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Gloria Aguirre, Tempe-Phoenix professional, is a resume writer, career coach, and recruiter with national client base.
Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix professional, is a resume writer, career coach, and recruiter. She places a heavy emphasis on an in-depth consultation, as this allows her to thoroughly compile all important data to develop an accurate and highly effective marketing document. All resumes are highly polished with key words strategically and carefully selected by Gloria. Regardless of her schedule, she keeps an emphasis on customer service excellence, and wants to ensure that every client she serves is completely happy with her work.

Gloria Aguirre career coach, has sharpened her skills by studying the works of other national resume writers, and uses her abilities to give back to women’s shelters and other charitable organizations in Phoenix including a national non-profit, Thanks to her volunteer efforts, the women's shelter clients are able to compete for better jobs as they focus on re-entering the work force. She also provides lectures to high school students about curriculum vitae writing and job hunting. This knowledge sets these young people up for future success.

Additionally, Aguirre believes in the importance of educating her clients. She goes the extra mile providing them with highly detailed job search information. This cutting-edge information is key in help her clients to conduct a more focused and effective job search while avoiding common mistakes. She does this by recommending reading materials that will prove highly useful for those looking for a new job. Her own training also enables her to have a high rate of success when it comes to helping a client land a new opportunity while counteracting delays in securing a career position.
Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix professional, is a highly trained resume writer and career coach. She attended Arizona State University known as W.P. Carey School of Business, where she earned a bachelor of science Degree in business with specialization in law. Key courses included marketing, management, and psychology. From there, she went on to receive professional training, which enables her to thrive and excel in her field today.

Gloria Aguirre curriculum vitae writer, benefited from the career coaching program offered through Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches from 2011 to 2012. She also completed the National Resume Writers’ Association’s resume writing program, where she first began to hone her skills. This strong background and training led her to start-up Phoenix Resume Services, where she serves as a curriculum vitae writer, recruiter, career coach, and marketing professional. For 21 years, she has helped people from all walks of life secure their dream jobs that have included coveted, lucrative corporate positions in many fields (executive, management, sales, engineering, IT, construction management and medical, etc.).

Throughout the years Gloria Aguirre has held membership in a number of prestigious professional organizations, including:

- National Resume Writers’ Association
- Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
- National Association of Professional Women
- Tempe Chamber of Commerce
- Resume Writers Council of Arizona

She is proudly serves the people of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa, Arizona, as well as all surrounding areas.

Prior to starting her own business and pursuing her true passion, Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix curriculum vitae writer, got plenty of hands-on experience in the world of work. She worked at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company performing technical writing projects within the R&D department. She also worked at Talley Defense Systems performing administrative services and supporting five program managers and five contract administrators in the Contracts Department.

Clearly, a career change was the right move, as Gloria has earned significant attention since embarking on her pursuits as a career coach and resume writer. She is frequently acknowledged for her high success rate, and regularly receives glowing testimonials and referrals from clients that benefitted from her services.

Additionally, she is regularly named a top writer, and has earned A-rated writing status, both of which underscore her commitment to excellence. In fact, Aguirre’s work has earned her spotlight in three separate Arizona Republic and AZ Magazine feature stories, which is a prestigious honor and illustrates her prominence within the community. She is a well-known and trusted source when it comes to all things career-related, and she takes this role very seriously.

It is no secret that competition in this field is high, so how does Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix resume writer, continue to set herself apart? She puts a highly personalized spin on her services. Instead of using a template, she takes the time to carefully compile key talents, achievements and transferable skills. She is highly skilled in quickly assessing and identifying a person’s strengths and goals, thus allowing her to develop a document that reflects a professional and well-organized portrayal of the candidate.

She is also committed to educating her clients, thus equipping them to manage their job search at each step in the process (this is important since the hiring manager will evaluate the candidate based on how the job search was conducted!) Instead of just rewriting a person’s curriculum vitae and sending them on their way, it is Aguirre’s goal to ensure that each individual has a better, more accurate understanding of how to conduct a job search in today’s highly competitive marketplace. To do this, she provides an abundance of educational tools, including recommended reading that will prove tremendously helpful to those in the midst of a job search.

Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix resume writer, truly believes that the training she has received has been critical in her success in the field of CV writing. Her educational background enables her to grasp what potential employers are looking for, thus she expertly incorporate these elements into her clients’ job searches. This fresh and cutting-edge approach is one of her trademarks, and has continually earned her both new and repeat business over the past 21 years.

Aguirre’s testimonials speak for themselves, and are a powerful selling tool for future clients. 100s of genuine client testimonials illustrate exactly what Gloria career coach, can do for new customers through application of her proven resume writing talents.
Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix resume writer, has built a business based on high-quality services and a personalized approach. Since 1992, she has provided resume writing, career counseling, and other business services to people in Arizona. She takes great pride in her business, and looks forward to future successes in working with entry level, mid-level, as well as high profile business leaders, entrepreneurs, world-class consultants and VIPs nationwide. She aims to continue running her business and earning the loyalty of both new and repeat clients. She is fully committed to serving these individuals, while providing them with the education they need to conduct a successful job search. Aguirre would like to focus her attention on career coaching and helping her clients prep for job interviews. While the bulk of her work will continue to consist of CV writing services, she truly enjoys actively supporting and motivating the client with the job hunt and goal-setting process for her clients.

In the future, Gloria will continue to give back to her community by lending her services to women’s shelters in her area. She provides resume writing services for the underemployed or unemployed, and also offers information about job hunting to the women staying in these shelters. Additionally, she provides free curriculum vitae critiques for employment ministry projects and job fairs. Recently, Aguirre conducted a resume writing presentation for high school special education students in Chandler, Arizona. Volunteerism is important to Gloria Aguirre, Phoenix well as the community members she serves, and she looks forward to continuing this highly rewarding aspect of her work it in the future.

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  • Arizona State University , United States , Phoenix, Arizona

    B.S., Business, Law, Marketing, Management and Psychology
  • National Resume Writers Association , United States

    Certificate of Completion
Career History
  • Résumé Writer / Recruiter / Career Coach / Outplacement / Business Marketing , United States , Tempe-Phoenix Arizona
    01/1992 to 12/2099
  • Technical Writing for Senior Engineer in R&D Design; Technical Writing in Technical Writing Department; Administrative Support for Department Manager in Simulation Department , United States , Mesa, Arizona , This company is now Boeing Corporation.
  • Administrative Support for Program Management Department , United States , Mesa, Arizona , Developed Excel Reports, Spreadsheets, and managed documentation in support of Five Program Managers and Five Contract Administrators.

    not defined
  • Human Resources, Assistant to Director , United States

    not defined
  • Assistant to Legal Council and Committee Liaison for Parking Department , United States

    not defined
  • Assistant to English Department Chair, WHIM Conference , United States

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Core Competencies
  • Résumé Writing
  • Career Coaching
  • Interview/Job Search Coaching
  • Recruiting
  • Corporate Outplacement
  • Business Marketing Services
  • Community Volunteering
  • Peer Mentoring/Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Business Management
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