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Jon Fellman, Wilmette resident, is a finance professional with a loving wife and three children (ages 12, 9 and 5), and he is also involved in sports and charities.
Jon Fellman, Wilmette, is currently working within the perpetually changing banking industry. He works with financial institutions including banks and insurance companies. Fellman’s job is to essentially help these banks and insurance companies achieve their desired financial targets.

Jon Fellman, Wilmette resident, is also a family man with a wife and three kids (ages 12, 9 and 5), and he has various interests that he’s very involved with, like sports and charities. Like any loving father, Fellman is dedicated to the well-being of his children, that’s why he’s a large advocate of the Montessori education model. All three of Fellman’s children attend or attended the Ronald Knox Montessori School in their hometown of Wilmette. Jon Fellman, Wilmette, and his wife are also large advocates for the Montessori education system.

This is why Jon Fellman, Wilmette local, currently cites the effects of this rich and cultured teaching style in each and every one of his kids. He says that, like all families with multiple children, each one is different, but the Montessori education system has helped them all through both their personal and educational endeavors. Fellman and his wife are true believers in the Montessori education system and currently support the efforts of spreading it in order to benefit all future generations.
Jon Fellman, Wilmette: Family, Education and Community

For Jon Fellman, Wilmette resident, his life could never be simply defined by his professional life. Fellman is not only a family man with a wife and three kids (ages 12, 9 and 5), but he also has various personal interests.

For Jon Fellman, Wilmette, the Montessori education model is one important interest. In fact, all three of his children have attended the Ronald Knox Montessori School in his hometown of Wilmette. Obviously, it’s no coincidence that the Fellman children attend this school, as both Jon and his wife have been longtime supporters of the school. However, they don’t just limit their love and support to the Ronald Knox Montessori School. Jon and his wife frequently speak out about their advocacy of all Montessori educational systems.

Jon Fellman, Wilmette, cites the effects of this rich and cultured teaching style in each and every one of his kids. Fellman is convinced of its merits, and he mentions that it might not be the best system for all children, but he says he has yet to find a better method. For the kids Fellman has seen, the unique rhythms of the Montessori method are unmatchable for building self-discipline, the ability for independent learning, working well with others and so much more.

Further Work in Philanthropy

The unquestioned work of Jon Fellman, Wilmette, for Ronald Knox cements two very important factors. One is that Fellman is very committed to education and the other is that he is ultimately inspired to make a difference for the world he lives in. These two factors have also led Fellman’s work with Kars4Kids.

Kars4Kids is a charity that works through donations of old and used automobiles; the cars, trucks and other vehicles are then used to provide funding for kids’ future education, mentors, youth outreach programs and more. Jon Fellman, Wilmette, also notes that Kars4Kids is known for its commitment to various educational opportunities and for donating old cars. Kars4Kids even offers free towing services to pick up the donated vehicles from a residence.

Sports and Fitness

Aside from family, professional and philanthropic efforts, another important area of Jon Fellman’s life is athletics. Within the subject of athletics, there are a few activities that he is especially passionate about, and his favorite is tennis. Jon Fellman, Wilmette resident, played tennis in high school, when he was on his high school’s tennis team. Jon Fellman is enjoying himself as he re-learns the fundamentals of the athletic activity. It’s also the perfect time to spend quality time with his eldest daughter who shares his love of tennis. Another one of Fellman’s favorite sports is Rugby, a sport he played for ten years beginning in college and continuing through various men’s leagues while in his twenties.

Without rugby now, he has been involved in a personal training regimen with a friend. The regimen was soon developed after Fellman turned 40. Now, Fellman and his friend meet every week at 6:00 A.M. and endure intense core workouts and cardio exercises. Jon Fellman, Wilmette, has also embraced a healthy lifestyle that includes turning into bed early to prepare for his early work out.

In Summary

Jon Fellman, Wilmette, is a man of many different passions and pursuits. People don’t have to look that far to discover that Fellman is successful in his professional life, but that isn’t the only thing he’s succeeding in. His family, charity and community are equally as rewarding as his endeavors in business. Jon Fellman, Wilmette resident, is truly an accomplished individual
For the future, Jon Fellman, Wilmette local, looks forward to continuing his career as a financial professional, as well as pursuing his many hobbies and interests. Because he loves family, he wants to be around for as long as possible, and that’s why he’s also taken on a strict fitness regimen.

Jon Fellman, Wilmette, also plans to keep his involvement in the Kars4Kids charity that works through donations of old and used automobiles. These automobiles include cars, trucks and other vehicles that are used to provide funding for kids’ future education, mentors and youth outreach programs. Jon Fellman also mentions that Kars4Kids is known for its commitment to various educational opportunities to help the less fortunate children of the future.

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