was valued at over $50 million. His work with the 69th Signal Battalion came with more accomplishments to add to Garry Tull’s resume. He delivered leadership oversight to civilians and military personnel on a variety of management services. He also delivered specific guidance to lower level employees in the techniques and methods required to accomplish the phases of their project assignments.

Garry remained in Germany until July 2010, working as a Senior Enlisted Advisor, this time for USA NATO BDE. His main duties were to support U.S. populations consisting of over 3,000 military and civilian personnel that served as primary in NATO billets throughout Europe and the United States. He managed a workforce that contained approximately 1,600 citizens and military personnel with a variety of occupational specialties. He conducted studies and evaluated new legislation, laws, and regulations. Garry Tull’s accomplishments during this venture included ensuring that all soldiers and civilians were given the proper training before they were deployed to ISAF, KFOR, SFOR, and OIF.
Garry Tull hopes to pass on his experience and knowledge of the military and education to anybody else who wishes to pursue a similar path. With over 32 years in the service, he believes that he can provide valuable insight on matters pertaining to joining and thriving in the military, and how to go on to succeed in college afterward. While he was in the military, he completed vast amounts of training that helped him succeed. His training and education included:
- Army basic
- Army parachute
- 40 hours of master fitness
- One week of instructor
- Eight weeks of signal operations advanced non-commissioned office
- Two weeks of contracting office rep
- 40 hours of MSE Nodal OPS Management
- 40 hours of COMSEC Custodian
- 160 hours of First Sergeant
- Nine months of Sergeants Major
- 40 hours of Command Sergeants Major
- Four weeks of Combat Readiness
- 10 weeks of Ministry of Defense Advisory Program

These are just some of his accomplishments. His resume sports many other achievements that have allowed him to prosper in life, both in the military and out in the rest of the world. Garry Tull hopes to pass on his wisdom to others and is always willing to share his knowledge about numerous subject matters such as education for soldiers, college admission tips, handling military and family life, and adjusting to new cultures and different environments.

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  • University Paine College , United States , 1235 15th St, Augusta, Georgia 30901

    Bachelor's in Human Resources
    - 01/1989
  • University of Oklahoma , United States , 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, Oklohoma 73019

    Masters in Human Resources‎
    - 01/2006
Career History
  • Assistance Director of Admission/Recruitment , United States , Augusta, Georgia
    11/2010 to 10/2011
  • Security Guard , United States , Augusta, Georgia

    not defined
    07/2010 to 11/2010
  • Ministry of Defense Advisor Program , Kabul, Afghanistan
    to 12/2099
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