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Rod Khleif is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and a motivational expert on the power of envisioning success. He is Director of Investments at MHP Management Group, which specializes in turning around unprofitable mobile home communities. As a philanthropist, he is president of the Tiny Hands Foundation, which provides holiday meals to underprivileged families.
Rod Khleif has combined his passion for real estate investing with his personal philosophy of envisioning success to make him one of America’s top real estate investment professionals.
He is Director of Investments with the manufactured housing experts MHP Management Group. His expertise in the housing market guides MHP Group in identifying and acquiring undervalued mobile home parks and other multifamily housing.

“If you do anything as much as I’ve done in real estate,’’ Rod said, “You develop an intuition. In less than a few minutes, I can look at a property and know whether it’s a good deal.”
He then implements strategies to assist MHP Group in adding value to these under-performing properties and repositions them to generate better income.

Khleif specializes in implementing efficient management and communication to ensure profitability. By efficiently managing mobile home communities, rents are paid on time. Renovations are made quickly and in a cost-effective manner. This attracts stable tenants who are interested in affordable housing. He believes that efficient management which communicates an aggressive rent collection policy is vital to turning around an unprofitable mobile home community.

Rod is able to quickly assess and then turn around properties thanks in large part to his sixth sense for good property deals.

This professional intuition has been crafted and finely honed by his vast experience in the industry. Khleif has been a principal in over 2,000 properties in Florida, Colorado and Tennessee.

Rod Khleif also enjoys meeting with like-minded individuals at seminars and meetings to discuss real estate investments and opportunities.
Rod Khleif credits his success as a real estate professional to the lessons he’s learned in more than 35 years of experience in purchasing and managing real estate. For him, this passion has proven to be truly life-long.

When Rod was just 18 years old, he became the youngest broker at the time to get his real estate license in Colorado. He then immediately began buying houses in the Denver area. When he reached his 20s, he began expanding his property investments, first to Memphis and then to Florida. The Sunshine State was where his management company came to own and manage thousands of properties.

Building a property management empire

In October 1999, Rod Khleif became the president of Gulf Coast Management Inc., a real estate property management company in the Sarasota, FL area. Here he managed thousands of single family and multifamily home units. He also oversaw the recruitment, training, and management of as many as 60 full-time contractors and employees.

With this team at his back, Khleif managed real estate properties for numerous property investors, maintaining occupancy rates that were consistently very high. He and his team acquired and stabilized more than 1,000 wholly owned units all over Florida, with him managing the renovation of every one.

Rod worked with Gulf Coast Management for over 11 years, leaving the company in 2010. Afterward, his work was primarily focused on his own real estate investment portfolio until September of 2012, when he joined with MHP Management Group as their director of investments. Here he was put in charge of identifying, acquiring, and adding value to multifamily properties such as mobile home parks that were undervalued but still generating income. By repositioning these properties, Khleif has successfully increased their performance.

Tiny Hands Foundation

As a philanthropist, Rod Khleif has a passion for community outreach as well as the drive and initiative to see the dream come to fruition.
When he saw a need in Southwest Florida for charitable outreach, he reflected on the many blessings in his life and decided it was time to act.

Khleif and his brother, Ed Jacobs, organized the Tiny Hands Foundation in November 2001. He serves as the foundation’s president. For more than 12 years, Rod and the Tiny Hands Foundation, a 501-C3 charity, have focused on serving families in need all throughout the Sarasota, FL area.

After delivering huge holiday meals in gift baskets to five different underprivileged families, Rod Khleif knew that he had hit on a worthy endeavor. Seeing the smiles that his charity brought to children in need, and the tears of gratitude in their mothers’ eyes, he found his passion for humanitarianism.

The foundation picked up many new clients in the coming years. Through its annual Basket Brigade, the foundation seeks to help impoverished children and their families by delivering full holiday meals every Thanksgiving. More than 20,000 children have enjoyed a holiday meal over the years, with the assistance of a dedicated cadre of volunteers. Each of the gift baskets is delivered with both a complete holiday meal and a note reading simply, “This is from someone that loves you.” With these small gestures, he has been improving lives throughout his community for over a decade.

The Tiny Hands Foundation goes beyond distributing food baskets at Thanksgiving. Khleif said that although it is gratifying to see a smile on the face of a child as a result of a holiday food basket, there is a bigger picture to helping the needy. The foundation’s larger focus is on fostering awareness on core values such as emotional mastery and personal development to break the cycle of poverty.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Rod Khleif will also soon have his hands even fuller with the Tiny Hands Foundation. This year’s Annual Basket Brigade on December 21, 2013 will mark the 12th Annual Basket Brigade since the founding of the organization. Rod and his colleagues have high hopes for the event this year, with their goal being to feed 1,500 impoverished children and their families throughout the Sarasota, FL area. As always, volunteers and donations toward this cause are desperately needed and will be very much appreciated by the foundation and the families that they help.
For Rod Khleif, the future looks to be mainly a continuation of his current success. As a real property professional, he is looking into purchasing real estate properties – particularly multifamily homes – throughout the Southeastern U.S. He will also be continuing his work with MHP Management Group, boosting the value and performance of multifamily business opportunities throughout the United States.

In addition to this, Khleif is also looking forward to translating his personal business success and real estate investment expertise into a new book that others can use to benefit from his insight. This book, which Rod Khleif is currently working on, will focus primarily on cash flow and how it comes into play with investing.

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  • Director of Investments , United States , Sarasota, Florida , Rod Khleif is responsible for finding, aquiring, and estimating value on Mobile Home Parks and Mulit-Family opportunities in the United States
    09/2011 to 01/2014
  • Founder , United States , Sarasota, Florida
    01/2001 to 12/2099
  • President , United States , Sarasota, Florida , Rod Khleif had a very important role with Gulf Coast Management Inc. Rod managed a vast amount of single and multifamily home units. Along with that, Khleif was responsible for recruitment, training and management of employees and contractors in his division.
    10/1999 to 12/2010
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