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Valerie Tonwe is a spiritual healer with a number of specialties, including Reiki Healing, Angel Therapy, and aromatherapy. She is able to help her clients with a number of different tools, from sound relaxation tools to the information that they need to lead a more spiritual and fulfilling life.
Valerie Tonwe believes strongly in the healing power of spirituality. It is because of this that she works so strongly to help her patients along in their own spiritual paths. This notable figure in the field of spiritual healing has many clients that she works with on a regular basis, and is always open to developing new relationships with new clients in order to help them find their own way. She has many tools at her disposal, ranging from Reiki healing to Angel Therapy, crystal healing, and more. She is also well versed in the arts of meditation.
Valerie Tonwe uses her mediumship to help guide her along toward helping patients whenever and wherever it is needed. She has an uncanny ability to connect to spirits and angels, and uses these talents in order to help guide her patients toward better and brighter futures. Her own spiritual nature also allows her to help patients to learn how to incorporate spiritual practices into their lives in a way that will help them become more emotionally and physically strong, regardless of what obstacles they may be facing.
Time and again she has proven her uncanny ability to get to the heart of the issue where her clients are concerned, often uncovering hidden truths that the patient themselves were unable to understand or to interpret. She sees these abilities as a gift and chooses to continue using them to better the lives of those she comes in contact with through her practice.
Valerie Tonwe was called to her spiritual path after a metaphysical event that occurred in an Arizona airport. While at the airport her heart stopped; during this time she had an out of body experience that transported her soul out of her body. She found herself waiting to head into the light. She watched a shadowy figure move into the light, and saw another disoriented figure in a hospital gown directly in front of her. She was returned to her body after this, receiving her hearing back first, followed by her sight and her breath. This out of body experience helped her to understand better the world beyond our own, and gave her a new direction.
However, when it was her time to enter the light, she was told by an angel that there was still more work to do on earth. She returned to her life with a new spiritual purpose, her third eye awakened, enabling Tonwe to help others move along in their own spiritual journeys. Since then she has explored many different methods of helping others, investigating different areas of health and spiritual wellness in order to provide her clients with the tools that they need in their own spiritual paths. Among her first steps were becoming certified to heal people with the ancient art of Reiki and learning to use crystals and other tools in order to heal individuals in need. Each of these different types of healing has its own unique benefits.
Through aromatherapy, Valerie Tonwe is able to help patients with the tools that they need to help them in their daily lives, whether they are in need of a product to help them relax, to invigorate their senses, or to ease them into sleep. Her specialized knowledge of different aromatherapy products allows her to choose exactly what clients need in order to help them.
With crystal healing, she is able to harness the ancient powers of these items. Different types of crystals, when placed properly with the chakras, can have great benefits on an individual’s ability to harness their own potential energy, whether they are in need of physical or mental healing. This is a highly specialized skill that Valerie has spent much time developing in order to give her clients the best care possible.
Angel Therapy is a highly specialized form of therapy that requires great effort on the part of both Tonwe and her clients. Through this process, she uses her mediumship abilities in order to contact the guardian angels and archangels that surround an individual. This connection allows her to seek the guidance of an individual’s angels in order to help them along their own path through life, with a focus on both their spiritual needs and tools that they can use for the general betterment of their life.
Valerie Tonwe also uses the complex art of light healing in order to help patients. Light therapy enables her to harness the natural spiritual light that surrounds an individual. Through this process of using light energy she is able to heal a number of ailments. Light energy, when directed properly, can help to relieve anxiety, depression, and even problems such as pain.
Her studies with Reiki have allowed her to become a certified Reiki healer. This ancient practice has proven benefits, and is often used in medical facilities to better the lives of patients with both chronic and temporary ailments.
Though she feels that she was given many of her gifts after her out of body experience, she has also engaged in intense study in all of these areas. She has studied with some of the best healers and spiritualists in order to better her own abilities, in addition to performing her own studies on these subjects in order to better understand them. Valerie Tonwe believes that it is her task to use the gifts that she was given in order to help those in need.
Valerie plans to continue developing her strengths in the world of spiritual healing. She firmly believes that there are always new realms to explore, and looks forward to learning even more about the spiritual journey that she believes she was placed on after her out of body experience in Arizona. As a part of this spiritual process, she looks forward to expanding her client base and forging new relationships with others who also feel that they have a spiritual journey to undertake. She intends to continue expanding her understanding of Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, aromatherapy, and other spiritual arts. In addition, she looks forward to learning new skills and abilities as they are presented to her so that she can continue to offer the best in growth and healing to her clients.
Just as she was guided to this path through her out of body experiences, without knowing beforehand that she would be called upon to undertake this journey, she understands that there is no way of knowing exactly where she will end up in the future. She firmly believes that she is still being guided, and looks forward to seeing the new opportunities that are presented to her as she continues her spiritual works. While the path ahead is uncertain, she knows that there will only be good things ahead for herself and for those who choose to undertake her spiritual journey with her. Valerie Tonwe is prepared for the future and for all the joy, light, and healing that it will continue to offer.

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