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Vito Torchia Jr. is currently the CEO and managing attorney for the California-based Brookstone Law Firm.
Vito Torchia Jr. is the CEO and managing attorney of Brookstone Law Firm. The Los Angeles-based law firm employs a network of over 40 affiliate attorneys and local counsel nationwide. Additionally, the law firm is made up of several specialists, paralegals, paraprofessionals and administrative staff. The firm practices law in a variety of different areas, including:

Business and Corporate Law

The law firm maintains a practical, client-driven and cost-effective approach to business and corporate law. The firm understands the difficult issues that come with running a business or corporation, and can help with a variety of different issues relating to taxes, finance, acquisitions, mergers, employment law and contract negotiations.

Employment Law

Brookstone Law Firm reviews clients’ employee contracts, helps clients understand complicated legal terminology, and helps clients negotiate the terms of the contract, in order to best meet the client’s employment needs.

Finance Law

Brookstone’s attorneys routinely provide clients with legal advice and services regarding different aspects of finance, including loan and trade finance, leasing operations, and debt restructuring and factoring. Additionally, they are experienced in assisting lenders and borrowers in structuring finance transactions.

Criminal Defense

The criminal defense lawyers at Brookstone Law Firm can skillfully guide clients in unfortunate legal situations through the criminal court system.

Real Estate Law

Attorneys of real estate law are able to resolve any issues surrounding the process of buying property, and work to negotiate successful contracts that best meet their client’s needs.

Family Law

The attorneys at Brookstone Law work to develop strategies for resolving family law disputes through collaborative law, informal negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Entertainment and Media, Arts and Museum

Here, the lawyers at Brookstone Law represent clients in all areas of the entertainment business, including screenwriters, authors, actors, directors, film producers, production companies, record producers, independent record labels, recording artists, songwriters, composers and more. The attorneys provide services in all aspects of motion picture, television, and music production and distribution, including drafting writer agreements and recording contracts.

Intellectual Property, Licensing and Merchandising

Intellectual property law is one the areas that Vito Torchia Jr. specializes in. In this area, the law firm assists clients with a variety of different copyrighted works, including written works, motion pictures, videos, recordings and more.
Vito Torchia Jr. received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. After earning his degree he decided to pursue a career that mixed business and law, and went on to receive his Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. This degree, commonly abbreviated as J.D., is commonly conferred by law schools after three years of studying law. Torchia’s completion of the program allowed him to move on and take the necessary exams to be qualified to practice law in a variety of different places. He is currently licensed to practice law in California, Florida and New York, as well as the United States District Court, and the Central, Southern and Eastern Districts of California. Besides passing the bar examination, many of these states require additional testing in order to practice law within their jurisdiction. The requirements vary from state to state.

As Vito Torchia Jr. made his foray into the different areas of law, he found himself drawn to several particular interests. The areas where he has had the most professional experience include intellectual property, entertainment law, corporate law, and litigation.

In the past, Vito Torchia Jr. has had extensive experience with intellectual property and entertainment law. His experience in this area has involved the negation and drafting of a number of different intellectual property documents, including literary option and purchase, acquisition and distribution, licensing, loan out, employment, talent management, if-come agreements and first look deals. Additionally, as a managing attorney at the Brookstone Law Firm, he has represented clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Vito Torchia Jr. has also had experience in corporate and litigation law. In the past, he has drafted a number of different business and corporate documents, including minutes, bylaws, resolutions, employment agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, he has handled a number of different law and motion practices, has conducted settlements for the sale and financing of commercial property transactions, and has appeared on behalf of clients in superior and district court in regards to civil litigation matters.

Torchia is also a published co-author who has contributed to a number of legal publications, including the renowned casebook “Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries.” Torchia co-authored and edited the December 2003 supplement to the casebook, which covers different decisions and trends in the state and federal courts.

Vito Torchia Jr. founded Brookstone Law Firm in 2009. A number of different factors led to its creation. The Glass-Steagall Act prohibited commercial banks from collaborating with full-service brokerage firms or participating in investment banking activities. When it was repealed in 1999, the banking industry became deregulated. The line between commercial banks and brokerage firms blurred, and banks were able to invest in mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations.

By 2001, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury had created the largest real estate boom in United States history by dropping interest rates to almost zero. However, by 2005, the market had hit its peak and began to weaken, leading to a collapse of the market and the U.S. financial system in 2008, when Lehman Brothers filed the largest corporate bankruptcy in United States history.

Determined to help homeowners, Vito Torchia Jr. founded Brookstone Law Firm in 2009. He recruited top Wall Street and banking professionals to help homeowners navigate through the collapse of the market. By 2011, Brookstone had narrowed its goal to “holding banks accountable for the harm they caused on consumers across the country and to expose the banks for what they did to consumers throughout the world.” Although the firm’s primary goal was to hold banks accountable for the harm they caused to consumers, Brookstone has since expanded its practices fields to include a number of different specialties.

Since the firm was founded in 2009 it has successfully managed many multi-plaintiff cases, including Randall vs. Citibank, Mireles v. Wells Fargo, Potter v. JP Morgan Chase, Wright v. BofA / Countrywide, Hairston v. GMAC / Ally and Zenteno v. Aurora. Additionally, Brookstone Law has been successful in a number of different individual cases, including Hairston v. GMAC, Diaz v. BSI Financial, Ehlert v. Wells Fargo, Long v. OneWest Bank and more.

In addition to his work with the Brookstone Law Firm, Torchia enjoys scuba diving off the Atlantic Coast of Florida, and Hawaii. He also loves to travel and has visited a number of different locations, including New York, London and Mexico. He routinely offers financial support to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, which is dedicated to finding cures to pediatric diseases, and supports various other organizations through Brookstone Law Firm, including the Newport Beach Society and Garcetti for Mayor in Los Angeles.

Since Vito Torchia Jr. started the Brookstone Law Firm in 2009, he has been dedicated to helping homeowners and holding banks accountable for the corruption that affected homeowners and consumers across the country. In addition to the number of services the Brookstone Law Firm has provided, one of the most sought after recourses in the past has been the Emergency Extension Department (EED). This department works to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure to maintain their homes and work with banks to achieve postponements for their clients. By using this resource, past homeowners in the process of litigation, bankruptcy or short sale have been able to expend all their options for extended sale dates in order to avoid bankruptcy and keep their homes.

Since the housing bubble burst, Torchia and his team have been working to meet the needs of the clients affected by the recession, and their research has resulted in successful law suits against some of the nation’s leading financial companies. The law firm has since expanded to include a number of different areas of practice, but Vito Torchia Jr. and the attorneys at Brookstone have continuously maintained its primary goal of achieving justice for clients who have been wronged, or who need help with a variety of different legal circumstances.
Going forward, Vito Torchia Jr. plans to continue serving clients through the Brookstone Law Firm. The firm was founded on the principles of helping clients who were subjected to the corruption by banks and big corporations. The firm has since expanded its reach to help clients who need guidance in many different aspects of the law, but it plans to continue to uphold the standards of transparency and commitment to clients that it was founded on.

As the firm’s managing attorney, with a background in intellectual property and entertainment law, Torchia is responsible for handling the firm’s intellectual property matters, including registering and maintaining clients’ copyright and trademark registrations. As he moves forward in this role, he hopes to continue to serve his clients in a way that best fulfills their needs. Additionally, as the CEO of Brookstone Law Firm, he plans to continue setting the direction and vision for the company. Torchia plans to continue running a company built on values and a team atmosphere. He plans to properly manage a company in order to best meet the needs of the company’s clients, and to fulfill these needs in a successful, cost-effective way.

Although the housing market has made something of a comeback since the bubble burst in the mid-2000s and the recession hit, Vito Torchia Jr. and his team are still dedicated to getting justice for consumers who were affected by the banks that caused the market’s downfall. He and his team currently have a number of pending complaints against a number of big banks and financial institutions. They plan to get justice for their clients against these defendants in a court of law.

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