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Harmel Rayat is a long-time real estate investor, and the president at Talia Jevan Corporation.
Harmel Rayat has been a real estate investor for a good many years. More than just real estate, though, he is passionate about investment opportunities in a range of different fields. While he does have an investment company of his own, he also owns high-end commercial real estate. In addition, he works to help start-ups through the funding process. His unique blending of different industries and disciplines is what makes him successful as an investor.

His interest in the field of investment—and his acumen for it—has led him to assume the position of president of Kalen Capital Corporation. Kalen Capital is a company that focuses on developing a rapidly-evolving, dramatically-expanding, and geographically diverse portfolio, by way of direct investments in many different industries and asset classes. The firm’s holdings include private investments, public equity, and more.

Though much of what Harmel Rayat does focuses on the field of real estate investment, his professional interests are really very wide-ranging. He is passionate about start-up companies, and has been involved with several of them over the years. Biotech firms are especially attractive to him.

What all of this says about Rayat is that he is a truly robust and multi-talented investor. He works with a unique methodology that does not constrain him to any one particular industry. He simply looks for potential, and tries to make a real difference on behalf of the people he is working with and for—not just to do what will look best on the balance sheet.
Harmel Rayat is an investment professional who takes pride in his diversity of interests. Though he is perhaps best known for his commercial real estate expertise, his portfolio boasts a number of compelling assets. In particular, he is passionate about working with start-up companies—tech and biotech firms, mostly—and helping them secure the initial funding that they need. More than anything else, he likes investment opportunities that allow him to make a difference in the world—to make people’s lives better.

His Background

Harmel Rayat is a true citizen of the world, with much international experience. He was born in Uganda but eventually relocated to India. From there, he moved his family to the United Kingdom and then to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Investment Experience

His investment experience began when he was still in his early 20s. Rayat went to work at a brokerage firm, and there he gained invaluable experience in the world of finance. He also learned an important truth about himself—namely, that he has a gift for identifying fledgling companies that exhibit true promise and potential.

Since the 1990s, Harmel Rayat has worked to provide strategic capital and managerial guidance to a wide range of entities. These entities include news distribution companies; one in particular became an early leader in this field. In addition, he has worked with several biotech and alternative energy start-ups. Most recently he has been involved with Talia Jevan Properties, Inc., and built a robust commercial real estate portfolio.

Kalen Capital Corporation

Today, he is proud to serve as the president of Kalen Capital Corporation. Here he is able to apply the investment acumen that he has developed over the past few decades. At Kalen Capital, his job is to develop the company’s investment strategy and to oversee a portfolio that is not only geographically diverse, but also growing quite quickly. It encompasses a range of assets in different industries and classes.

The holdings of Kalen Capital Corporation, as overseen by Harmel Rayat, include private investments, public equity holdings, and aggressive controlling positions alongside structured minority interests in non-auction assets. This allows Kalen Capital to have tax and portfolio risk positions that are deliberate, diverse, and that scale appropriately.

Talia Jevan Properties

His work alongside Kalen Capital is significant—but what about the previously mentioned Talia Jevan Properties? This is the company at which Harmel Rayat has made a name for himself as a true commercial real estate expert.

He established Talia Jevan Properties, Inc. in 2006. His goal at the time was to expand and diversify his investment interests into commercial real estate. Talia Jevan Properties has, since that time, acquired more than 500,000 square feet of prime commercial real estate properties and a one-third interest in 128 acres of residential development property. Clearly, Rayat’s desire to become a big player in real estate investment is paying off.

In fact, Talia Jevan Properties has—in less than seven years—become recognized as one of the premier non-institutional, non-generational, privately held real estate companies in all of western Canada. All of this has been accomplished with the help of a seasoned management team.

His Approach to Investment

Though he is increasingly recognized as a commercial real estate leader, he is characterized—more than anything else—by his unique investment methodology. He is a true believer in stretching his own abilities by engaging in different industries and different types of assets. So, while he remains keenly interested in real estate, he also invests in projects including biotechnology and alternative energy.

What do all of his investments have in common? For one thing, all of them show true financial promise—as spotting potential is what Rayat is known for. Additionally, though, they all reflect his desire to use his investment acumen to make a difference in the world. That is the true, primary goal of Harmel Rayat.
Hamel Rayat is nothing if not passionate about the field of investment. While real estate has long been one of his areas of focus—and while he remains committed to the various commercial real estate positions that he holds—Rayat is also known for his unique methodology, which combines different types of assets from different industries. In the future, he hopes to continue diversifying his holdings and branching into all kinds of unique investment opportunities.

Right now, Harmel Rayat is engaged in three big projects, all of which will help him as he seeks to meet this goal. Two of these companies are promising new start-ups; the third involves further commercial real estate dealings.

The first start-up with which he is currently involved is called New Energy Technologies. This company is working on a window that generates electricity. This unique window uses a proprietary solar layering technology, and is in the final development stages even now.

The second of these companies is called Renovacare. This is a start-up that is focusing on skin rejuvenating products. He is excited to be involved with this good, promising, and much-needed work.

The third of his current endeavors is to make his expertise in high-end commercial real estate more widely available to others. He wishes to allow people to invest with him, and to share in his knowledge.

Through all of these developing projects, Harmel Rayat hopes to further diversify his own list of professional interests. Going forward he will continue to diversify his holding by uncovering newly out of favor sectors and capitalizing on the opportunity.

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