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Kyle Robert Gray is a former member of the United States Armed Forces who is deeply committed to his community, family, and faith.
Kyle Robert Gray is a former member of the United States Armed Forces, where he passionately worked as part of the military police. Due to a medical condition, he was discharged from his role and has since overcome the transition to civil society. He has risen above the challenges he has faced, thanks to his family and his devotion to his faith.
Recently, Gray has become a new uncle. He takes this role seriously, and views himself as a strong role model for the young members of his family. He dedicates time and love to his family, committing himself to uplifting those he surrounds.
After being discharged from the military, he found employment with a local leather working business. Quickly, he rose to become a shift supervisor and has become a highly proficient, decisive, and respected manager. The leather working industry has become a passion of his, as he excels at making leather goods, including leather purses, wallets, bags, and many other items. He has been making leather goods for his family for years, and now enjoys pursuing a hobby as a career.
In addition to his leather working passion, Kyle Robert Gray finds great joy in working on mechanical objects and taking them out on the road or trails. He especially appreciates working with four-wheelers, dirt bikes, and ATVs. He finds great pride in getting his hands dirty “under the hood” as he faces a project head-on, finds a solution, and applies himself to improve a product and deliver tangible results.
Kyle Robert Gray attended and completed high school at Marshalltown High School in Marshalltown, Iowa. Following graduation, he began attending college. While he enjoyed the rigorous classes and the challenging work, he knew he was destined to serve his country. He felt that his time would be better spent working for the United States, rather than studying in a library or classroom.
Upon having this realization, Kyle turned his sights to the military. One year after entering college, he joined the United States Armed Forces where he began working with the military police. In this role, he took great pride in finding truth and delivering justice. In his heart, he was determined to make a difference for his nation and to dedicate his life, livelihood, and passions to serving the United States.
In February of 2004, he was regretfully discharged from the military for medical reasons. As the military was his passion and purpose, Kyle Robert Gray began to experience challenges and signs of depression. This was a particularly difficult time for him. But with determination, he did all he could to step out of this shadow and become a strong contributor to his society. Thanks to the help of his faith and family, Gray grew stronger and happier. He deepened his relationship with God and is a devout Christian. Kyle also used this time to grow closer with everyone in his family. While this time was challenging, it led to personal developments that may not otherwise have happened. He rose above his situation and was determined never to let it get the best of him.
Gray’s strength of mind was, and still is, incredibly unique. It set him apart from others who have suffered similar fates. His strong will and determination to move forward—not backward—led to a major shift in his life. He began seeking out ways in which he could support his community and put his best attributes to good use.
As a man dedicated to improving the lives of others, Kyle Robert Gray discovered opportunities to help the youth of his community. He has worked firsthand with countless at-risk youth through the El Paso County Sheriff’s office in Colorado. He views today’s children as “the future” of America, a country that is very dear to his heart.
Gray has also spent time working with a youth center. This center was focused on youth outreach. During his time here, hedevoted himself to the cause and worked passionately to ensure that troubled children did not continue down a negative or destructive path. He developed a mission to prevent youth from making poor decisions. Even more, he was determined to keep them from making choices that would lead them to correction facilities. His major goal in this role was to help young children who were at key crossroads in their lives, and to mentor and guide them to make positive, wise, and mature decisions.
While Gray worked with his community, he was also committed to being a productive citizen and securing stable employment. With such a determination, he began working with a local leather working business. He had been making leather goods for his family for years, and this was already a hobby of his. He put his passions to use and quickly became a shift supervisor.
In this role, Kyle Robert Gray has become a dutiful, respected, and diligent manager. Not only does he oversee operations, Gray is also a leather worker himself. He is especially adept at creating leather goods such as purses, bags, and wallets.
As a man of many passions, he has not only worked with youth and risen up the ranks at a leather working company, but he also takes great pleasure in working with mechanical items as a hobby. He has spent many years working hands-on with ATVs and dirt bikes. The pride of finding solutions and applying them is something Gray genuinely appreciates. Getting his hands dirty, tackling problems, and fixing them are not just a talent—they are things Kyle Robert Gray truly relishes.
He also enjoys the outdoors, where he four wheels and dirt bikes in off-road mountain trails. Stepping away from his busy life, Gray sets aside time to enjoy nature and all it has to offer. He finds refreshment in hiking and camping as a way to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity and health are very important to Kyle, as they lay the foundation for his ability to help his community and enrich his family life.
As a community-focused professional and family man of faith, Kyle Robert is excited to continue contributing to those around him. Each day, he leverages his own personal history and experience to improve his career, his family, and his community.
In his job, Gray has rapidly been promoted and is now a supervisor at a leather working plant. However, he is dedicated to not only managing, but also to creating. He is highly adept at working with leather and is passionate about starting his own leather working business in the future.
At present, he specializes in creating fine purses and wallets. However, he wants to expand his skill set. Gray aims to learn more about this profession and become exceptionally adept at making larger, more ornate pieces, such as bags, briefcases, and satchels. By expanding his expertise in such a hands-on profession, Kyle is able to use his body and mind to envision beautiful goods, find a way to create them, and use his own hands to develop exceptional products.
In addition to enriching his career, Kyle Robert Gray remains committed to his family. He is a proud uncle, and passionately serves as a role model to illustrate healthy, productive, and wise decision making for the young members of his family. He even hopes to start his own family some day in the future.
Alongside his career and family, he remains deeply committed to his faith as a devout Christian. He finds strength through faith and works to honor God through his thoughts, decisions, and actions every day.

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  • Marshalltown High School , United States , Marshalltown, Iowa‎
  • marshalltown high school , United States , Marshalltown, IA

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  • lead man , United States , Marshalltown, IA

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    05/2005 to 12/2099
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