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RJ Finlay is a highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who owns a wide variety of businesses and supports a wide variety of charities.
Today Robert J. Finlay is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of RJ Finlay the company. This firm offers full real estate, building materials, and construction services by encompassing and supporting companies that make up every aspect of the real estate value chain. Their 12 different businesses span over 400 employees and more than one million square feet of real estate property.

The Morin Brick Company is one such division of RJ Finlay & Co., Morin works the business materials side by supplying high quality bricks to builders in Canada and the Northeastern United States. New England home builders especially love Morin’s extruded and water struck molded bricks. Both varieties hold up well under harsh weather conditions as well as look beautiful, leading customers to keep coming back for more.

On the construction side, Finlay & Co. also has the Keiser Construction Company, which designs and manufactures superior quality system-built homes. These energy-efficient constructions are available to customers at competitive pricing. Keiser is committed to customer service and satisfaction, guaranteeing that all of their projects are completed in a timely manner.

Outside of real estate and construction, RJ also owns Finlay Motor Sports, a race car driver management company. Robert himself is a huge racing fan, so this company allows him to indulge one of his biggest passions. Robert is also an accomplished race car driver himself.

RJ has also earned distinction as a pilot and currently flies almost 400 hours a year in both fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft.
Robert J. Finlay is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University who now divides his time between entrepreneurial pursuits and humanitarian work. On the business side, Robert has owned more than 30 different companies throughout his career as an entrepreneur, starting or acquiring many small businesses and growing them into thriving companies through his marketing insight. On the philanthropy side, Robert also founded his own charitable organization and, through it, supports the efforts of many, many more, all in order to better his community wherever he can.

Business Experience

RJ began his career on Wall Street, where he worked with a number of big-name firms. These firms included Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, and Credit Suisse First Boston. Robert’s specialization during this time was commercial real estates and capital markets.

In the year 2000, RJ Finlay started his first of many businesses with Commercial Defeasance, LLC. This business started out as a small, simple niche company, but soon grew in volume to a worth of $15 billion in just five short years. Robert sold the majority interest in the company to Summit Partners in February of 2006. He still, however, holds a seat on the company’s board of directors, and recently he has bought back about 50 percent of the company holdings.

Since this first venture, RJ has gone on to repeat his entrepreneurial success many times over. He has started and invested in a variety of farming companies, including Monadnock Valley Beef and Bison , Everythingfarm.com, and Grab It Fresh.

Everythingfarm.com is the online livestock, feed, and equipment supply company that Robert started to ship orders to farmers and ranchers across the United States, helping them locate specific and often hard to obtain items and animals that they need to keep their businesses alive and thriving. Farmers and ranchers can also sell their own equipment and livestock through the website’s forum.

Grab It Fresh, meanwhile, was Robert J. Finlay’s way of getting produce farmers more in touch with local consumers without sacrificing profits. Grab It Fresh kiosks allow farmers another, wider platform from which to market their produce to customers, allowing them another option besides selling to the biggest local supermarket just to stay in business. These kiosks not only help out the farmers, they also encourage consumers to develop more locally sustainable shopping habits.

RJ eventually founded his company a full-service construction, building materials, and real estate firm comprised of a portfolio of twelve different companies, 400 plus employees, and more than one million square feet of real estate space throughout the United States. This is the biggest business that Robert still owns to this day, as well as one of his most successful.


One of RJ Finlay’s biggest passions is his volunteer work, to which he has devoted an astounding amount of his time and energy. Robert supports a wide variety of established charitable causes and has even gone so far as to start one himself.

The Finlay Foundation was started by Robert and his wife, Karin, as a means to help the needy families and children of the state of New Hampshire. This 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization both partners with a variety of other charities throughout the state and initiates a good number of its own programs. Through these programs, the Finlay Foundation promotes a wide array of progressive educational and cultural initiatives. The mission of the Foundation is to inspire the citizens of the state of New Hampshire into becoming more actively involved in their local communities, including fighting for the underprivileged children of those communities.

RJ Finlay and his Foundation also support the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization unlike any other. The Make-a-Wish Foundation has dedicated itself to collecting wishes from terminally ill children across the United States and then making them come true. These wishes range from the simple, such as wanting to visit an amusement park or meet a celebrity, to the elaborate, such as wanting to be a police officer or a superhero. Whatever the wish, the Make-a-Wish Foundation finds a way to make it happen, restoring joy and hope to the families that need it the most. The Foundation also provides help and support to the families of these children during their time of need.

RJ and the Finlay Foundation support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation as well. Also known simply as Komen, this organization has dedicated itself to eliminating the threat of breast cancer for good through public awareness campaigns and the support and funding of treatment research. The group sponsors a variety of events to these ends, including walk-a-thons, public rallies, and other such programs. These all serve to raise awareness of breast cancer within communities, reminding women to seek proper breast examination procedures in order to catch it early should the disease occur. These events also raise millions in funding and donations that goes toward finding new treatment options and, ultimately, a full cure. Because of these noble goals, the Finlay Foundation has always maintained constant support of the Komen Foundation.

The Child Advocacy Center of Hillsborough County is another charitable organization that Finlay works with and supports a great deal through his Foundation. This Center offers both protection and support to children who are victims of neglect and abuse. In addition, the Center offers support and assistance to the families of these children. There are, sadly, thousands of children across the United States who lack proper care or shelter with no one else to intervene. The Child Advocacy Center is committed to intervening in these instances wherever possible, improving the lives of these young people and alleviating their suffering.

RJ has also proven himself to be a dependable sponsor of The New Hampshire Troubadour, a unique local publication that reports only on the positive qualities and accomplishments of citizens across the state. The appeal of the Troubadour for many is as a counterpoint to other news sources that focus mainly on negative stories. Instead, the Troubadour delivers only good news, “singing the praises” of helpful and productive New Hampshire citizens to brighten its readers’ days.

RJ Finlay supports many more organizations beyond these examples as well, making him one of the most philanthropically-minded individuals in the entire state of New Hampshire.
With the housing market finally beginning to emerge from its economic slump, Robert J. Finlay and his companies under his company look forward to seeing even more work and success in the not-too-far future. While each company is already a thriving success individually, Robert is always looking for new ways to achieve more. After leading over 30 businesses to success, Robert’s keen eye for business management has been honed immensely, and he continues to put it to use for the companies that he starts and acquires by building them up with the resources that they need to succeed.

In particular, one of RJ Finlay's real estate companies, TCAM Asset Management, has announced that it has plans to begin providing annual reviews for tax credit property investments on low income housing thanks to a new engagement with a bank tax credit investor. These plans will help the bank to meet its requirements for risk management through expanding the capacity of their asset management group.

Robert also plans to continue his charity work across all sectors through the Foundation. As RJ's personal success continues to increase, so too does the success of his philanthropic endeavors. The Foundation will continue in its support of the many fine national and local charities that benefit from their partnership.

These include the organizations already listed above, such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, as well as many others, such as the Monadnock Humane Society and the Friends of Forgotten Children. RJ Finlay will certainly continue to have a huge impact on the world for years to come.

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