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Brearn Wright is a gifted and experienced educator who actively dedicates his life to improving the quality and convenience of education for his students. Wright was most recently a principal in Providence Public Schools in Rhode Island.
Most recently, Brearn Wright was a principal in Rhode Island’s Providence Public Schools. He was offered the position in 2010 and since his arrival to the program, he made large changes. Before Wright’s arrival, the Providence Public Schools education program was suffering, the staff was unfit and simply not reaching the academic benchmarks. When Wright took the principal position, he was able to eliminate most of the staff that had been improperly educating the children for as long as five consecutive years. He then hired an entire new staff, but not before each future teacher underwent a rigorous examination. Once the new staff was intact, before the school year began Wright took them on an uplifting and life-changing Leadership Retreat. It was here that Wright’s new staff transformed into an educational community that was committed to teaching in the most professional way possible.
However, Brearn Wright did not stop training the teachers when the school year began, instead making the bond and collaboration between the teachers an ongoing process. He held weekly teachers' Common Planning Time, a time for the teachers to put their heads together to brainstorm ideas for teaching struggling students. Wright not only believes that no child should be left behind, he also believes that each teacher should make it their mission to regularly check up on every student and their studies. During the teachers' Common Planning time, Wright also held a verbal forum where teachers could share teaching strategies and questions, soliciting advice from other teachers.
Overall Teaching Experience
Upon receiving his teaching degree, Brearn Wright almost immediately began to work as an educator at Elizabeth High School located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was there that he became one of the most beloved teachers in the school, teaching his favorite subject, social studies. Wright was such an enthusiastic educator that he quickly became a member of the district’s Instructional Materials Committee, where he was in charge of selecting the new social studies textbooks for the entire 4,000-student district. In 1997, Wright received a grant to study the Middle Passage from the National Endowment for Humanities. From his funded research, Wright was able to create an intensive African-American History class that he taught in addition to both United States History and World History at Elizabeth High School.
Through Brearn Wright’s outstanding accomplishments as an educator, helping students achieve success on their mandated assessments, other schools began to notice Wright. It was then that he accepted a position as a social studies educator at Middlesex High School in Middlesex, New Jersey. There he taught United States History and also developed and taught new classes such as World Cultures and Advanced Placement European History. Through these personalized courses, Wright once again helped the students achieve success on not only their mandated assessments but advanced placement assessments, as well, this time in Middlesex High School. Expanding on his and the students' interest in international history and customs, Brearn Wright was a sponsor and advisor for Middlesex High’s chapter of Amnesty International. Over 40 students took part in the chapter. He also aided the students through planning a letter-writing campaign, coordinating various community-wide events and fundraisers.
In 2001 Brearn Wright accepted a job offer as an Instructional Resource Teacher in the Montgomery County Public School System. Here, his duties involved formally and informally supervising 10 employees and giving them advice on how to minimize the number of African-American student suspensions. Wright’s work as an Instructional Resource Teacher helped increase the practice of fair disciplinary action in the average classroom in Montgomery County Public School System.
As Brearn Wright’s work as an instructional resource teacher continued, he began to address the needs of the community as well as the school. He individually organized and held student service learning activities for groups as large as 700 students. These service learning activities included professional literature reviews, planned interdisciplinary units, examining student work and analyzing test data to help aid teaching methods. Wright also let students organize various conferences that helped them encourage their sixth grade class by developing more proactive strategies for academic greatness.
During Wright’s monumental work with the Montgomery County Public Schools, he gave various presentations and seminars on what he was about to the students and district. At the annual Montgomery County Middle School Symposium he gave various presentations titled, “Bringing Debate into the Classroom” and “Ancient Egypt and Technology.” Wright was also invited to speak at the Division I Teacher’s Mini Conference with a speech titled, “Data Driven Instruction.” He was later presented with the Staff Award for Outstanding Teaching from the Parent Teacher Association for the work he did in the district.
Assistant Principal Experience
Once again, Brearn Wright was recognized for his outstanding work, this time in the Montgomery County Public Schools, and was offered the job of becoming an assistant principal in Washington, D.C. It was here that Wright watched over 13 different teachers, many of them veterans to the job. Wright also led the planning instruction to target student improvement with the entire third grade class through implementing quarterly assessments and analyzing students’ results, which helped improve the overall literacy abilities in the class. It was in Washington, D.C., that Wright created and managed the H.O.T. Initiative. The clever acronym stood for Here On Time. The incentive-based H.O.T. program helped students increase their overall attendance by four percent.
Achievements and Awards
It’s unjust to just call Brearn Wright simply an educator, because while he has had a long list of job titles and responsibilities, Wright has also been a major innovator who helps inspire and improve every academic community he’s been in. However, Wright doesn’t just limit these ideas to himself or his educational community. He shares his ideas and success with anyone who will listen through his life-changing speeches and seminars to help inspire other communities around the United States. These presentations help educators around the nation apply Wright’s ideas, so that all American children can have an equal opportunity to learn to the best of the community’s ability.
His most recognized presentations are as follows: In the 2012 Grantmakers for Education Annual Conference, Wright presented “Creativity Amidst Chaos: The Role of Expanded Learning Time in School Turnaround.” Then in the same year at the Beyond School Hours XV Conference, Wright presented “Creating a Culture of Partnerships and Pride.” In 2005 at the Division 1 Teacher’s Mini Conference, Wright’s speech was titled “Data-Driven Instruction.” In 2003, at Model Lessons for Media Specialists, Wright discussed “Ancient Egypt and Technology.” Wright’s first seminar at the Montgomery County Middle School Symposium in 2002 was titled “Bringing Debate into the Classroom.”
Brearn Wright didn’t only receive attention for his various acts of improvement in each community’s educational landscape, but he also received recognition from the various communities that he helped for his service and dedication. In 1997 Wright received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Then in 2003, Wright received the PTSA Staff Award for Outstanding Teaching. In 2011, CityYear presented Wright with the Rhode Island Moccasin Award and most recently, in 2012, AfterZone gave him the Champion of Providence After School Alliance (Providence After School Alliance) award. Wright has also received acknowledgments through positive articles in the Washington Post and the Providence Journal.
Brearn Wright has accepted a new position as the Associate Director of Educational Services for Shelby County, Tennessee. He will be responsible for the planning, organization, day-to-day management, and monitoring of the Early Childhood Department. Additionally, he will serve as the liaison between the Head Start Program and other entities involved in the early childhood education field.
He is, as always, committed to exploring new and innovative directions in child development services, and plans to continue doing his best for the students in his district, always aiming to aid the children in any way that he can.

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