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Dr. Aamer Khan is an innovative Cosmetic Doctor practicing in London, England.
Dr. Aamer Khan currently works at the Harley Street Skin Clinic in London as the Clinical and Managing Director. Originally trained as a medical doctor before moving into surgery, Dr. Khan’s approach is unique in that he emphasizes minimal procedures carefully chosen to achieve maximum results. These include “micro-tox” or “baby-tox” procedures, which differ from the more common Botox in that they result in relaxed, natural features rather than a frozen facial expression. He also performs silhouette, French silhouette, neck tightening, face tightening, skin tightening, skin grafts, and acne treatment. Under his direction, the Harley Street Skin Clinic has become a state-of-the-art facility, incorporating the most current laser and chemical technologies into its treatment programs. In addition to his work at the clinic, Dr. Khan is also a European Trainer for Invasix, a company focused on minimally invasive treatments and cosmetic procedures. He aggressively pursues continuing education and training in order to remain at the top of his field.

His philosophy toward cosmetic medicine is embodied by the motto of the clinic he heads: “Being able to look the best you can while still looking like yourself.” Rather than transforming his patients into a poor imitation of a celebrity, or adopting an inappropriate ideal of beauty, he enhances their natural appearance in subtle ways.

Dr. Aamer Khan launched his own line of skin care products in 2007: Harley Street Skin Care. Intended as powerful and effective treatments of common conditions such as acne, rosacea, and aging, they represent an innovative approach to skin care.

In his private life, Aamer Khan is an active supporter of charities supporting British veterans who have served in Afghanistan.
Dr. Aamer Khan qualified as a physician at the University of Birmingham in July 1986. His initial medical training was wide-ranging, including rotations in General Surgery, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, OB/GYN, and Cosmetic Medicine. Near and dear to Dr. Khan’s heart, the University of Birmingham hosts one of Britain’s premier medical schools. With roots going back to 1767, Birmingham is one of the oldest medical programs in the United Kingdom. It is also among the largest, graduating over 400 new physicians every year. As one of the more rigorous programs in the country, Dr. Aamer Khan and his fellow alumni can attest to what students are faced with. Potential students are expected to have near-perfect academic records before attending the medical school. The university also oversees a dozen teaching hospitals across the UK, fostering the development of the medical profession on all levels.

Dr. Aamer Khan has often noted that his skill with aesthetic medicine is the product of his diverse medical training and experience. “I have a good three-dimensional perception of how the body works and will ask ‘what can be done’ rather than just focusing on the obvious,” he said recently. “By doing a full health assessment including medical history, diet, lifestyle, and psychological and social background I get a better understanding of how the aging process affects my patients and help them implement both reparative and preventative programmes.” This holistic approach to medical care is one often lost in an increasingly specialized medical environment.

After this broad education, he selected cosmetic medicine as a specialty. From 1998 until 2005, he served as the Physician-in-Charge of the BUPA Wellness Programme. BUPA, a multinational health care organizations based in the UK, is a privately-held company which operates as an alternative medical provider to the National Health Service. Founded in 1947 as the British United Provident Association (hence BUPA), the business is headquartered in London, UK. It also has branches across the world, including in Australia, India, Thailand, and China. With this international focus, the company further diversified into medical support technologies, occupational health services, medical assessment, travel insurance, and hospital insurance. While employed by BUPA, Khan was responsible for evaluating attending physicians, and developing procedures and protocols for medical staff. This experience with large-scale medicine practices would shape his professional development.

Dr. Aamer Khan has always been dedicated to pursuing a multifaceted medical career. From 1996 until 2010, he served as a PCT contact for the National Health Service, providing minor surgical procedures for local GPs in the area. This vital service streamlined health care and service delivery by reserving operating room space for more serious health and medical needs. From 1996 until 2009, he also served as the director of the South Doc Services program, which provided after-hours primary care.

In 2004, he became the medical director of DCL Europe. In that capacity, he oversaw a number of dispersed clinics providing primary care to DCL’s guests in facilities across England and the entire continent. Aamer Khan was responsible for personnel recruitment and development, certifications and qualifications, logistics, and other aspects of the clinic system. From there, he launched himself into the world of private practice once again, becoming the principle surgeon at the Bourneville Surgery in Birmingham, UK. There Dr. Khan oversaw all aspects of general surgery and provided full management of the surgical staff.

The choice of a cosmetic specialty in the UK is oftentimes a difficult one. Currently, the National Health Service is very limited in its plastic surgery/cosmetic procedure offerings. The NHS website puts it thus:

“Cosmetic surgery is rarely available through the NHS. There must be a major physical or psychological reason for needing the surgery. In rare cases, a clinical commissioning group (CCG) may decide that cosmetic surgery is required to improve a person's health, although NHS resources are limited and waiting times are usually long. For this reason, most people pay to have cosmetic surgery privately.”

The NHS fully acknowledges and supports the use of plastic procedures to repair damage done during accidents and the like. Cosmetic surgery, done to enhance the appearance or reduce signs of aging, is nearly unheard of within the program. Studies have shown, however, that such elective procedures do have a positive effect on the life of the patient. Many people benefit from the increased self-esteem, and enhanced appearance they achieve. Sadly, cosmetic procedures are often the victims of baseless negative publicity. During the 1980s and 1990s, for example, silicone breast implants were blamed in the media for all manner of health complications. However, many myths were dispelled as a closer examination found not one case of a malfunctioning implant compromising the health of a patient.

Dr. Aamer Khan’s approach seeks to both defy these baseless criticisms and the more real allegations that cosmetic procedures are overly invasive. His approach, honed over years in the field, relies on minimalist procedures carefully done in order to get the result desired. Rather than completely transforming a patient, he chooses to augment their natural appearance, highlighting their unique look in a positive way.

In his personal life, he owns and manages the Harley Street Skin Clinic with his wife, Lesley Reynolds-Khan. A skin care and beauty expert, Reynolds-Khan has been a leader in her field for over 20 years. She holds certifications in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Reiki.

Dr. Khan is a Mason, and an active member of his local lodge. He also has an enthusiasm for classic and performance automobiles. While he enjoys these pursuits along with his volunteer and charity endeavors, he finds that his medical career keeps him far too busy for most hobbies.
Dr. Aamer Khan continues to practice medicine at the Harley Street Skin Clinic in London, England, and plans to expand the business further. He also plans to continue developing and promoting the associated line of skin care products, working closely with his wife in the process. He has further plans to incorporate even more leading-edge technology into his practice. Medical research into minimally invasive procedures and microsurgical techniques is advancing by leaps and bounds. Processes that would have been unthinkable a decade ago are now commonplace, and further developments are on the horizon. Innovative physicians and surgeons around the world are embracing these changes as quickly as they are proven.

Of particular interest are procedures that are nonsurgical. Ultrasonic procedures are becoming more and more common. Ultrasonics—the use of high frequency sound—can be used to smooth out skin blemishes, tighten skin tone and reduce sagging, and may replace liposuction in removing body fat. This innovative approach carries little risk to the patient, reduces recovery time to a matter of hours, and produces visible effects much more quickly.

A related technology is laser skin resurfacing. Repairing skin damage, tightening sags, and removing wrinkles and blemishes used to involve a series of chemical, pharmaceutical, and surgical treatments. Laser skin resurfacing used finely-tuned laser lights to accomplish these treatments in a much more efficient, safe, and gentle way. As with ultrasonics, little recovery time is needed and the results show very quickly. Maintenance is minimal, and the results last for years. These treatments require skilled practitioners; Dr. Aamer Khan of London is one of the pioneers in the field who will bring them to bear.

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  • University of Birmingham , United States

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