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As a financial services maven, Goldie Dickey provides top-notch service as the international relationship manager at Metropolitan Financial Holdings Ltd.
Today, Goldie Dickey continues to provide extensive insight and reliable service to clients as the international relationship manager at Metropolitan Financial Holdings Ltd. Based in Oklahoma, she remains focused on navigating new trends in the international finance market, utilizing her many years of experience to confidently deliver exceptional results.
As a trusted member of the Metropolitan Financial Holdings team, Dickey is responsible for managing commercial loans and other financial exchanges. Specifically, her work is geared toward helping businesses—spread throughout multiple industries—obtain commercial loans so they can achieve sustainable growth in a fiscally healthy fashion.
Through her role, she also helps business clients sustain promising relationships with investors, lenders and other commercial clients. Having held this position for several years, Dickey has been credited for her ongoing ability to not only deliver successful results for her clients, but also bolster revenue at Metropolitan Financial Holdings. In fact, in her last reported quarter, she was praised for increasing revenue at the firm by 35 percent.
Although dedicated to her role as an international relationship manager, Goldie Dickey is also very involved with her community and is always focused on ways to give back. As a committed business professional, she holds memberships at both the Lawton Chamber of Commerce and the Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau. As a philanthropist, Dickey has contributed regularly to many charitable organizations such as The Salvation Army, The March of Dimes Foundation and Goodwill Industries International.
In her personal life, she is fond of traveling domestically and internationally, reading, equestrian activities and serving as a member of the Church of Christ.
One of the main reasons that Goldie Dickey is such a trusted member of the Metropolitan Financial Holdings team is her longstanding involvement with the firm.
Through her continued service and dedication to exploring the financial services field, she has not only delivered exceptional rates of customer satisfaction, but also increased the firm’s revenue by significant margins. While deeply experienced in financial management—especially in the business world—she believes that her expertise is what enables her to amass new skills and better serve her firm and the community. As such, she has remained constantly dedicated to increasing her education and understanding of both the domestic and global financial market.
Before joining Metropolitan Financial Holdings Ltd., Goldie Dickey began her academic venture into financial services as a student at the University of Santo Tomas, located in the Philippines. This university holds a unique reputation as a historic academic institution dating all the way back to 1611. Throughout its many years, the University of Santo Tomas has inspired many scholars to reach for greatness and to “trust in charity”—values that Dickey has continued into her professional and personal life.
From 1996 to 2000, Goldie Dickey studied at the University of Santo Tomas where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, as well as with a minor in accounting. She attributes her undergraduate experience as one of the most critical periods of her life, as this prized academic community exposed her to many issues that she has been able to understand and address as an international relationship manager. In addition, she notes that having the ability to study overseas has given her strong suits in international communication, allowing her to better appreciate and serve the needs of every client she represents.
A Connection to Charity
As noted above, Goldie Dickey has maintained a strong connection to giving back to those in need, both through her professional and personal life. As a result of further extending her appreciation of charity while in college, Dickey has utilized her success in a way that benefits the community. She is a proud, continued donor to noted organizations such as Goodwill International Industries and the Salvation Army. She believes that these organizations are critical to expanding the goodness of mankind and providing essential services and goods to those in dire situations.
She also believes that charity is essential to improving public understanding of health and achieving advancements in medicine. As such, she has donated regularly to The March of Dimes Foundation—a long-standing charitable organization that has focused on improving infant and mother health through a myriad of research and awareness programs.
Building a Relationship with Her Community
While Goldie Dickey provides extensive services to help her business clients grow as an international relationship manager, she is also committed to participating in the commercial growth of her local community. She has remained a member of the Lawton Chamber of Commerce—an organization comprised of nearly 900 investors in the local community. Through her role, she works alongside other business men and women to help advance sustainable economic possibility in Lawton, Oklahoma. As a member, Dickey is able to further her role in the financial services market as both a leader and an innovator, working with others to deliver exceptional results.
Outside of Oklahoma, she has participated as a member of the Santa Clara Chamber Of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau located in California. Noting that this organization plays a critical role in the expansion and global involvement of Silicon Valley, Dickey believes her interaction is a great way to inspire growth and innovation throughout the planet.
Other Interests
Throughout her expansive life experiences, she has developed a deep appreciation for many activities. Particularly, she has a strong passion for travel—something she enjoys doing both throughout the United States and internationally. Through travel, she has been able to expand her connection with other global cultures and utilize that knowledge to strengthen her role as an international relationship manager at Metropolitan Financial Holdings Ltd.
Having experienced such great opportunities and success as the international relationship manager at Metropolitan Financial Holdings Ltd., Goldie Dickey is focused on continuing her career development in this role. As the business market continues to improve as the United States and global economies recover from recent financial crises, Dickey believes that there will be many great opportunities for commercial development on an international level in the near future.
Today, Metropolitan Financial Holdings Ltd. offers its extensive financial services in 15 countries, which has inspired her to stay in touch with global economic development and develop solutions for progress in regards to international commerce. As she continues to grow her client base, Dickey aspires to attribute to the expansion of Metropolitan Financial Holdings. Through this growth plan, she believes that this firm will not only increase commercial clientele in different industries, but also in other foreign markets.
Domestically, Goldie looks forward to developing new strategies to open new offices in various states throughout America. She believes that keeping a strong hold within the domestic commercial market is central to building a stronger connection with the global business community and delivering economic prosperity for enterprising professionals in the years to come.
In addition to advancing her involvement with the company and commercial clients, she hopes to one day hold an office in Manhattan—the financial powerhouse of America. While focused on career development and innovating new solutions in international financial management, Goldie Dickey plans to continue her philanthropic work and expand her giving to important charitable causes.

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  • University of Santo Tomas , United States , Philippines

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Minor in Accounting
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  • District Manager , United States , Lawton, Oklahoma
  • International Financial Relationship Manager , United States , Lawton, Oklahoma
    to 12/2099
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