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Matthew Yordy is an experienced corporate strategy and business development executive who serves as a versatile advisor to professional health care service organizations, C-level executives and small business owners.
As a long-time executive specializing in corporate strategy and high-growth business development, Matthew Yordy is a trusted advisor to many clients. As the president of RHM Advisory Services, he specializes in providing strategic consultation to clients in the health care service industry. Having helped many achieve greater stability, leadership and efficiency in this complicated sector, Yordy has expanded his services to provide comprehensive assistance, particularly related to Board management, strategy development, and building a sustainable high-growth business model.
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Matthew is recognized for using his wide expanse of skills to improve businesses in many sectors, specifically those in health care and pharmaceuticals. As a trusted executive, he lends his experience to C-level professionals, allowing clients to embrace new solutions and opportunities for sustainable growth.
Understanding that there are many aspects to business management, corporate operations and development, he is able to take on several facets of consultation. For example, he is known to provide expert assistance in board management to ensure that clients have a well thought out, sustainable and repeatable approach to executing their business strategy through the board. In addition, Yordy provides in-depth insight on corporate strategy, which may entail guidance on organizational structure, goal setting, complex resource allocation, sales & account management strategy, operations strategy and mergers and acquisitions.
Matthew Yordy is highly goal-oriented and works with clients to ensure that they have the tools and resources in place to achieve professional growth, as well as inspire their teams. Through his assistance, many clients are not only able to develop more efficient workplaces, but also able to become more confident leaders.
Apart from acting as an independent advisor, he is recognized for his interests in entrepreneurship, local businesses, as well as health and wellness.
As a trusted C-level advisor specializing in business development and corporate strategy, Matthew Yordy relies on his comprehensive work and educational experience. Having witnessed many challenges found in the corporate world firsthand, he is able to provide clients with the extensive insight necessary to prevent future problems and achieve greater productivity in the workplace.
Today, Matthew Yordy is a strong believer that continuing education is necessary among executives, as it provides them with knowledge of new challenges and practices in the business environment. In order to provide his clients with the most up-to-date consultation, he remains tuned in to the latest happenings in specific industries and the business world at large. However, his educational experience extends far beyond staying current with news, events and practices in his field.
Matthew Yordy began exploring the possibilities of a business-oriented career at Creighton University, based in Omaha, Nebraska. This initial undergraduate experience exposed Matthew to the many complex fiscal challenges that businesses can face. Earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance, Yordy has remained able to look at the bigger economic picture of his clients and provide guidance to help them achieve financial stability and growth.
While adept in business management and finance from his undergraduate experience and initial career path, he knew that it was essential to heighten his understanding of how modern corporations work. As such, he enrolled in the McCool School of Business at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. After earning his MBA in Business Strategy and Finance, Yordy was able to approach business consultation with greater finesse and attention to detail.
Although many business advisors may stop at an MBA, Matthew Yordy has taken extra steps to ensure that his academic and real-world understanding of his industry was top level. For this reason, he studied mergers & acquisitions with the noted Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed an Executive Education program focused on mergers and acquisitions allowing him to have a strong grasp on the vast challenges that business leaders face in today’s competitive M&A environment.
Before becoming president of RHM Advisory Services, Matthew Yordy amassed highly valuable experiences in several corners of his industry. Matthew launched his career in Omaha, Nebraska, utilizing his undergraduate experience in economics and finance. With this initial education, he was able to serve as a director of renewal underwriting for Guarantee Mutual Life Insurance.
After a number of internal promotions, Matthew was offered an opportunity to move into business development in the Northern California regional office for Guarantee Mutual. Yordy spent two years in San Francisco, where he developed his particular style of consultative selling. During this time, he was recognized with a number of awards and ultimately offered an opportunity to re-locate to the Southeast to take on a particularly challenging sales territory.
In 1998, Matthew made the move to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he turned around a flailing sales territory and eventually become the regional sales manager. The company has gone through a de-mutualization, an initial public offering and was ultimately sold to Jefferson Pilot in 1998. Through all of this transition, Yordy remained highly focused and produced above average results in all areas. While this career was rewarding and encouraged growth, he eventually left in 2000 to pursue a career as a health and welfare consultant at Towers Perrin.
In working for Towers Perrin, Matthew Yordy was able to gain comprehensive exposure in the health care industry—a field that he has continued to perfect his skills in as a consultant. At Towers Perrin, he was able to combine his underwriting / analytical background with his years of client facing / sales training to deliver highly effective consultative advice to clients. During his time at Towers Perrin, he developed a national reputation as an expert in group Life, Disability, and Dental Insurance, as well as Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) and Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) knowledge. In 2002, Matt was asked to join the executive team of Prime Therapeutics as a Senior Vice President.
Prime was a small PBM in 2002, having nearly 150 employees and covering roughly 3.0 million members. During Yordy’s tenure, the company grew to over 4,000 employees covering 20 million members. For 10 years, Matt led the company’s strategic planning activities with clear results. In this high-growth environment, Matt was exposed to substantial business challenges. For example, during his tenure, he served as the right hand to three different CEOs and an ever-changing Board of Directors. Adding employees and clients at this pace requires substantial versatility and flexibility, both of which he has demonstrated throughout his career. Over time, Matthew led a variety of areas at Prime, including Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Government Affairs, Account Management, and even Finance. He remains in close contact with Prime, the Prime leadership team and the Prime Board today.
Using the experience and expertise Matthew Yordy gained throughout his career, he founded RHM Advisory Services in 2012, where he currently serves a variety of clients in various markets.
Today, Matthew Yordy remains focused on amplifying his services as an independent advisor in business. Understanding that the health care market faces many new challenges as a result of reform, Matt plans on continuing to lend his expertise to clients wishing to improve their operations within this evolving industry.
In addition to serving clients on the corporate level, he has also recently focused on providing guidance to those in the local business community. Believing that entrepreneurship, small business and local economies are essential to the greater development of America’s vast commercial presence, Yordy offers business coaching to those who have launched their own ventures.
Through this assistance, Matthew Yordy hopes to provide the insight necessary to not only keep new businesses afloat, but also offer their leaders an opportunity to achieve sustainable growth from the very start. As part of his professional goals, Mattew is concentrated on helping small business clients establish growth to become large corporations within a fairly short period of time.
Yordy has also expressed interest in moving into the executive ranks of Private Equity owned portfolio companies. Through this focus, hr plans on exploring new solutions, implementing best practices and executive strong-form growth strategies. While his clients serve in several competitive markets, he believes that his extensive success rate and expertise will help many private equity companies grow multiple businesses with strength and stability.
While certainly focused on expanding his services as a professional, Yordy remains inspired to use his knowledge of wellness to encourage others to adopt strong health and fitness solutions.

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  • University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School , United States , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Exec. Ed, Mergers & Acquisitions
    01/2009 - 01/2009
  • Queens University of Charlotte , United States , Charlotte, North Carolina

    MBA, Strategy
    08/2000 - 05/2002
  • Creighton University , United States , Omaha, Nebraska

    Bachelor's degree, Economics & Finance
    08/1990 - 05/1994
Career History
  • President , United States , Charlotte, North Carolina
    07/2012 to 12/2099
  • Senior Vice President - Business Development , United States
    08/2002 to 07/2012
  • Consultant , United States
    04/1999 to 07/2002
  • Consultant , United States , Charlotte, North Carolina

    not defined
    01/1995 to 01/2000
  • Director, Renewal Underwriting , United States , Omaha, Nebraska

    not defined
    01/1994 to 01/1995
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