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Joseph Villaescusa is an extraordinarily successful real estate Broker and the CEO of CENTURY 21 Allstars, which is currently rated the top real estate firm in the USA.
Joseph Villaescusa is the founder and CEO of CENTURY 21 Allstars, which is currently ranked as the number one real estate agency in the United States. Although Joseph wandered into the world of housing rather serendipitously, he has successfully proven himself as a champion in his industry. On any given day he trains as many as 250 real estate agents, and he greatly enjoys imparting his wisdom to eager young minds.

The state of the current housing market

Unfortunately, the real estate market suffered extreme losses only a few years ago. This was mostly due to the economic crisis that occurred in early 2008. Although many real estate agencies were struggling for a while, the housing market has shown considerable improvement in the last few years. Despite our country’s falling on hard times, Mr. Villaescusa was able to lead his CENTURY 21 Allstars to incredible profitability.

Adopting a winning attitude

In many ways, Joseph owes his success in the real estate industry to the winning attitude and the superior work ethic that he developed in high school and the coaching of David Kellerman. Mr. Villaescusa learned through playing sports that the key to success is never giving up on your ultimate goals, while following Kellerman’s coaching to show up, take action and keeping himself accountable.

Thrilling countless clients

As a man who has worked his way up through the ranks of the real estate world, Joseph Villaescusa has discovered the secret to satisfying clients. In fact, a recent survey showed an overall satisfaction n rate of 98 percent among homebuyers who chose to work with CENTURY 21 Allstars. Few other real estate agencies have achieved such remarkable reviews.
Joseph Villaescusa has more than 26 years of experience in the real estate business. For the last quarter century, he has helped countless homebuyers to find the house of their dreams. Joseph is the founder and current CEO of his own real estate franchise, which he calls CENTURY 21 Allstars. In fact, his business is an all-star in the truest sense of the term, considering the fact that it was recently named in the CENTURY 21 System as the number one real estate office in the USA for two consecutive years 2011 & 2012, and the number one office worldwide during 2012.

Joseph was born and raised in the city of Lakewood, California. Ever since he was small boy growing up in the Golden State, he knew that if he wanted to accomplish great things in life, he would have to study hard and apply himself. When he was in high school, he was quite an accomplished athlete. In fact, he won several local and state honors in wrestling, track, and football. It was Joseph’s training as an athlete that taught him the discipline and the work ethic that he would need to become one of the most successful real estate franchise owners in the country.

Achieving remarkable distinction in sports

Any individual would become instantly impressed by examining the list of awards that Mr. Villaescusa won while in high school. Mr. Villaescusa was elected Athlete of the Year for all four years that he attended Artesia High School in Lakewood, California. In addition, he received the coveted Lakewood Hall of Fame Award for his achievements in the sport of wrestling. This honor, which only a handful of individuals have ever received, was bestowed upon him by the McDonald’s Corporation. Mr. Villaescusa will never forget his high school experience. In many ways, his athletic training helped him to develop the winning attitude that would ultimately lead to his professional success.

After achieving many great things in high school, Joseph Villaescusa decided to continue his education at the University of California at Long Beach. While there, he thoroughly applied himself to his studies. In 1987, he graduated from UCALB with a bachelor of science degree. Immediately after earning his diploma, Mr. Villaescusa went to work for a small real estate company. Although he was merely looking for a way to make money at the time, this job would quickly blossom into a fruitful career in the housing industry.

Entering the world of real estate

Because Joe is impressively successful at his current career, most individuals would feel very surprised to learn that he actually fell into the real estate field by accident. Right after completing a bachelor of science degree at the University of California at Long Beach, he went to work for a small, independent real estate firm in Bellflower, California. At the time, Joseph was only looking for a way to pay his bills. Surprisingly enough, he actually sold 98 houses in his first year as a real estate salesman. This unexpected success inspired Mr. Villaescusa to leave the company a year later and start his own business. Little did he know that this pursuit would mark the beginning of an extraordinarily successful, 26-year career in real estate.

The beginning of CENTURY 21 Allstars

After selling a staggering 98 houses in only his first year as a real estate salesman, Joseph Villaescusa knew that he had discovered the right career field. He decided to step up his game and open his own business. He founded a franchise of the CENTURY 21 System in Norwalk, California that he named CENTURY 21 Allstars. When he first opened his office, he had only one sales agent then employed additional 9 salespersons and was getting very little business. However, after only three years of hard work, his franchise won the Centurion Office Award. Receiving this honor provided him with the reassurance that he needed. This prize also earned more than one million dollars in commissions for CENTURY 21 Allstars.

After he received the prestigious Centurion Office Award after only three years of business, Mr. Villaescusa thought that his life couldn’t get any better. However, he would soon achieve even greater success. At present, Joesph CENTURY 21 Allstars is ranked as the number one franchise in the United States! Joseph’s incredible victory is obviously due to the winning attitude and the incredible work ethic that he developed as a star high school athlete in Lakewood, California.

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Even though Joseph Villaescusa is very busy as the CEO of his own real estate franchise, he always has time to help out with local charities. One of his favorite causes to volunteer for is the Habitat for Humanity project. This extraordinary charity is dedicated to building permanent houses for underprivileged individuals. He is very grateful to have the opportunity to make such a difference in his community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Assisting with Toys for Tots

Every year during the holiday season, Joseph Villaescusa can’t wait to help out with Toys for Tots. This incredible charity is dedicated to providing children from low income families with Christmas presents. After he helps to ensure that hundreds of needy kids get the presents that they deserve, he always feels very good about himself.

Photography remains one of Mr. Villaescusa’s favorite pastimes. In fact he loves nothing more than looking through a camera’s lens. He finds that when he takes pictures of things that interest him, he begins to see the world around him in a new and interesting way.

Volunteering his services as a photographer

Joseph takes great pride in volunteering his services as a photographer for a local high school. Although he always loves taking pictures for any reason, he finds the experience of helping a place of education particularly rewarding.

Remaining active in his local church

Joseph has always remained a man of deep spiritual faith. Whenever he feels lost or in need of direction in his life, Joseph Villaescusa finds the answers that he is looking for by visiting his local church.
Joseph Villaescusa has already achieved remarkable success as the CEO of his own real estate franchise. In light of the fact that his CENTURY 21 Allstars is already ranked as the number one realtor in the United States, he is sure to continue to accomplish great things in the world of housing.

The future of the housing industry

Although the real estate industry suffered crippling losses as a result of the financial crisis of a few years ago, things are beginning to look up in the housing market. As more individuals are going back to work, realtors are, in turn, gaining more customers. As the job market continues to improve in America, real estate agencies should expect to see a corresponding increase in sales.

Joseph Villaescusa has always remained an avid photographer. In fact, he loves nothing more than snapping photos of a variety of subjects that interest him. Because he is so passionate about his art, he plans to continue taking photographs whenever possible. In addition, Joseph will continue volunteering his services as a photographer for his local high school.

Through the years, Joesph has remained committed to helping those individuals who are less fortunate. Whenever he volunteers for a charity, he always has the peace of mind of knowing that he is doing everything that he possible can to improve the lives of needy individuals in his area. For this reason, Joseph Villaescusa plans to continue his volunteer work in the future.

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