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Having accumulated a wealth of professional experience at many of Africa’s leading companies, William Oduol is now the current CEO of the Westcon Corporation.
Since 2008, William Oduol has led the Westcon Corporation to become one of the most prominent global IT distributors in all of Africa. Bringing with him a wealth of professional experience attained by working for several leading companies on the continent, Mr. Oduol was able to push Westcon to an annual turnover of more than 12 billion Kenyan shillings, which equals approximately 130 million US dollars. The Westcon Africa Company currently employs over 100 workers and is fast holding its position as an industry leader.

Westcon Group, Inc.

The Westcon group designs groundbreaking computer programs and offers specialized support to help with the business endeavors of its affiliates. This innovative company is dedicated to building strong working relationships with all of its clients. Westcon deals with a variety of important concerns, including financing solutions, global logistics, technical assistance, and engineering assistance.

The difference at Westcon

Since William Oduol became the head of Westcon in 2008, he has led the company in an exciting new direction. Westcon has the distinction of having more feet on the ground than any other distribution company in Africa.

Serving as the CEO of Westcon Africa

As the chief executive officer of Westcon, William has many important responsibilities. First of all, he is in charge of providing the general direction of the entire business. When necessary, he also develops and implements strategic plans, as well as new business operations and marketing initiatives. In addition, Mr. Oduol is responsible for driving sales and seeking new opportunities to expand Westcon’s overall market.
William Oduol is a remarkably successful executive with many years of experience in his field. Since 2008, he has served as the CEO of the Westcon Corporation in Pan Emerging Africa, which has an annual turnover of more than 130 million US dollars. With its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, this global IT giant is presently the largest and most established distribution company of its kind in all of Africa.


William is an incredibly well-educated individual. In fact, he knew from the time that he was only a young man that if he wanted to accomplish great things, he would have to study hard and make excellent grades in school. After achieving impressive academic success during high school, Mr. Oduol decided to attend United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya. After earning a bachelor’s of science degree in international business administration, Oduol felt that he would be well served by continuing his education. In hopes of solidifying his understanding of all principles of business, he went back to United States University and finally completed his master’s degree in business administration. He was then ready to tackle the working world.

Receiving additional certifications

Although many individuals would feel that they had reached their educational pinnacle after earning two college degrees, William decided that he had more to learn. Impressively enough, he is currently qualified as a certified public accountant and a certified public secretary. In an effort to network with other professionals in his field, he decided that it would prove helpful to join both the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya and the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya. Belonging to these two organizations has helped Mr. Oduol to meet some of the most influential authorities on financial matters in the entire country.

The Microsoft Corporation

Before William Oduol became the CEO of Westcon, he served as the head of channel business at Microsoft East and Southern Africa, Ltd. At this position, he was required to report to the general manager of the company and to keep up with all channel business. While at Microsoft East, Mr. Oduol was given a Gold Star Award for his outstanding performance. Impressively enough, he was once responsible for a 37 percent increase in overall sales.

The Denge Community Outreach Program

Mr. Oduol is the proud founding chairman of the Denge Community Outreach Program. This amazing charitable organization focuses on creating sustainable livelihoods for citizens in the areas surrounding Hawinga and Kadenge. He considers it an extraordinary privilege to have the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of so many needy individuals.

Demonstrating extraordinary leadership potential

Since joining the Westcon Corporation as the company’s CEO in 2008, William Oduol has proven himself as a remarkable leader. He has constantly demonstrated his ability to help members of his team to set goals and to follow through with them. By incorporating skills that he learned in his many years of experience and a modern approach to leadership into his daily professional life, Mr. Oduol has led countless employees to success.

The importance of communication in the workplace

As William Oduol has learned by serving as Westcon’s chief executive officer, the key to building healthy employee-supervisor relationships is encouraging workers to communicate. Unfortunately, many employees are apprehensive about speaking the truth in front of their bosses. For this reason, a good employer will always take the time to break down communication barriers and let his or her employees know that their opinions and considerations are greatly appreciated.

The need for offering feedback

It is essential that all supervisors offer their employees constructive criticism on a regular basis. The truth is that many workers will simply continue with business as usual unless they are told to do things differently. With this in mind, managers who choose to take the time to let their employees know about any habits that could use improvement will always get more desirable results from their workers.

Asking for constructive criticism from your employees

As the chief executive officer of one of Africa’s most established global IT distributors, William Oduol has learned the value of asking his employees for feedback. Although it is difficult for any individual--no matter how confident--to hear that they have missed the mark, it is very important for all supervisors to give their employees a chance to suggest methods of improvement. In most cases, asking workers for constructive criticism will not only encourage them to speak up, it will make them to realize that their supervisors are also human.

From the time that he was a young man, William has remained an avid golfer. Whenever he is in need of a little fun and relaxation, he loves the experience of putting around a beautiful golf course. Spending time on a green really helps him to clear his mind and refocus on running one of Africa’s largest IT distribution companies.

His affinity for soccer

Like most men in Africa, William is a devoted soccer fan. He finds the experience of cheering for his favorite team at a rousing match quite thrilling. Although soccer is an incredibly enjoyable pastime, it also teaches a person the value of team work, dedication, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. In fact, William would even say that his love of soccer has helped him to develop many of the characteristics that led to his remarkable success.

Throughout his entire life, Mr. Oduol has remained captivated by the technology industry. Whenever he is not working or spending time with his family, he always takes the opportunity to read the latest literature available on the subject. Through his many years of experience at some of the most successful companies in Africa, he has learned that making the most of technology is the key to remaining relevant in the business world. In fact, William hopes to continue employing the latest IT advancements at Westcon in the near future.
Although William Oduol is quite busy running Westcon, he has a vision of transforming Siaya County. He believes that the key to improving lives for all individuals who live in this area is to invest in education and to promote economic empowerment.

William Oduol’s own five-year plan for improving life in Siaya County includes the following goals:

To improve the quality of educational facilities and services
To improve healthcare for all individuals
To instill principles of environmental conservationism
To further agricultural and livestock production
To encourage tourism in Siaya County
To improve Hono Airstrip
To improve roads and infrastructure across Siaya County
To build light-manufacturing industries

The future of the Denge Community Outreach Program

As the founding chairman of the Denge Community Outreach Program, Mr. Oduol plans to continue supporting this amazing charitable endeavor in the near future. He truly considers it a privilege to head such an important program and greatly looks forward to expanding the scope of this organization. He continues to dream of a day when more individuals are able to better sustain their livelihoods.

The Westcon Africa Internship Program

As the chief executive officer of Westcon Africa, he is very proud of his company’s current internship program. This remarkable agenda provides a valuable three-month course for qualifying university students who demonstrate remarkable potential in business. William firmly believes that the country’s brightest young students deserve to have the opportunity to gain practical professional experience. This incredible internship program provided by William Oduol's company typically costs more than 5,000 US dollars, is offered for free to applicable students.

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