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Franco Scalamandre is the Managing Director of Sterling Atlantic.
A leading name in the investment world, Franco Scalamandre currently serves as the Managing Director of Sterling Atlantic. Sterling Atlantic is a family office investment company, investing in minority interests in early and mid-stage growth companies. The company focuses heavily on game-changing technology assets and it seeks to become actively involved in supporting its portfolio companies.

Under his leadership, the company has invested in viral cancer vaccines for diagnostics and therapy, wireless security technologies, silicon processing, alternate fuels, home furnishings, drug delivery systems, information technology, petroleum exploration and production and a number of other groundbreaking endeavors.

As the company’s Managing Director, Franco Scalamandre has been responsible for many of the company’s first-time investments. These include major investments in Korea, Poland, Hungary, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Spyker’s acquisition of SAAB from General Motors.

Scalamandre is a true leader in this field and he has been involved in the global capital markets for more than 35 years and counting. He is a true expert and thought leader on topics of regional exchanges and cross-border transactions and he has served as the CEO for a wide number of financial companies over the past two decades. He has managed small businesses with international distribution and he has financed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate, early stage ventures and beyond.

Well-educated and passionate to lead, Scalamandre is nothing if not serious about his work as a foremost name within the financial industry.
An experienced financial leader, Franco Scalamandre serves as the Managing Director of Sterling Atlantic. He brings to this role a wealth of experience—close to four decades, in fact—as well as true passion for investment in value-adding, world-changing, groundbreaking new technologies and services.

Unsurprisingly, his career rests on a sound educational foundation; Franco obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1979. His honors thesis topic was “Price Vacillation: A New Look at Marketability on the New York Stock Exchange.” To write this thesis, he created a full-scale computer model of exchange stock trading, including an electronic specialist, in order to analyze the effect of the specialist system on liquidity and pricing efficiency. This hard work did not go unnoticed: Scalamandre was awarded the Harvard Scholarship for "Academic Distinction of the Highest Achievement during the Academic Year."

From there, Franco enjoyed a varied and successful career before ultimately coming to his current role at Sterling. One important career position was work at Andrex Development Company; here he was involved in the financing of significant real estate development projects and he also served to negotiate transactions with major financial institutions. For example, he negotiated a $250 million redevelopment financing project with Wells Fargo Bank, to list just one example among many.

In the early 1980s, Scalamandre developed spreadsheet models on Lotus 123 to enable sensitivity analysis of construction interest reserves, rent rates and lease-up rates—pertinent analytics that were previously unavailable to Andrex’s institutional lenders and equity partners.

Franco Scalamandre also received a kind of trial by fire when he dealt—ultimately successfully—with the highly adverse real estate markets of the early 1980s. In Carlsbad, California, he was tasked with the management of a $30 million vacant asset, during which time he promptly fired the incumbent veteran brokers, only to replace them with newcomers who worked zealously to find live tenants in a market with very little leasing activity. Following the first transaction, he completed transactions with Hughes Aircraft and then Taylor Made Golf, at the time the largest lease transaction in the history of North County San Diego—and additional major tenant transactions followed.

Following these formative experiences, Franco founded a company called Franklin Financial. Franklin Financial was designed to invest in and arrange investment capital for small cap companies in such fields as consumer goods, technology and financial services. Among these companies were early stage ventures like General Grinding. Franklin Financial also played an integral role in the foundation of DM International, a hugely influential company in the field of direct marketing.

All of this brings us to Sterling Atlantic. Franco Scalamandre founded this company with Harpal Randhawa, several years before the Sarbanes Oxley regulations were passed, with the initial investment theses that the public markets in the U.S. were structurally impaired for small cap companies due to these companies’ inability to obtain meaningful research coverage.

Today, Sterling Atlantic stands as a family office investment company that invests in a wide range of game-changing and paradigm-shifting technologies. He is especially proud of the company investment in a viral cancer vaccine for diagnostics and therapy, wireless security, silicon processing, alternate fuels, drug delivery systems, information technology and petroleum exploration and production.

Through all of this, Scalamandre has established himself as a true thought leader within his field. He has now been involved in the global capital markets for some 35 years and counting and is especially known for his expertise in the fields of regional exchanges and cross-border transactions. In addition, he has managed a number of small businesses and helped to finance hundreds of millions of dollars in various transactions.

In other words, he is someone with rich and ample experience and true know-how within his field. Franco Scalamandre is a true financial industry stalwart and his company has helped to do much good in the world.
Scalamandre has a number of goals and objectives on his mind to accomplish. These include personal and professional goals.

In terms of his professional goals, Scalamandre wishes to continue the expansion of investment into emerging market public and private equities. He also hopes to lead his company toward an even greater focus on technology—in particular, technologies related to machine intelligence and healthcare. Finally, he hopes to use his company’s global network of relationships to increase the value of all investments in its portfolio.

In addition to these professional goals, Franco also has several personal ones. Something he is passionate about is expanding the concept of “fair opportunity” for children, through the work done by his nonprofit organization, Scalamandre Unite. This concept stands in noted contrast to the concept of equal results, which is not practical in the absence of an authoritarian government and has frankly been a disaster for all but the elite.

Another personal goal that he holds dear: He wishes to increase educational focus on individual distinction as part of the development process—something that stems from work he has done interviewing candidates applying to Harvard University.

For Franco Scalamandre, the future certainly looks to be promising!

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