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Angela Tornatore

United States
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Angela Tornatore is the owner and co-founder of A+C Travel.

Angela Tornatore is the co-founder of a travel agency based in Miami, Florida. A+C Travel works with business travelers, handling accommodations for the entire trip. Customers need not worry about a detail: the staff at A+C book flights, hotels and rental cars as needed. They are also able to reserve locations for meetings, provide essential business tools in remote locations and offer restaurant recommendations you can count on. Regardless of the destination, corporations and individuals alike can rely on A+C Travel to design a relaxing experience. These associates are able to get you the best deals on the market, reducing the usual costs associated with travel. A+C Travel combines quality service with affordable prices to create the best travel experience possible.

Angela Tornatore and her company understand the stresses upon business travelers to not only coordinate their own trip but also to perform well at a new destination. A+C Travel aims to alleviate any arrangement responsibilities so that the client can focus solely on the job at hand. Having been on the other side of travel arrangements herself, Tornatore realizes the impact these types of services can have on a trip. Should an issue arise with rental car or hotel arrangements, A+C Travel associates are only a phone call away. They can step in at any point to make your travel troubles disappear. The team is always on call should any arrangements need to be altered or revised. You can never be sure what your career will throw at you. But with A+C Travel, you will always be prepared.

Angela Tornatore founded her business along with partner and friend, Colleen. The pair met while working for a highly successful company. They shared a loathing for the oppressive corporate office setting. Their jobs required them to make frequent business trips that were often highly stressful to arrange and participate in. The flights were always at inopportune times, the hotel rooms made them long for the boardroom and they both experienced the occasional rental car disaster. Although the employing company had a division that handled these travel arrangements, Tornatore felt that something else needed to be done. There had to be a way to enagage in business travel without wanting to pull your hair out. After all, as Tornatore recognized, being away from home was troublesome enough. Uncomfortable travel conditions only caused job performance to suffer.

As they travelled for work, Angela Tornatore and Colleen became acquainted with a variety of superior restaurants and hotels. They learned which rental car teams were the easiest to deal with. They made vital travel and accommodation connections during these business trips.

The two women spent a lot of time during these trips lamenting that their lives had not ended up the way they intended. They wondered why individuals who had no experience in business trips were planning their travels for them. The pair saw a clear disconnect, but were unsure what to do about it. One day, it became obvious that they needed to form their knowledge into a business. Not only did they have the experience to make it successful, but the services they planned on offering were completely unique. They were both nervous and overjoyed about finally finding a way to put their insights and their entrepreneurial spirits to good use.

Out of determination and a unique need, A+C Travel was born. The business’ early years were a bit shaky, as clients didn’t quite understand why a separate travel service was necessary. Travel agencies were available by the dozen in the Miami area.

A+C Travel was different, but it was sometimes difficult to explain how. However, a few trusting companies eventually put faith in Angela Tornatore and her staff and ended up being pleasantly surprised. Companies publicized their success and satisfaction in using A+C, and word spread like wildfire. Those glowing reviews enticed other businesses to look into A+C, transforming the business into the successful agency that it is today. Business travelers everywhere were eager to alleviate burdens during their trips. Likewise, corporations gained an interest in the affordable price range. Driven by profound passion and dedicated customer service, A+C Travel has provided corporations and businesses with high-quality services at affordable prices since its opening.

Angela Tornatore and Colleen used their contacts in the industry to find experienced staff members to join their team. They made their services available 24 hours a day, a decision that required quite a few employees to implement. However, Angle and Colleen refused to simply hire every applicant who walked through the door.

They needed employees they could rely on to perform flawlessly in various aspects of the business. A+C Travel acted not only as travel agents, but as concierges and event planners. They also created and implemented travel budgets for each trip. Team members needed to effectively address of these considerations in order to create the best trip possible for business professionals. They needed to have an in-depth knowledge of travel rates and contacts in the hospitality industry. All in all, A+C Travel offered only the most qualified candidates positions on their travel team.

The business plan created by Angela Tornatore was extremely individualized and effective. Once a company signed with A+C Travel, the firm was assigned a travel manager to oversee their entire campaign. With this unique approach, one person handled all of the client’s issues. Clients were able to turn to a single travel problem-solver instead of calling countless travel agency team members to find answers to their questions. The travel manager was familiar with the client’s flight time, flight number, hotel reservation and all other necessary information. Should a problem arise, he or she could easily step in and resolve the issue without any hesitation.

Clients felt soothed by securing access to an actual person to call in case of emergency. Feeling stranded in an unfamiliar area is a terrible thing to experience while on a work trip.

The client received a monthly budget breakdown conducted by Angela and the team. Using this strategy, the client would be able to see exactly how much money was spent on travel and what the specific costs were. This breakdown benefitted the client: the firm was able to work with a budget-based travel company to make affordable and efficient travel a reality. These monthly meetings benefitted A+C Travel because they were able to show clients just how much money A+C connections were saving them.

Tornatore’s main role in the company was in the concierge realm. Although she had a hand in just about everything, most of the business’s recommendations came from her own connections. Using her personal judgment, she kept track of the best dining and rental car locations. She kept tabs on reviews of locations that travelers had enjoyed and airlines with good deals on airfare. By extending herself to all points of the travel industry, Angela Tornatore ensured that no customer’s needs were ever out of her reach. When needed, she supplied clients with some of her personal travel tips to make business trips easier. She never forgot the central purpose of her business: to improve the experiences of her fellow business travelers.

Angela Tornatore and her coworker, Colleen, used their knowledge and intuition to build a successful business that made life easier for the travelling businessperson. A+C Travel was built upon a menu of services unmatched by any competing travel agency. A+C was created with much more than typical travel in mind. By adding concierge services to the typical travel agency company, they came up with an original business venture all their own. Angela Tornatore’s A+C Travel became a premier travel coordination service for individuals and corporations planning business trips.

Angela Tornatore plans to expand A+C Travel outside of the Miami area. Although she currently helps a lot of individuals on the road, she feels that her services are needed elsewhere. Before she can accomplish this expansion, she needs to make contacts in other areas to ensure that she is getting the best deal possible for her customers. She plans to network through current contacts that have multiple business locations. By expanding her business, she hopes to change the world of travel for business men and women. Tornatore understands that most individuals don’t enjoy being on the road and away from their families, especially when relying on less-than-desirable travel accommodations.

Angela Tornatore hopes to set aside more time for her personal passions. She sincerely loves traveling, so she hopes that future travels will coincide with expanding her business. She would love to be able to see new global sights while investigating the areas that she’d like to expand into.

Tornatore is a devoted animal lover. She plans to do anything she can to improve living conditions for unlucky animals and to advocate for animals’ rights. She would like to donate both more time and money to the American Humane Association. Additionally, she would like to volunteer at her local animal shelter.

Tornatore plans to work exercise back into her life. She loves running but her passion sometimes takes a back seat when things get busy in the office. She hopes to work out a routine that will enable her to pursue the exercise that she loves without hurting her business.


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