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AnthonyJames Morris

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Anthony James Morris is a humanitarian and a financial professional; his passions include environmental issues and helping the homeless.

In today’s world, there is an ever-increasing emphasis on using business clout and professional resources to make the world a better place. More and more companies are embracing the concept of “corporate social responsibility,” for example, engaging in philanthropic work both locally and globally. When individuals choose to embrace this kind of attitude, it is known as philanthrocapitalism.

Anthony James Morris is a strong proponent of philanthrocapitalism, and is currently at the forefront of the movement. Essentially, he has taken his many years of experience in the financial sector and applied them to a set of humane causes. His ultimate aim these days is to leverage his skill and experience to make the world a better place for those around him.

Morris explains that the concept of philanthrocapitalism is a complex one. The term denotes the fact that real philanthropic work is being done. However, as the inclusion of the term capitalism makes clear, there is also money being made, capital being generated.

Anthony is a devout Christian and says that his interest in philanthrocapitalism stems from his personal faith. Throughout everything he does, personally and professionally, he seeks to embody the concepts of loving one’s neighbor and giving selflessly.

Presently, Morris works for a company that takes plastic waste, recycles it, and then uses it to develop housing for those who are homeless. For the most part, the company seeks to help the homeless in third world countries. The company prioritizes clean energy, too—another cause for which he is passionate.

For Tony Morris, the notion of philanthrocapitalism is more than just a big idea. It’s a set of values, a form of creative problem-solving, and a way of life. It is a movement that he is proud to be a part of, and one that he believes will revolutionize humanitarianism in the long run.

What is philanthrocapitalism? Anthony James Morris explains that it is essentially a way to apply business capital and professional acumen toward humane causes. The company that practices philanthrocapitalism seeks to make a difference in the lives of the poor, the needy, and the homeless; or else, it seeks to make the world greener, the environment more sustainable. At the same time, philanthrocapitalism does involve the generation of returns.

This is a movement with which Anthony has long been associated, but his true background is in finance. For the bulk of his professional life, he has worked as a financial consultant. This is what ultimately led him to pursue philanthrocapitalism. Spurred by his pious Christian faith, Morris wanted to make a difference in the world; guided by his financial background, he wanted to find a way to make humanitarianism truly profitable for businesses.

He has had the privilege of working with some of the greatest humanitarian leaders of all time. In fact, Morris says that his most cherished professional achievement is getting to work with Nelson Mandela. He was brought into South Africa to provide finance for infrastructure and housing, working for Mandela’s government and with a team of world-class engineers.

This work proved wildly successful, Anthony James Morris is happy to report. It was so successful, in fact, that it proved to be a kind of turning point for him. Now, he is doing much the same work, albeit in a slightly different context and on a different scale.

“My work life is now dedicated to improving the world in which we all live, in particular those who live in emerging and third world markets,” Anthony James Morris affirms. “Moreover, I have become an advocate of ‘doing well by doing good,’ which to me means focusing on initiatives and projects that generate out financial returns whilst the product or service in question improves the lives of those in need the world over.

“I’m not forgetting where I’ve come from and yet at the same time I’m not looking back, not for a second,” he continues. “In fact, quite the opposite is true. I’m focusing forward now, and I’m bringing everything with me. I’m bringing the 30 odd years I have creating billions of dollars in business value from nothing but the back of crumpled up and ashed-on envelopes. I’m bringing with me the drive I had which took me from the back streets to Liverpool when I was a boy to the high streets of London when I was just a young man. I’m bringing with me the mistakes I’ve made, the triumphs I’ve had, the networks I’ve built, and all the other little tricks I’ve picked up along the way and I’m putting them to work in order to make a positive difference in this incredible world we live in, and positive returns for the people that work with me, partners, staff, investors and customers alike.”

Perhaps the highest praise that one might pay to Tony Morris, then, is to say that he truly does embody the concepts of philanthrocapitalism. As a financial professional, he is skilled at creating value; as a Christian, he is zealous for putting that value toward helping the poor and the needy.

While his faith may be one of his biggest motivators, it is also important to note the extent to which Anthony is inspired by his own family. Happily married, Morris has four children, with a fifth one on the way. He knows that they will inherit this world from him, and as such, he is committed to leaving it better than he found it. This attitude informs everything Anthony James Morris does.

For Tony Morris, the notion of philanthrocapitalism is a familiar one. It represents a set of beliefs that he has embodied for many years now. For the rest of us, philanthrocapitalism is still a fairly new concept. With that said, it is unlikely to go away any time soon. According to him, philanthrocapitalism represents the future of corporate social responsibility, and also the future of humanitarianism.

As such, it is very much a major part of his own future. Currently, Morris works for a company that embraces the notion of philanthrocapitalism to make a difference on behalf of the homeless, and also on behalf of the environment. In the future, Anthony James Morris believes that he will devote more and more of his time to fighting on behalf of the homeless. He says that there are currently 1.1 billion people on this planet who need better housing, and his ambition is to take up their cause in an increasingly effective way.

“I want to propel this movement forward so that we can make a real dent in the problem and come up with a real solution to provide homes, clean energy, sanitation, and water,” Morris notes. Much of his work is in the third world, but he notes that these are all problems that impact American communities, too.

There is also much excitement on the horizon for Morris’ own family. He is the proud father of four children, with a fifth one on the way. Anthony James Morris loves leading his family in its collective faith life, and looks forward to spending more and more time with his children as they continue to grow.


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    : Philanthrocapitalism is humane way of applying business capital and professionalism to help the world.
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